Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 42 & 43

Chapter 42

Her Breaths get uneven while her toes curl up . She clenches her skirt on either sides as Her mind visualizes what would happen exactly after One Night That is Tomorrow Night. A Slight moan leaves her mouth as She Feels his arm snaking through her bare waist causing tingles in her skin as his warm breath falls on her nape .

“Gorgeous ” He whispers huskily taking her ear in lobe in between his teeth .

“Hmm” She moans as He leaves her earlobe and drags his lips down across her neck .

Feeling the lost of contact of his lips She opens her eyes and looks through the mirror . She smiles at their reflection . Om places his chin on her shoulders and pulls her close her back hitting onto his chest .

She places her palm on his cheek as She says “I missed this too ” ,

Om gives a sad smile but He is quick to compose not to upset her reminding of the past awful incidences.

“After all Anyone Would miss watching a Handsome Face like Mine!” ,

She scrunches her nose with a smile slapping him lightly on his cheek for Boasting about himself He chuckles loudly with a smirk hugging her more tightly from behind ,

” Shut up You are not Handsome than My Hero ” ,

His lips curves down irritated as He scrutinizes his eyes making her smirk at him seeing his expression through the mirror .

“Accha So Salman Khan is Handsome than me ?” He asks turning her around placing his hands on his hips .

Her eyes falls on her husband who is dressed in a black simple Sherwani with His hairs left open just the way she likes . Two of the button undone giving a hint of the muscles that lay beneath .

Om smirks seeing her checking him out “So You Agree that I am the most handsome man you ever have seen in life ” ,

She nods lost in him but soon She realizes His words as She Shakes her head hurriedly ” No …Not You ” ,

“Come on you just said yes , You know Sweetheart Truth is bitter but You have to agree that I am the Handsome hunk not Your Hero ” , The smirk which is spread across his face while posing himself with one hand on his hip showing himself makes her lips tug up slightly but She puts up the Façade of not agreeing with him.

“So You will not give in? ” he asks half biting his lower lip unknowingly arousing her , She bites her own lower lip trying to stop herself from pulling him to herself and saving his lips from the assault of his teeth .

Seeing her reaction and her eyes fixed on his lips He knew He had aroused his wife . To tease her he takes his lower lips fully in between his teeth . That was it for her . She holds his collar and pulls him closer

“That is My Right !” She whispers seductively before running her tongue across his lower lip removing it from his teeth .

She nibbles on his lower lip as He takes her upper lip in his . He runs his hands on her locks and pulls her closing almost pressing her body into his . She locks her arms around his neck and pushes her fingers to his locks and massages his scalp as they kiss passionately .

He leans his forehead onto hers “You are becoming too bold these days I just can’t wait to see My Wife on Our Special Night!” ,

The statement catches her as She lowers her gaze down shyly ,

“Ahaan So My wife knows how to be shy too ” He teases making her hit on his chest lightly .

“Accha Sunno ” Omkara tells seriously remembering Why is He here at the first place .

“Hmm” She whispers against his forehead enjoying the warmth emitting from his face.

He chuckles seeing her not even trying to move away He takes his head back making her sigh in disappointment . She loved how his breath was falling over her face .

“What?” She asks him in a not-so-interested tone .

“What will I Do of You?” He says feigning innocence placing his palm under his cheek

“Just give me a Baby ” She tells as a matter of fact Shrugging her shoulder .

The atmosphere turns silence as They look into each other passionately realizing What she had asked For , He takes a deep breath and gives a small smile making her lips tug up ,

He wraps her arms around her from behind and places his hand on her flat belly and shifts his gaze to look into Their reflection in the mirror .

The Image of Gauri with a baby bump weaves in his mind . His hands caresses her bare belly as His eyes shines with a mirthful glint imagining someone to call him Papa . He longed for it as much as She craved.

“I Would Love to Give Jaan ” A Radiant smile appears across his lips as he presses his cheek onto hers and caresses her bare belly Soon He would be able to caress his little girl inside her belly .

Her eyes beams with joyful tears hearing him . She had always longed for A Baby , Her baby but the reasons back then was She wanted to Find Solace and Love in Her baby but Now She wants a baby as a Fruit of Their Love .

The Vivid image of her baby in her makes her feel a heart flutter in a motherly emotion as She places her hand over his which is resting across her belly . She wants a Baby and That to Right Now !

“I want a Baby Right Now!” Gauri tells cheerfully demanding turning around .

Om looks baffled for a moment composing himself he chuckles as exactly his mind clicks what she had asked for .

“You know Baby is not available in a Shop to Buy whenever you want ” , She pouts seeing him laughing at her .

A mischievous glint passes across her eyes as She pushes him back , She keeps pushing him until He is at the place She wants him to be .

Om falls on bed with her on top of him , She runs her index finger seductively across his neck as She whispers in a bed-room voice which was only reserved for him “I know where it is available Shall I get it by myself Right Now !”

Omkara hated to admit that he was feeling jittery . He shivers as Her hands slides inside his sherwani and runs her hands slowly and seductively on his bare chest . She smirks seeing the way he had shut his eyes tightly . She brushes her long nails around his nip*le making him squirm under her .

She giggles as she moves back and takes her hand back “You are acting like a New Bride”

Om faces goes pink as he blushes slightly ,

“My Man is Blushing !” Gauri says blinking her eyes thrice cupping her face as if it was the eighth wonder of the world .

“No I am not !” Om tells sitting up setting his suit properly . His wife showed him hell & heaven at the same time making him feel Goosebumps across his body .

She pulls his cheek and Kisses hardly on his cheek and says in a muffled voice “Once in a while if you admit something it is not goanna make you less !”

“No I am not !” He tells proudly

“Urgh ! Men & Their Ego !” She snorts throwing her hands up

“What was that?” Om asks pulling her close to him taking her in between his legs .

“What?” She asked Feigning innocence playing with his sherwani button .

“So You Don’t know?” He says with a smirk raising his brow as His hands makes pattern on her bare back .

“No ” She gulps as He dips his head onto the crook of her neck and places feathery kisses down her collarbone .

The phone rings breaking their moment making Om groan in frustration , Gauri sighs with a chuckle seeing his long face .

“Ishana Do you have any death wish?” he barks into the phone

“Why did I disturb something ?” Ishana asks innocently knowing what she had spoiled .

“You- Leave it “

“Come Down both of You soon Function is about to start “

“Shit ” Om mutters slapping the phone on his forehead

“Ishana make sure The Function starts without us we will be down in two hours .”

“What Two hours?” Ishana shrieks from the other end

“Yes -You will get an ice-cream treat ” That tricks Ishana who mumbles Okay . Till date Omkara could not find out why Ishana was obsessed with Ice-cream , Promise her ice-cream She would literally do anything for that.

“What are you planning to do Husband?” Gauri asks curiously

“You will see ” Om winks s*xily at her leaving her flushed .

She sees him walking to the closest . He returns back with Henna cones in his hands .

“Come here ” He calls her laying the mattress in the floor .

She walks up to him and looks at him confused She raises her face slightly asking him What is he planning . Om smiles and pulls her down on the mattress with him .

Sitting on the mattress Omkara stretches his legs and leaves a gap between . He signs her to sit between his legs . She obliges with a serene smile on her face .

Soon as She is in his arms . He pulls her more closer to him pressing her bare back more onto his chest .She leans into him her face flushed .

He takes her palm in his as His right hand holds the henna cone

Gauri’s eyes brims with tears as She looks over Her shoulder to see him returning the smile .

“May I?” He asks her as She gives her consent by placing a small kiss on his chin . He smiles before kissing her temple .

Om starts drawing intricate Mehendi pattern on her palm , The serene smile never leaving her face as She would look over her shoulder to see her husband’s full concentration on her palm, She observes him closely the way he frowns lightly as the pattern gets a bit out of line .

dekha hazaaron dafa aapko
phir beqarari kaisi hai
sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
kuch aap mein baat aisi hai

She was so lost in staring at her husband that She does not hear his voice reach her “Completed ” .

Omkara nudges her shoulder as He says breaking her stupor “Gauri , I know I am Handsome that does not mean You stare at me like I am Your Prey” ,

“Self-Obsessed ! tsk tsk ” ,

“Look!” He eyes her to see her palm

She gapes seeing her left arm adorned fully with beautiful patterns .

“This is so beautiful ” She tells looking at him over her shoulder with ecstasy .

“Not more than My Beauty !” He tells lovingly gazing into her eyes and places a chaste kiss on her cheeks .

Her lips quirked upwards in a joyous smile.

He turns her around carefully cautious enough not to spoil her Mehendi clad hand .

She pouts at him as if She had lost her chocolate like a child .

“Why?” He asks raising his brow finding her face turning disappointment.

“Can’t You Draw on The Other Hand When I am in your arms?” She asks him missing the warmth she had been blessed since a hour .

Om smiles seeing her desperation “Gauri You know it is difficult ” , She pouts at him .

“Give” Om tells extending his palm She slips her right hand into his but still maintains a long face .

“Smile Woman ” Om tells chuckling

“I Promise You more hugs and kisses ” Om says her making her lips curve up

“Do this soon and Hug me then ” Gauri tells impatiently

“I am not a machine !” Om tells rolling his eyes .She would be the Death of me .

lekar ijazat ab aap se
saansein ye aati jaati hain
DhoonDhe se milte nahi hain hum
bas aap hi aap baaki hain

“Ho gaya ” Om tells making her sigh

“Okay hug me then ” She tells opening her arms

“Are You For Real Gauri ? This took me so much time And You do not even take out a minute to have a look at it ” He tells faking sadness .

She chuckles as She says pompously “If My Man Does something it would be always Perfect and Now all I need is a warm hug “

“You sound so Desperate ” He tells hugging her close to him . She leans into him rubbing her cheeks on his chest as She smiles

“Yes For My Man ” She whispers huskily .

“Ahaan “

“Now Let’s adorn My Girl’s Feet “

She snorts not wanting to let go of the closeness

“Gauri ” He admonishes cutely as She sighs giving in

pal bhar na doori sahein aap se
betaabiyaan ye kuch aur hain
hum door hoke bhi paas hain
nazdeekiyan yeh kuch aur hain

He makes Her sit on a small stool as He starts painting on her feet with henna as She was his canvas . As The cool Henna drops on her feet She curls her toes making him admonish her for moving .

She apologizes cutely and lets him do whatever he wants to do while She resumes her work of staring at Her Man trying to memorize his features perfectly .

“Thank You ” She tells him lovingly as He completes .


“Just Like that -” She shrugs


“Now Don’t Move Let it Dry Okay?” Om orders her as She nods at him chuckling seeing the tone he was using .

“My Hug?” She shouts seeing him standing on his feet.

He sighs letting out a chuckle hearing her , Cautiously He makes her stand on her Feet and Snakes his hands round her waist from behind hugging her close to him .

“Satisfied?” He asks her looking down as She looks over her shoulder from the embrace

“Never would be For You !” .

He kisses the tip of her nose ” My Girl !”

“My Husband ” She tells pompously following suit making him chuckle leaning his head onto hers as She giggles .

aagosh mein hain jo aapki
aisa sukoon aur paayen kahan
aankhen humein ye raas aa gayin
ab hum yahaan se jaaye kahaan

Om’s phone rings making him leave her . He takes out to see the caller ID Ishana

“We are coming ..Okay..Okay-Ishu-Listen – ” Om tries to stop her from going on and on how she had been convincing everyone the bride and the groom would be down soon . Now that 2 ½ hours had passed that meant Omkara had taken another extra half hour making Ishana Grow horns in her head pissed answering everyone and not letting anyone reach their room.

Om hangs up as She does not listen to him .

“Let’s go down Soon before Ishana Pounces on us ” Om tells fearing the image of an angry Ishu .

“Okay ” Gauri agrees very well knowing Ishana’s rage .


Walking Down Gauri feels anxious and nervous as all the eyes turns to look at them as they ascend down the stairs as Prince and Princess .

They Go awe seeing how Perfect and Made for each other they look .

“Husband ” Gauri whispers nervously

“I am Here ” He whispers to her back smiling at the crowd as they walk towards their family.

As Omkara had expected They gaped seeing Gauri already having her hands and Feet’s clad in Mehendi . Omkara had expected them to be shocked but not to give teasing glances making him want the ground to swallow them up or vanish in the thin air .

Gauri hangs her head down blushing as they start pulling her leg calling how desperate her husband is .

“So this is what was happening since three hours?” Daadi laughs loudly seeing both turning red as tomato .

“Daadi ” Om starts but Daadi gives him a teasing smile as She says He resembles his Daadaji Who had back then done the exact same thing during Her Mehendi function .

After Teasing & pulling legs Ishana pulls the ladies with her to get henna on their hands as Now the Bride is already done .

Gauri and Omkara are made to sit beside each other as People shower their blessings on them .


Gauri Looks at her palms , The Mehendi has turned the deepest shade of red . She lets out a serene lovingly smile . The darkest shade of Mehendi is just a witness to His Love . She does not need anything to Prove His Love .

“Gauri Come out soon ” Anika calls her tapping the door .

Gauri answers back that She will be down soon , It is Their Sangeet in a hour’s time on the same day evening. Gauri had insisted that they would be grace the Function with the same dresses rather than changing it just for a hour’s time sake .

Giving her hairs and a make-up a Final touch She walks down to Find him already seated keeping space for her . She smiles seeing him as He returns it with a flying kiss .

Taking her seat She looks at Om who asks her to show her palms . She stretches her arms with a full smile on her face as He traces his fingers around the patterns softly and seductively .

“Stop” Gauri whispers slowly finding herself losing in his soft caresses . Om smirks seeing the way her breath quickening and the Goosebumps that had erupted on her skin just by his soft gentle touch .

Om wets his lips to whisper but is cut short as They hear Ishana and Randhir who had taken the stage .

Shivaay and Anika Performs First on romantic number Followed by Ishana and Abhishek . Next Surprising everyone Randhir pulls Ridhimaa up on stage . Seeing them dancing so lost in each other they hoot cheering the couple happy for them .

“Did She?” Omkara whispers to Gauri seeing Randhir and Ridhimaa Dancing together romantically .

Gauri nods happily . Om side hugs Gauri overwhelmed with happiness for Ridhimaa . He had seen her go through so many abuses and seeing her getting a life for herself makes him happy and Who else is better than Randhir He is the perfect choice .

Next Gauri and Omkara are called in stage . Gauri giggles as He bows down front of her as She slips her onto his and They walk up to the stage .

The music plays . Gauri hugs him from behind as She sings to the verses her eyes sparkling in love and happiness ” Saathiya.. Saathiya..Pagle se dil ne”

He smiles as He sways with her to the tunes , He pulls her front by holding her little palms and wraps his hands from behind as they sway , She looks over her shoulder and places her palm on his cheeks and presses her cheek to his as She sings ” Chun liya.. Chun liya..
Tujhko deewane ne Chun liya”

He pushes her front before twirling her once and pulls her to him as She locks her hands around his neck and leans her forehead to his , Her lips tugs up in a full smile
her orbs shining in love ” Dil toh uda uda re
Aasman mein baadlon ke sang
Yeh toh machal machal ke
Ga raha hai sun nayi si dhun”

They sway to the melody with their heads attached to each other , his hands running up her arms length , adrenaline rushes through her spine due to his soft caresses .

Their fingers clicks to the right and left , Their lips quivered in a joyous smile as they look at each while they sing to the verses ” Badmash dil toh thag hai bada
Badmash dil yeh tujh se juda “
Their elbows gracefully tear through the air in perfect rhythm with their feet . Smile never leaving their lips ” Badmash dil meri sune na zid pe ada..”

He pulls her close to him , His touch on her bare waist sends chills down her spine, Her skin suddenly kisses pink , He smirks before twirling her once and pulls her more to him without leaving a gap of inch between them . Her eyes widens as a blush adorns her face She tries to push him feeling scandalous but Her Husband is in a mood to tease her . He runs his fingers down her lower back She sucks in her breath as they sway to the tunes .

O.. Achchi lage Dil ko mere
Har teri baat re
Saaya tera Ban ke chalun
Itna hai khwab re..

She presses her cheek onto his chest as He hugs her tighter as euphoric warmth spreads through their skin to the corner of their hearts making it flutter in love . She smiles into him as He pushes her back and makes a half circle before pulling her in his arms once again .

Kandhe pe sar Rakh ke tere
Kat jaye raat re
Beetenge din thaame tere

She places her palm on his shoulder as He places his hand on her back , Their Free hands lock into each other as they move their feet while gazing into each other lovingly

Hathon mein haath re
Yeh kya hua mujhe Mera yeh dil
Phisal phisal gaya
Yeh kya hua mujhe Mera ye jahaan
Badal badal gaya

She smiles as her back hits his chest , He sings against her temple .” Badmaash dil toh thag hai bada
Badmaash dil yeh tujh se juda 
Badmaash dil meri sune na zid pe ada..”

He wraps his arms around her and pulls her to a hug as the music comes to end . She kisses on his cheeks and moves back instantly hearing the hooting For a minute She had forgotten that the fact they were surrounded by so many people .

She blushes and hangs her head down slightly embarrassed , Om gives her a contagious teasing smile bending to her level . She slaps on his chest lightly making him let out a carefree laugh which sounded music to her ears .

Everyone around put their hands up in an Applause as they hoot and cheer up for the couple . Everyone joins on them on the stage and performs to a song together . In between the dance Om gets a call . excusing himself He walks out to answer , Gauri looks at him leaving intently but is soon pulled by Randhir to a dance obstructing her view on her Husband . Chuckles and Laughs fills the hall as they dance care freely and hug each other .

Om gets on stage and runs to Gauri carrying her he twirls her around shouting happily too excited making her laugh wholeheartedly

“What happened? ” Gauri asks him once he puts her down

He hugs her tightly as He shouts excited “Mrs.DCP !” ,

“What?” Gauri asks getting back from his embrace as realization dawns upon her She jumps on him making him stumble two backs as her legs fly in the air .

“My Husband is the Deputy Commissioner of Police !”

All stop dancing as they hear Gauri shrieking

“Wooow Omkara!” Shivaay and Rudra jumping him soon as Gauri leaves the hold on him followed by other members who congratulate him.

Gauri moves out of the crowd and soon Omkara is surrounded by everyone who form a circle around him and cheer him up . In between the crowd his eyes searches for her not finding her around his face falls . Pushing himself through the crowd dodging everyone he gets out .


He checks the hall , kitchen not finding her around he sighs and decides to check on their room . He opens their room door to find it dark . He turns on his heels to switch on the lights but stops feeling her little palms hugging him from behind as she presses her cheek onto his back .

He lets out a small smile as He pulls her onto his embrace turning around .

“What?” He asks cupping her face although in the dim light he could make out she was smiling leaning her face onto his palm .

“I am happy for ‘Us’ ” Gauri whispers kissing his palm which is against her cheek ,

Om kisses her cheek “I am too And it’s because of my lucky charm “

“No it was You ..The Sole reason ” She says kissing his cheek .

Knowing her stubborn nature he decides to let it go . Leaving her he switches on the lights . That’s when his eyes falls on his wife .

“You know Down they are busy ” Om whispers seductively taking a step towards her She takes a step back .

He traps her to the wall , She tries to move but he places his arms either sides of the wall .

“So ?” She breathes out biting her lower lip as He leans in and places his lips on her neck

“So Why don’t We?” She blushes lowering her eyelashes ..

Omkara pulls her to him and presses her body more onto his . She closes her eyes and sucks in her breath as he dips in his head onto the crook of her neck . She digs her nail onto his forearms as his lips moves down to her collarbone . Her sleeveless blouse giving him easy access to her slender neck . He pulls one strap down kissing along her collarbone . She feels her knees giving in She turns around and hugs him tightly as She takes deep breaths to calm her racing heartbeat .

She did not know how She ended up in his arms . Omkara places her on bed if She was as Fragile Glass Doll Om leans back standing on his feet admiring the beauty in Front of him , Dressed in pink Lehenga her hairs left opened and Her Pallu long gone Which he had ripped it off . She Opens her arms calling him for a Hug . He smiles and leans down But She stops glaring at him ,

“Remove your Sherwani , I want to Feel You without Any Barrier !” She pouts at him as Om chuckles bending down he pecks her pout making her cheeks adorn a rosy tinge , her lips widening in a grin . Unbuttoning One By One , Om smirks seeing the Way She was checking him . Hearing her groan in frustration. Om laughs throwing his head back as He says

“Patience Jaan , Patience “

Throwing his Sherwani Far way to a corner of the room he joins her on bed . Sitting beside her legs He takes her foot and places it on his laps . She looks at him intently ,Pulling out a pair of anklets from his pocket He drapes it both around her ankles making her smile at him .

Om’s eyes feels with passion as he runs his index finger along her legs as She sucks in her breath feeling his touch . His hands slides inside her skirt She clenches her sheets either sides and shuts her eyes tightly as his hands moves it ways up . He stops on her inner thighs and shifts his gaze to have a look at His wife who had shut her eyes tightly. He pulls out his hands letting her breathe but teases her as his places his hands on her bare waist .She opens her eyes looking up at him with passion . The hold on the sheet tightens as he dips his head onto her belly . He runs his lips around her navel as he pesters small feathery kisses She throws her head back in pleasure .

He looks at her waist chain as he takes in it between his teeth . He pulls it out biting on it as his tongue blazes on her bare waist while pulling the chain out She shuts her eyes tightly and inhales sharply

“This has been creating havoc on me since the time I saw this !” He whispers and pulls it out with his teeth .

Titling his head up . He looks at her with desire . angling his head down he dips his nose in between her cleavage and rubs it on making her moan out loudly “Hus..band !”

“My Name ” He orders as he kisses around her chest her low neck giving him more access .

“Om..ka..ra ” She moans as his lips create around her mounds even with the clothing on she could not help but feel strip naked front of him .

He rubs his nose along up her cleavage and buries himself on the crook of her neck .Leaving the hold on the sheet She holds his forearms tightly . his bare chest pressed onto her was not helping her either . He kisses along her jaw line and runs his index finger along the dip of her chest and lets out a moan “Husband” ,

“My Name ” He orders nipping on her collarbone She hugs him tightly pulling him more closer to her . She shakes her head negatively against his head despite the way her husband is teasing her with his tongue and teeth .

“Husband” another moan leaves as He runs his index finger on her almost bare back . She looks at him feeling the loss of his lips on her skin She angles her head sideways to look at him . He balances himself on his elbow as She lays there under his piercing gaze .

“If I finish everything today What would be left for tomorrow right?” He says huskily making her deepen her blush closing her eyes tightly exactly knowing what would happen .

Seeing her all shy he caresses her left cheek she leans onto his palm loving the warmth as she looks at him . Leaning down he kisses on her temple .

He hugs her balancing himself on one arm as She wraps her arms around him tightly and buries her head onto his chest .

“Gauri ” He calls her out lovingly

“Look up ” He tells lifting her chin using his index finger . She looks down too shy to look at him after the small intimate moment they had

“I Love When You are Shy and I am the reason ” He tells leaning down so that he could look into her eyes .

She flushes red and attempts to hide her rosy cheeks behind her skinny fingers. He chuckles seeing her shying away he pulls down her fingers to have a look at her face but She shuts her eyes tightly.

“Gauri ” He calls softly against her temple

“hmm ” She hums still having her eyes closed

“Open Your eyes biwi ” He says with a small smile .

She opens her eyes ever so slowly and angles her head sideways to look into his already love filled gaze.

“I Love You ” He says softly kissing her eyelids one by one . She bites her lower lip blushing heavily unable to reply .

Gauri snakes her hands through his waist and presses herself onto him hugging him closely to him .

“I Love You Husband” She whispers after few minutes kissing on his bare chest where his heartbeats For Her .

“Gauri You Can make Babies Later but Right Now My Eyes are dropping Before I Break in and My Virgin eyes witnesses something suit yourselves up and Open the Damn Door!” Ishana shrieks from the other end .

Gauri and Omkara gasps hearing her . Om sighs sadly knowing today He is suppose to sleep without her as The Boys have planned a night with him While Girls have planned a night with Gauri .

He gets down from the bed but She holds his wrist and kneels on the bed and looks at him sadly and hopefully

“I can’t sleep without You ” She whispers sadly

Om smiles and cups her face in his palms and forces her to look up at him ,

“Be a Good Girl You will get more kisses and hugs Tomorrow night ” He tells winking making her blush .

He kisses on her forehead and mumbles a good night and turns to wear his Sherwani which is mercilessly lying on the floor but Gauri turns him around and captures his lips kissing him hardly . He tangles his fingers on her locks and pulls her closer to him as She lets her hands roam around her bare back . They break off panting and gasping for breath .

“I’ll miss you ” She tells sadly and shows her puppy eyes trying to convince him. As much as Omkara wanted to stay unable to resist her innocent cute face , He knew he had to leave tonight if not Ishana would should break in .

“I-” He opens his mouth but She nods understandingly and gives him a smile “Good night ” ,

“I’ll See You Tomorrow ” He winks at her while wearing the Sherwani and setting his hairs properly while She did hers and leaves making her sigh looking at the empty bed .

She traces her hands around the sheets they had just wrestled upon but soon she realizes the girls would be in . She arranges the bed neatly before Omkara opens the door . Omkara walks out as the girls barging in and Starts Pulling Gauri’s leg .


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