Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 64

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


‘’Aree…how much time will Rudra and Saumya talk ? ‘’ Annika exclaimed out of nowhere

‘’Stupid…try to understand…they might be talking something…something’’

‘’What something something Shiv?’’

‘’Shiv…..oooo…Shiv’’ Om-Gauri-Prinku exclaimed

‘’I mean Shivaay’’ Annika corrected though it was late

‘’No problem no problem you can call him Shiv or Shivaay or …or…’’ Gauri tried to tease further

‘’I am tired…I am gonna sleep now…bye…’’ Annika ran towards other apartment

‘’But where will I sleep? I was supposed to sleep with Saumya here in this apartment and I don’t think Rudra and Saumya are going to open the door anytime soon’’ Prinku exclaimed

‘’Do onething…Sleep with Gauri in the other apartment,  I and Om will ..’’ Shivaay was about to complete the sentence when Om stopped him in the middle


Shivaay and Prinku looked at him confused while , Gauri tried to hide her blush and smile

‘’What? Is there any problem Om?’’

‘’no..i mean Yes..i mean’’

‘’Bhayya….yes or no…chose one answer’’

‘’Actually…woh…woh…yeah there is an urgent thing I and Gauri need to work on…so …’’

Shivaay raised his one eybrow and looked at Om and then at Gauri and understood everything but he tried to play along

‘’It’s okay Om, I mean I will just sleep there, you both can discuss the work ..i will not get disturbed’’

‘’No…’’ Om screamed and then composed and then spoke ‘’I mean , I think we need to stay awake overnight…and we do scream at each other while working and you will be disturbed very much…isn’t it Gauri?’’ he turned towards Gauri

‘’what..i …I mean Yeah…he is…he is right Shivaay bhayya and Priyanka’’

‘’really…this is how you both work? Then I think I must definitely watch you both working’’ he spoke being cool

‘’Shivaay…shivaay…listen …listen to me…we both require privacy while working and you know, we will also get disturbed and you will also…I mean’’

‘’Ohh…so you mean to say I am a disturbance to you now….i…I never expected you to say this about me Om…’’ Shivaay supressed his smile turning back

Om and Gauri looked at each other and were stunned to listen to Shivaay’s words….

‘’Shivaay…i…I am sorry…I didn’t mean so…it’s fine…work can wait…isn’t it Gauri’’ he turned towards Gauri holding Shivaay’s hand and then continued ‘’Gauri, you and Prinku go to this room and sleep…while I and Shivaay will go to the other apartment and sleep…okay’’

‘’yeah ..sure Om’’ Gauri replied and came towards Priyanka

‘’No need Om…I don’t want to disturb you anymore, so I will be going to other apartment…’’ he spoke making him leave Om’s hand and then winked at Prinku and spoke ‘’Come Prinku, you sleep along with Annika while I will be in next room to your room’’

Prinku smiled and said ‘’Okk bhayya’’

‘’Shivaay Please…you are taking me wrong…I never meant that…I am sorry’’ Om saud giving up

‘’Yes bhayya…I am sure Om never meant to hurt you…please Shivaay bhayya, don’t be angry on him’’ Gauri came in support of Om

‘’You know him very well than me…isn’t it Gauri?’’ Shivaay turned towards Gauri and spoke almost laughing

‘’Bhayya, you are laughing, like really’’

‘’what…’’ om looked at Gauri while Shivaay held his tummy and started laughing , Prinku joined in the laughter

‘’I can’t believe you were playing a prank with me Shivaay…like I thought you felt really bad….you have gone mad ‘’ Om almost screamed to relieve his tension

‘’Sorry Om…I just couldn’t stop myself doing so’’

‘’How will you bhayya…you are spending lots of time these days with Annika didi’’ Gauri spoke

‘’That’s true …sangath ka asar (effects of being with )’’ Shivaay said and hugged Om and Gauri

‘’Om – Gauri…I know you both need some lone time for yourselves and I am not the one to take that away from you…I also know you both like each other or may be …you know…so take your time , you have the whole night with you…all the best…and yes , Om I can or will never misunderstand your words….so stop being so naïve’’ Shivaay spoke while hugging

Gauri blushed listening his words while Om thanked him…

‘’Prinku…come it’s late and you need sleep…you have flight again today….’’ Shivaay held Prinku’s hand and moved towards the door closing the door behind after wishing Om and Gauri Good night.


——————Om & Gauri Room


‘’Ahh finally we have some time for us’’ Om spoke closing the door and locking it from inside

‘’Shivaay bhayya did pull a tough prank, we fell into it’’ Gauri sat on bed speaking

‘’Yeah, for a second I was drowned in guilt to say so’’

‘’I know and can understand you…but you know what Om , you brothers are different, very different from others….you three know what you all feel at any given time, understand each other and most importantly can do anything and everything for each other …you stay together but give each other their space…in these days , such bind is very rare to be seen’’

He didn’t reply anything, just stared at her

‘’Om…Om’’ she snapped her fingers

‘’hmm yeah…did you say something?’’

‘’Yes …but where were you lost?’’

‘’in you’’ he replied abruptly


‘’I am lost in you Gauri….completely lost in you’’

‘’Om…what..what are you…’’ she turned aside being shy

‘’Gauri’’ he called her and when she turned , she saw him sitting on the floor laying his head in her lap

‘’Om, it is cold outside and the floor is also cold…get up and sit on bed’’

‘’No Gauri…you know I find peace when I am like this…so don’t ask me to get up’’

She ran her fingers in his hair and spoke ‘’what do you want to say Om?’’

‘’Gauri…Thank you…’’

‘’For what?’’

‘’For bringing in smiles and happiness in our lives…for celebrating Rudra’s birthday in grand way, for explaining Dadi, for taking so much efforts…for making everything perfect…for coming into my , naah our lives…’’

‘’Om…I didn’t do anything for someone, I did it for …’’

‘’for’’ Om asked looking straight in her eyes

‘’For …For you’’

‘’But why’’

‘’Om, you did lot for me and Annika didi…what I did is nothing infront of all that you did for us…if you can do for my sister , can’t I do it for your brother, who is supposedly my brother too’’

‘’Gauri, but you need not do any favour in return right…you already are helping me to tackle London issues’’

‘’that’s my Job Om..this is for You’’

‘’You did all this for me’’

She nodded in yes

‘’but why?’’

‘’Om..i donno why, but the day you said me about Rudra’s birthday issue, I could see the pain in your eyes or to say rather , I could feel the pain you were feeling…I wanted to do something, I wanted to cheer you up, I wanted to assure you that I am with you and will be with you.. but if I would have said you, then I wouldn’t have seen the same amount of  happiness that I saw today in your eyes…. That’s why when I came to meet Annika didi I said everything to her and then everything fell in order…’’

He had a layer of tears in his eyes

‘’Am sorry Om, I know I have intruded very much in your personal life, but I never felt wrong , infact today I felt a strange happiness’’

‘’Strange Happiness ?’’

‘’Yes, I donno how to explain but the way you saw me after Dadi’s video played , gave me a feeling of something good, beyod good, I donno, I can’t explain, it can be just felt’’

He got up from her lap sat on the bed and held her hand, she looked at him

‘’What did I do to deserve you Gauri? How can you be so selfless? I mean in today’s world when members of same family don’t care for each other , you are caring for a stranger?’’

‘’Stranger !!! you are not a stranger Om…you are someone I know and can understand very well…I can feel the same emotion what you undergo in any situation…I donno why, but yes I can feel that’’

‘’Gauri…what if I say, I feel the same when it is about you?’’

She blushed lowering her look

‘’Gauri did I say that you are looking beautiful today. Gauri did I ever say that you are beautiful within too. Gauri did I ever say that the feeling I have for you is beyond LIKING…Gauri can I say I LOVE YOU ‘’

Gauri looked at Om without blinking…fireworks were happening within her, twinkle came in her eyes, her lips stretched to make a perfect smiley, she wanted to speak, but wasn’t able to say a single word. She just wanted to scream out loud and wanted entire paris to listen that She loves Om and that she realised the same few hours before…

‘’I ..i am sorry if you don’t have the same feeling towards me…but Gauri please don’t leave me ever just because I proposed you..i may not be able to live a normal life again’’

Gauri still didn’t speak

‘’I..I am sorry Gauri’’ he stood up leaving her hand that he was holding for quite a time, the moment he left her hand her trance broke…she looked at him and his eyes were showing fear….fear of losing her and her company….

She held his hand immediately making  him look at her

‘’Gauri Let’s let’s just forget..’’

‘’Om…What if I say I LOVE YOU TOO…will you still ask me to forget this’’

Now it was his turn to stand still, he couldn’t believe what he heard…

‘’Om…are you…’’

‘’Gauri can you repeat?’’


‘’What you said just now…’’

Gauri smiled and cupped his face and said ‘’I said I LOVE YOU TOO Om…I Really LOVE YOU…I LOVE YOU’’  she hugged him while he reciprocated the hug much tighter and spoke ‘’I LOVE YOU GAURI, I love you….I LOVE YOU’’

They felt each other when they hugged…and they were in no mood to break the hug, but he wanted to see her, see her to his hearts content, he wanted to cup her face and drown into her eyes…he broke the hug and held her, she blushed , a different glow came over her face

‘’Thank you Gauri….thank you for loving me back…I thought you,’’

‘’that I wouldn’t reciprocate ..isn’t it?’’

He nodded

‘’You know Om..i too never thought I would fall in love so soon. But it happened and I am really happy that it happened. I don’t know when my liking turned into love and I don’t want to know. All I know is I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU and YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH ME…’’

‘’You know you are the best thing that ever happened in my life after my Dadi , mom and siblings …sorry but ‘’

‘’no need to give any explanations…they are and should be your first priority and I am proud to say that I am your first genuine love ‘’

He smiled and brought his forehead joining with hers….they both enjoyed the moment. His hand slowly moved towards her hers and he entwined his fingers with hers, she took a deep breathe….he kissed her forehead , followed by her eyes and then cheeks. He leaned towards her lips , when she pushed him smiling and ran towards the closet. He sat on the bed smiling and looking at her .

She held the closet and smiled touching her head to the door….

‘’How I wish I could have been the closet’’ he spoke

‘’too cheesy Om’’

‘’Okk fine…let me put it staright’’

She looked at him

‘’Gauri’’ he opened his arms

She smiled while he nodded, she ran towards him and hugged him…

‘’Gauri, I don’t want to stay away from you, I want to be with you forever and this night I want to listen to you, know you . I have always spoken about me , my family, my issues, my equations but I never tried to know about you apart from basic things…’’

‘’om we have whole night with us but right now, leave me as I need to change this dress’’

‘’Should I help?’’ he winked

‘’Stop it Om…we just confessed our feelings and you are advancing’’

‘’I am sorry’’

‘’It’s okay…you want to help me right, then do onething….’’


‘’Wait here till I change and come’’

He smiled and she left to change, few minutes she opened the washroom door , she in her pyjamas was looking simple yet beautiful, hairs neatly tied in a bun, she was looking like a fresh flower…drinking a glass of water she was creating  a certain havoc in him…but he had to control as they just confessed and everything should take time. He composed and laid on bed looking at the ceiling, when she came and sat beside him

‘’What are you thinking?’’

‘’Nothing…I was thinking how beautiful my life would be in coming days…’’

‘’I never knew you are such a flirt’’

‘’you don’t know certain things about me yet…specifically how romantic I can be’’

‘’Om…’’ she blushed

‘’Gauri lay here by my side…and don’t worry, I know my limits ‘’

‘’I trust you Om’’ saying she laid beside him…he turned towards her with her head on his palms and arm resting on the bed while his entire body was resting on bed….

‘’How strange na Om, we met, understood, became friends, then best friends , then liked each other and finally fell in Love…I feel I am living some dream…’’

‘’Dream…why dream…this is reality, truth Gauri’’

‘’no Om…you are an Oberoi, most eligible bachelor of India, rich, successful and what not… and I am , I am just an ordinary employee in your company…and I falling in love with you and getting love from you is dream for me’’

‘’Gauri…Never again say this…you are also Rich and the truth is you’re are much more rich than me, because you give happiness to the people around you, infact you are the most prized possession of me and for this I agree I am the richest’’

Gauri hugged Om and said ‘’I love you Om…please don’t ever change and be like this always’’

‘’I will be like this Gauri’’ he spoke reciprocating the hug….

They both had a deep eye lock and Om opened her bun letting her hairs lose….he played with her soft silky hairs while she could do nothing but blush…he traced his fingers from her forehead till lips and lingered his fingers on her lips…she too felt to touch him as now she has right on him being her lover….she nervously lifted her hand and did exactly the same what Om did to her….he smiled and came closer to her , she blushed lowering her looks…

‘’May I Gauri?’’ he whispered leaning closer to her lips

She smiled and he knew she too wanted this….not wasting time , he took her lips with his and kissed gently, her hands automatically went through his hairs….they didn’t want to go apart from each other, atleast till the morning, but they needed oxygen to survive, so took a deep breathe and smiled …and then again kissed each other….after a series of 2-3 three breaks amid each kisses, they entwined their fingers and Gauri rested her head on Om’s chest and Om held her as tight as possible by her waist…the night was glorious and they drifted to sleep not trying to be more adventurous.


Precap : Shivika all the way !!!! To know more stay tuned !!!

This is the Sixty Fourth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!


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