Luvvyy duvvyyss (Part 3)

recap: Charvee is telling their past

[so now we had finalised dehaaz as our solo singer]

Me: Umm..dehaaz u just start singing…kit-hh-anayma…just see, i’ll go and inform illn-uh-shrutija ma’am.
Anayma: Done chi-charvee.

[i informed shrutija ma’am who was commonly known as illness. When i came back i saw dehaaz singing and……]

dehaaz: Yeh na ho toh kya phir bolo yeh zindagi hai…koi toh..

[anayma was completely lost…she was just looking mesmerised…i came to her and patted her shoulder…no effect…i waved hand over her eyes…..she held my hand…]

dehaaz: Begaraz tera ho yaar..koi toh ho raazdaar….

[school bell rang]

dehaaz: So, shall i leave??
Me: Yup sure

[dehaaz left and anayma was constantly seeing him….i held her]

me: Kittu what happened
Anayma: Annnn chiku…

[and she left without saying anything…it had never happened in 10 years i had known her…nd thinking about this i reached home….so, let me introduce you to my family]

me: Badi mumma, whats there to eat?
BM: Your fav, chhole bhature….
Me: K i’ll just come

[this is my badi mumma, shraddha sharma, the most lovely person in the world…i love her a lot…and when i was about to open the door of my room, a ball hit me and i shouted….]

Ani: Chiku di plz give our ball
Me: No i won’t
Abhi: Plzz na chiku di

[They are my younger brothers, twins, most irritating persons in the world, but still i love them…the youngest members of my family, anubhav and abhinav usually called ani abhi…so i ran taking their ball to dadi’s room]

precap: Anayma comes to charvee’s house.

Update credit to dia

  1. masttt…. hai re baba nycccc dr continue nd lov ur dilog delivery styl

  2. Very nice !! Dia !!??

  3. Ty richu di nd mansi


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