Honge Juda Na Hum 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 5th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Rohan arrives home n finds it all decked up n is taken aback..! He rues that he has called his friends for drinks.. n Muskaan will be upset seeing that he ruined their romantic dinner..! Muskaan comes all decked up n says SURPRISE .. but Rohan stays mum! Muskaan asks if Rohan is not happy? Rohan says.its very nice! He says that he has made a big mistake! Muskaan asks what? Rohan rues..what to say..n how to say! The doorbell rings..! Muskaan wonders who has come.. n Rohan says..the ones..they feared! Rohans friends are getting anxious waiting for him outside the door! They call Rohan up but he does not receive.! Rohan paces around..! Rohan says..Muskaans romantic dinner will turn to tragic dinner if he receives the call n opens the door! He confesses that.. he had planned dinner n drinks with his friends.. n that he dinno she planned a surprise for him! Muskaan says..its ok n asks him to invite them inside..! Rohan says..he will handle! The guys knock loudly at the door! Rohan goes to talk to his friends n tells them not to knock at the door! He shares the mess that has happened..! He requests them to leave..! His friends say..they wanna meet Muskaan! Rohan says..after long they got time to spend with each other..so if they can leave! Rohans friends agree to leave!

Rohan looks at the decor and praises Muskaan..! He says that she too is looking very beautiful..! Muskaan thanks him..! They sit down for dinner..! Muskaan asks how the dinner is? Rohan says.. mindblowing..! He says..that she has put so much love that he will get diabetes..! Rohan thanks God.. for the moment.. which has only him n Muskaan in it..n especially doesnt have Rama bhabhi..! Muskaan tells him not to think such..! Rohan asks Muskaan if she will make such dinner everyday. .n she goes shy n he says..kidding!

At Muskaans home, Avi is all worried .. ! His guru .. Yash ji asks the matter..! Avi says that Rishi does not want to go to America..leaving him behind! He says that he wants Rishi to live his dreams.. n he wont leave till Avi is alone..so he needs help..! He asks Yash ji to shift. at his place.. to keep him company ..! Yash agrees but says..he will confirm after asking his wife..!

Rama n her hubby return and they knock at the door..! But no response..! Rama asks if they think .. Rama is GET OUT FOREVER? Ramas hubby calls inside but no response! Even Rohans dad returns with Rajiv n Priti..! Rama says that they are all OUTSTANDING outside their own house.. n there is no response! Rohans dad says..he will open the door for them..! Priti asks Rohan..why so much time to open the door..! Rohan says..he went to take shower n Muskaan went to the cafe as she din go for 3 days..! Priti asks..so what was going on for 3 days n Rohan asks not to tease..!

Rohans dad asks Rohan to sign property papers n then go! Rama spots the property papers.. n assumes that they too have right on it..! Rohans dad is shocked to hear Ramas thoughts…!

Part 2

Rohans dad says that the property is on Muskaans name..! Rama says that her father in law has invested too so they too have a right! Rohan fumes! Rohans dad asks him to sign the papers and leave it to him! Rajiv tells her not to interfere ..! Rama says those who have right..should get it! She silences her hubby ..n says..she will take her share ..for sure..! Rajiv fumes..n walks off! Priti too ..is annoyed!

Ramas hubby asks what drama it is as if they live in a parliament? Rama says that they are all dishonest.. taking over her share..! Ramas hubby asks Rama to not question elders..but she says.. who cares! She resolves to cut out.. Muskaan from this familys thread so she gets the entire property on her name..! She says..her elder bro will come n explain to all…!!

Part 3

Rohan fumes about a client not turning up.. ! He goes to buy painting gear from the market..! Rohan decides to tell Muskaan to get colors for him..! The client’s aka Simran Rajpal’s assistant comes and says that he needs to come with him to her office..! Rohans refuses to go..! The guy offers him Rs. 8 lac advance cheque..!

Precap —- New entry Nigar Khan aka Simran looks at the painting and tells Rohan that its the same she had liked.. n then sets it on fire n says..that the THING she likes.. becomes hers or no ones..! She throws money on the face of Rohan n says..its the COST of his painting..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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