TWO HEART BEATS (chapter 5)

The episode starts with bunny

he says come on sanju i was waiting for you..then sanju asks what are doing here ????. .then kriti replies that why did you insulted my friend???..she always dreams for you..she loves you a lot..but you insulted her..then sanju says i just rejected her…and i said the real truth about her..that she is dumb..and not only her you three also dumb..then these three gets angry..sujatha watches all these..and says sanju stop it… whatever you said is wrong please say sorry to them…then he will not agree for that..then sujatha asks Do youu have any respect on me??? then sanju says yes i have respect on you mom..sujatha says Then say sorry to them…then sanju says sorry….then kriti says you have to say sorry to honey..not us.then sanju agrees for that..and says tomorrow i will say sorry to her..then bunny,tanu and kriti says ok..and goes from there..then sujatha says go and take rest sanju..then he goes his room..
its morning….sanju is getting ready for college and think that today “i have to say sorry to honey”..then sanju’s mother says i will come to your college..then sanju asks why???..then sujatha says in heart with tears i have to see honey…sanju asks give me replay mom then she hides her tears and says i have some work in your college..then sanju says ok mom..go and get ready..then she says ok..then they will start going to college..
Bunny,tanu and kriti are waiting in college gate then sanju and her mom reaches there…then sujatha asks where is honey’s????..then bunny comes there and says wait here aunty..we will call her..and kriti calls her..and asks her to come to college garden..then she reaches there..and saw sanju with her mom..then sujatha sees honey and hugs her with tears..then sanju,bunny,kriti and tanu gets confused..then she again hides her tears then tanu asks sanju to say sorry to honey..then sanju says IAM SORRY..I HURTED U..then honey says its ok no problem..then sujatha says ok then you guys go to your classrooms..iam leaving now..and she goes from there..then sanju,honey,bunny,tanu and kriti..goes to their classrooms..then sanju sits in his bech and thinks about her moms behaviour with honey..and on the other side honey,bunny,tanu and kriti becomes happy because sanju said sorry to them..(he never says sorry to anyone)..

sujatha walks on the road and thinks about her past (25 years back) and then she saw surya (honey’s father) buying some fruits.then she says “BHAI”..then he sees her face and gets angry on her…then she starts talking with him..bhai please forgive my mistake..then he goes from there (without saying one word also)..then sujatha cries

precap – sanju asks sujatha about her past

update credit to – pragna

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  18. if suryan n sujatha r siblings den sanju n honey bcums siblings too..their love stry??i mean seriously? lov stry btwn brother n sis??

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