Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 41

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

‘’Aunty ji…how much time will you sit like this…please go home and take rest…I will manage Gauri’’ Anika spoke

‘’First of all don’t call me Aunty …call me Maa or maasi ….you are also my daughter…aren’t you?’’ Madhu ji spoke affectionately

Anika had tears in her eyes while her lips curved to smile….Madhu ji wiped Anika’s tears and again caressed her tresses… while Gauri pouted

‘’Jalkukkdi you are’’ Anika showed her tongue to Gauri

‘’ab bas you two now sleep for sometime…’’ Madhu ordered and the girls obeyed

Shivaay asked Madhu to go home and take rest…and he would stay there till she is back…Madhu nodded and left from there, while Om and Rudra went to home to get food for Anika and Gauri

Shivaay sat beside Anika and saw her Peacefully sleeping. His thoughts travelled to his childhood …


‘’Why didn’t this stupid come to play till now? She generally reaches on time if it is about anything except studies’’ Khadoos aka shivaay started thinking

He was waiting and there was no sign of his stupid…unable to keep himself calm anymore he went to Anika’s house. None was in home , so he went to Anika’s room straight away

‘’mmm….mmmm….mmmm’’ he was hearing sounds

‘’Stupid….are you there?’’

‘’Khadoos’’ a weak voice was being heard

‘’Stupid’’ he ran towards her, she was shivering

‘’Khadoos…maa…call maa’’

‘’Stupid are you fine? What happened ? why are you shivering? Why is your voice so low?’’ he posed questions

‘’khadoos…please call maa…i…I am not feeling well…’’

‘’okay…okay..wait…I will look for them right away’’ he left from there tensed

He searched everywhere and then asked Dadi about Meghana…

‘’Billu….Meghana and Gauri went with Jhanvi , Om and Prinku to Jhanvi’s maternal home….they will return only after two days…’’

‘’Where is Harsh uncle Dadi?’’

‘’he went along with Shakthi and Tej out of town and will come back in the night…but why are you asking about them? Anika is in house, go to her….Meghana asked her to go along with her but she denied saying You will be alone here Billu’’ Dadi said smiling

‘’Dadi…woh Anika is not feeling well…she has fever I think but I am not sure…call doctor first …please’’

‘’what…let me come and see her…’’

‘’no dadi…please call doctor first and then you bring doctor there…now I am going to her…’’ saying Shivaay ran to Anika

‘’Stupid…Stupid…aunty , Gauri and Uncle are not in Mumbai now…I have asked dadi to call doctor….but tell me what happened?’’

‘’Kha..khadoos….my body is paining…I donno why but I am having shivers…’’

Shivaay then touched her forehead and understood she had fever…meanwhile Dadi came there with their family doctor….

The doctor checked Anika and gave her some medicines and said it is viral fever and will go away in three days, but she needs to take rest and medicines on time. Saying that he left.

Dadi came near Anika and caressed her hair and said ‘’Anika puttar..everything will be fine..don’t worry..i and Billu are here with you’’

‘’Dadi…I want my maa…please ask her to come back dadi…please’’

‘’Accha puttar..i will call Jhanvi’s maternal home and inform about you..she will be back soon…don’t worry’’

Anika nodded and slept while Shivaay who stood at the door was into tears seeing her stupid sick.

‘’Billu…stay with her…till I call Jhanvi’s house and inform Meghana’’

Shivaay nodded and sat next to Anika and put wet cloth over her forehead….Anika was having fever but shivaay was suffering….

Dadi informed Jhanvi about Anika and spoke to Meghana , but there was a landslide and it was not possible for Meghana to travel back that too with small Gauri….Meghana was tensed and was into tears but Dadi assured that she will take care of Anika till she is back, to which Meghana thanked her, yet her Momside was being sad ….later Dadi informed Harsh but due to landslide he would also be not able to make it till  everything gets cleared….

Shivaay came to know about the same and he assured Dadi that he would not leave Anika’s side till she gets fine…with the help of servants, they shifted Anika from outhouse into the mansion and made her lie in the guest room bed….

Shivaay sat beside her and changed the wet cloth over her forehead from time to time, gave her medicines on time…made her eat Khichdi and soup…she used to make faces while taking food but he used to scold her for denying…he made her talk to her father and mother and she assured them that she was fine as her best friend was taking good care of her….2 days later , her fever got down…she opened her eyes and saw her khadoos sleeping sitting by her side…she went near him and kissed on his cheeks, he got up and looked at her….

‘’thank you khadoos…’’ she smiled


‘’you took so much care of me for these two days…I am fine now’’

‘’how did you think I will leave you alone suffering. You are my best friend , I may fight with you…but I cannot see you suffering’’

‘’I know…but …what you don’t know is I cannot stop myself from irritating you even when I am sick’’


‘’yeah…didn’t you see how much I troubled you while having food and medicines….ewww…I hate both’’

‘’oyee…Stupid…because of those you are fine now…understand …stupid’’

‘’hey…I am not fine because of khichdi and medicines, I am fine because these fevers cannot bear me for long…so being afraid they went away’’ she upped her collar

‘’ohh God…what to do with this Stupid…’’

‘’Why are you asking God…he has made me so…super girl sort…’’

‘’shut up Stupid..take these medicines….now’’

‘’ewww…nooo…never..i am fine now…she jumped of the bed’’

‘’stupid…take it or I will forcibly put them in your mouth’’

‘’no way’’ she started moving here and there not getting caught by him….Shivaay diverted her attention and came near her and held her and looked at her …He kissed her forehead and rubbing her hair said ‘’please stupid…take these….for me…I promised aunty and uncle ji that by the time they come back, I will make you fine…will you not allow me to keep this promise…’’

‘’ok okay fine…only for your promise …else I would not take it ever…ewww…medicines…chi chi…’’

‘’waise Stupid..how did you fall sick so sudden, till that day morning you were fine isn’t it?’’

‘’Woh…woh…’’ she started stammering

‘’what did you do?’’

‘’You know I love rain, so…so…’’

‘’so you played in rain and I am sure you got drenched also’’

She nodded and took steps back…

‘’Stupid come here…’’

‘’no…I know If I come you will hit me for my stupidity’’

‘’I said come here’’

Anika came to him, he hugged her and said ‘’Stupid I can see and bear your any stupidity, but please don’t ever fall sick…I cannot see you so’’ his voice became heavy and a tear escaped his eyes…Anika looked at him and kissed his another cheek and smiled wiping his tear….

‘’Khadoos, will you take care of me like this even when we grow up?’’


Anika changed her side on the bed and this brought Shivaay out from his thoughts…he bent and kissed her forehead and spoke

‘’that day I didn’t answer your question…but today I will answer Stupid..i will always take care of you, even when we grow old’’


A week passed by and Shivaay , Om , Madhu, Prinku , Sumo and Rudra took care of them with utmost attention….

‘’Mr.Shivaay…you can take both of them to Home now…but ensure they have ample rest…usually it takes about a month or two to recover however they are still young, so the recovery might take only some 15-20 days for them and then I would like to see them once to confirm they are back to normal’’ Doctor spoke while he came for his rounds

Everyone nodded….  When the doctor left

‘’Om…are the rooms ready in OM?’’ shivaay asked

‘’Ji bhayya….we made everything ready….just waiting for the news of their discharge’’ Prinku replied

‘’Ek minute…’’ Anika spoke

‘’Exactly…what’s happening?’’ Gauri asked

‘’nothing much….you all are coming to OM  to stay there…and we made rooms ready’’  Om replied

‘’What? But why?’’ Anika panicked

‘’what do you mean by why?’’ Shivaay asked

‘’I mean…I have a house here right in Mumbai and so I , I mean I gauri and Maasi must go to our home. Why should we come to OM? By the way Sahil will also be back tomorrow…thank God his trip extended else he would have been much tensed’’

‘’I know, you have a house , but didn’t you hear what doctor said? You need rest …and if I allow you to go home…you both will do all the works and even if Aunty ji says she will handle , I cannot allow owing to her age and health condition…regarding Sahil…don’t worry Saumya will bring him to OM…’’

‘’where are Rudra and Saumya?’’

‘’here we are…’’ they came into the room along with Saumya’s mom

Anika looked at Saumya’s mom….

Anika TAM ‘’I donno , but why do I feel I saw her somewhere? I have seen her for sure? Why is this feeling so strong since I came to Mumbai….as if I know Shivaay, Om, Dadi, Prinku , Gauri and now this auntyji   (sumo’s mom) from long time …dejavu   …this feeling of dejavu is killing me’’

Sumo’s mom came to Anika after meeting Gauri and sat next to her

‘’Beta…how are you now?’’

Anika came out of her thoughts and smiled and said ‘’better Aunty ji…I am so sorry, because of us you also had lots of trouble…Saumya was taking care of us and couldn’t spend time with you’’

‘’I never knew Saumya could take care of anyone so much…I am glad and now can feel relaxed thinking she has become responsible’’

‘’Maa…please don’t embarrass me….i am not irresponsible’’

Rudra was giggling…

‘’Why are you laughing?’’ Om gave a knock on his head and asked


‘’Aunty ji…Saumya is very much matured and responsible unlike my brother Rudra…who is duffer by birth…thanks to Saumya who is trying to bring him in line’’

‘’Awee…mera Rudra bacha…please don’t say so beta…Rudra is a lovely boy…when he came to Nanded , he took so much care of me…he is a gem’’ Saumya’s mother praised

‘’Mom…I am your child not this Duffer’’ sumo pouted

‘’JS’’ Rudra showed his tongue

There were laughters …

‘’So I think we must make a move now….aunty ji (referring to Sumo’s mother)…please join us till OM…have lunch with us…after a lot of time I guess all the chairs of our dinign table will be full and I am so excited about it’’ Prinku spoke

‘’Shivaay…please…listen…we will go home’’ Anika pulled Shivaay while others were busy and whispered to him

‘’Anika…you listen…I am not requesting you…I am ordering you…till docor confirms you are normal, I am not gonna take risk with you…’’


‘’SSHHHHH’’ he placed his finger on his lips

She looked at him and he reciprocated leading them into eye lock….after few minutes

‘’uhhu…uhhuuuu’’ Prinku fake coughed bringing both of them into reality….’’Bhayya…shall we leave…Dadi must be waiting’’

Shivaay lifted Anika while Omkara lifted Gauri and took them to the car…Sumo looked at Rudra…

‘’Sumo please…don’t even think of asking me to lift you..i am still unmarried…understand’’

‘’Duffer’’ she ran behind him

Everyone started towards Oberoi Mansion.


Everyone reached OM and Shivaay showed Anika her room, while Om showed Gauri her room…Rudra and Sumo took Madhu to her room….

Dadi came to the living room and just then Madhu came there…Both looked at each other and were shocked….Tears brimmed through both their eyes while both moved forward to hug

‘’Maaji….after so many years, I got to see you and meet you…how are you maaji?’’

‘’I am fine beta…and I am also so happy to see you after many long years…I am feeling as if I am seeing Meghana again….we all miss her very much Madhu, very much…one unfortunate day and everything ended in a jiffy….’’

‘’Yes maaji….everything ended and  everything got scattered….’’

‘’but Madhu…we came to find you in Amravati after few years , but you were not found on the address you mentioned’’

‘’Maaji, we shifted to Bareilly and we sent you a letter stating the same….’’

‘’letter? But we didn’t receive any letter Madhu’’

‘’How is it possible maaji…we wrote the letter because we thought if you find Anika you can send her to us in Bareilly’’

‘’Wait…now I understand why we didn’t get the letter’’

Madhu looked at her

‘’Madhu after that unfortunate day, we shifted our house and came to this house…infact we sold the old house….i guess your letter must have been addressed to the old house’’

Madhu nodded and was about to say something when Rudra, Sumo and Sumo’s mom Mrs.Tendulkar came there and joined Dadi and Madhu…

————-Gauri’s Room

‘’Om’’ Gauri called while Om was about to leave the room

‘’yes Gauri…do you need anything?’’

‘’om…you will answer me once I recover…how did Anika didi save me…I want to know Om…’’


‘’please Om…don’t try to hide anymore…I am already going impatient’’

‘’gauri…I will reveal everything but tonight…now everyone is waiting for us in the living room for lunch…you take rest…I will send lunch here and then we will talk’’ saying that he left….

———-Anika’s Room

‘’Anika….are you feeling fine now?’’ Shivaay asked concerned

‘’Shivaay…I am fine…don’t worry’’ Anika held his hand and spoke

‘’How can I not worry….i know it was me who asked you to get the test done and asked you to give your portion of bone marrow…but I was very much scared…very scared and worried…you would never know what I went through in this one week…I cannot let anything happen to you..’’ he hugged her in concern

She reciprocated the hug and rubbed his back…

‘’Shivaay…I know…I know you worry a lot for me…but trust me…I am fine…see I am back and am speaking to you…what will happen to me…even if something would have happened then’’

‘’Sshhhh…nothing can happen to you…till I am alive I will not let anything happen to you…you know very well I cannot liv….’’ he stopped saying anything further…she looked at him in surprise

‘’take…take rest..Anika..i will send you the lunch here…’’ he said and left from there

Anika looked at Shivaay going and smiled

‘’Does he like me…he said I am special…he cares for me so much..does that mean he …what am I thinking, nothing like that , how will it be possible…nothing like that..Stop thing Rubbish Anika…’’ She spoke to herself.

——The day passed by and the night came…

Shivaay made Anika sleep , Sumo and Mrs.Tendulkar left to their home while Sumo promised to meet everyone next day…..

Om, Rudra, Prinku , Madhu, Shivaay  and Dadi came into Gauri’s room

‘’Om…why are everyone here?’’

‘’to say something important to you’’

‘’you were to answer my  about Anika didi saving my life…then ‘’

‘’Gauri…I will answer your question, but everyone here needs to know everything…even Prinku and Rudra aren’t aware of anything…so I asked everyone to gather here…’’

‘’I am getting scared Om…please tell me what’s the matter’’

‘’Gauri ..relax….do you have any sister ?’’

Gauri looked shocked

‘’Answer me Gauri…do you have any sibling?’’

Gauri nodded and spoke

‘’I wanted to always share this matter with you Om…I came to Mumbai in search of my sister….i was 6 when we got separated…from then on I was waiting for her to return …but how would she return when I am not in Mumbai….so I applied for jobs based in Mumbai and thankfully I got in your company….after office hours somedays I used to go to MRO office to get the residence details of where we lived….but they were saying now and then…so I thought of seeking your help by sharing it with you Om…however I got to know about your life and thought I should tell you once everything gets proper in your life….yes Om , I have a sister and her name is Anika…she used to call me chutki during my childhood….i miss her Om …I really miss her…I don’t know if she is alive or’’  Gauri sobbed

Madhu came to her and hugged her

‘’WE found Anika …Gauri beta we found our Anika , your sister Anika finally’’ Madhu spoke

Gauri looked at her shocked


Precap : same as previous precap….writing the next episode now…..

This is the Forty First episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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