Patiala Babes 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ashok Misguides Biji

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Patiala Babes 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita wanders outside her room reminiscikng Hanuman Singh and Mini’s words to sign alimony notice papers as she deserves it. Paani Paani in the background. Hanuman sleeping on his bed sees her roaming. Babita thinks her in-laws and Pinku may feel bad. Hanuman walks to her and says sorry for disturbing her at this time, he brought her something and shows mosquito spray. She asks why is it for. He says she must have come out due to mosquitoes. She says there are no mosquitoes. He says then bedbugs. She says no. He says he is dumb to not realize that she is worried. She says she is not. He says a calf is tied and does not complain, similar Indian women are tied by husbands and they don’t react, though husbands enjoys peaceful sleep. She says that is reality. He says his grandfather used to tell one should never worry, she should let her husband worry instead; if she liked his advice, she should beat spoon twice or else once. She does once. He says sorry for suggesting her. She beats spoon twice. He says his wife used to tell one should sleep without worries, even moon will be happy seeing them sleeping peacefully. She beats spoon twice. He walks away wishing good night.

Next morning, Biji reminisces Ashok’s arrogance and Mini’s good nature. Dadaji notices her sadness and asks Lovely to take old woman to temple. Biji says she does not want to and is worried for Babita, Babita was always worried about relationship and did not care about money. Ashok enters and shouts she is mistaken, Babita has sent alimony and maintenance notice and wants 15,000 rs per month. Biji says she does not believe. Ashok shows Babita’s signatures and continues shouting that Babita is very calculative, they all should return all her gifts, etc..

Mini reads horoscope and tells some unexpected guest will enter and today will be very excited. Hanuman explains meaning of excitement. Mini says she knows. Door bell rings. Hanuman opens door. Sukhi enters and says he is Mini’s uncle and wants to meet her. Hanuman says Mini’s prediction is right, today is very exciting and an unexpected guest has entered. Mini jumps in happiness seeing Sukhi and hugs him saying she missed him. He says even he was.

Lovely brainwashes Biji against Babita. Biji fumes hearing about Babita and yells she thought Babita values relationships, but she values money. Lovely continues provoking her. Biji asks her to give her jewelry as it is made after melting Babita’s jewelry. Lovely resists, but Biji takes it.

Sukhi and Hanuman chat about Mini and Banita. He asks why did not Babita return from temple yet. Mini says he knows Babes, she connects with god for long time. Babita returns and gets happy seeing Sukhi. Sukhi after a bit of emotional speech offers money to Babita and Mini as his love. Mini resists, but Babita asks her to accept it if he is helping them with Lovely’s knowledge. Sukhi stands silently. Babita asks Mini to return money then. She returns. He tries to convince unsuccessfully and leaves. Mini says she is proud of her Babes.

Precap: Biji yells at Babita that she thought Babita values relationships, bt she values money.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Hanuman Singh rocks in yesterday episode! Why Biji is over- reacting, it’s Babita’s legal right!

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