Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya Reveals About Prenutual Contract

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya calls Puneeth home. Samar thinks why did Hitler call Puneeth. Puneeth nervously asks how is she now, referring as mamma. Satya says she is not his mamma and says she never considered him fit for Richa and will never, but since Richa is pregnant now and as a mother, she cannot suggest Richa to abort child, she will accept Richa and Puneeth’s relationship. She asks where is he staying now. He says he already informed in his new apartment. She says he has to transfer 50% flat share into Richa’s name. Puneeth says he took loan, so cannot transfer 50% share. Satya says he should transfer his parent’s properties in Richa’s name, she is worried about Richa’s security. She warns Richa if she fails this time, she will not let her in her house again, asks Puneeth if he is ready to transfer property or not. Puneeth says he will speak to his parents and leaves. Samar confronts Satya and asks how can she ask Puneeth’s parent’s property share. Satya says he thinks by heart, but she thinks by brain and will make prenuptual contract. Samar asks who does contract. She says she has already done contracts and shows his and Jaya’s prenuputal contract. Samar is shocked and says what rubbish. She says he can read contract later and first check last page that if Samar and Richa are divorced by any means, Khurana family’s 50% wealth will be transferred in Jaya’s name. Samar walks towards door. Satya says if he is going to his mother, he is doing right. Samar leaves. Jaya runs to her room. Naani confronts Satya asking why did she reveal about prenuptual contract and asks Richa to go behind Jaya. Satya stops Richa and says it was necessary.

At Surana mansion, Rama makes arrangements for Samar’s birthday party tomorrow. Samar enters and asks why did she accept Satya’s illegal demands and signed contract. Rama says for his sake. On the other side, Satya walks into Jaya’s room and seeing her crying asks if she is angry on her. Jaya says yes, why did she force Rama to sign contract, Samar was wrong before, but now she made her wrong. Samar continues confronting Rama and says Jaya was throwing tantrums repeatedly and warning to return to her mom’s house because of this contract, his family worked so hard to earn wealth and Satya snatched it with just one move.. Rama says Jaya does not know anything about it and she loves him truly. Jaya tells Satya that she feels for the first time that Rama is right and Satya is wrong. Satya stars her emotional blackmail that she does not want her daughters to face her situation as her husband ransacked her penniless, she is worried about her daughters’ safety, but her daughters misunderstand her and consider Ram as great, Rama is great as she signed contract for her son’s sake, but she is also great to protect her children, her children is her wealth and she does not care about wealth. Jaya says no. Satya asks to hug and confirm that she loves her. Jaya walks to her, takes contract papers and tears them. she holds Satya’s hands and says they don’t need any contract or money, she taught them living with dignity and that is biggest thing. She hugs Satya and thinks she ended this topic, even Samar should. Satya stands staring at torn contract papers.

Rama asks what birthday gift she should give him. He says she did already by signing contract papers and his retuurn gift is she will celebrate his birthday without him. Family returns and stand shocked.

Precap: Rama enters Satya’s house disguised as Rajasthani cook, wearing veil. Satya stops her.

Update Credit to: MA

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