Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 5th March 2013 Written Update

@ Jhaankaar office , Madhav and Aradhya collide and fall. Colleagues pretend not to notice when Madhav looks at them.

Madhav calls Guptaji and tells indirectly to Aardhya to see and walk. Aaradhya says Sorry to Guptaji. Gupta asks her to be careful next time.

She does touch up and goes. Rahul gets to know the matter from office people.

Gupta asks her to observe and leaves in frustration. Meghna messages her to bring back the cap. Aaradhya calls Security and asks him to help in searching. He fumes and cuts the call. Aardhya receives a message from Meghna once again.

Aaradhya enters the on air and looks at the chair lovingly. She wonders that ehsaas might also sit in some studio and talk with them.

Rahul gets to know the girl was mistaken.

Aaradhya introduces herself as Ehsaas and she is on air. Rahul hears and wonders who is. Aradhya tells that mystery man can only be heard but not seen. She asks how long will ehsas hide himself. Madhav also hears. He asks to Guptaji to look for Sandy, the program in-charge. She goes on with her bhak-bhak.

Rahul and Madhav shut her mouth at the same time.

Rahul identifies her. Madhav asks Sandy to look after his program properly.

Madhav questions whether its a Public garden or studio to Guptaji.

He asks How come he do so and permit ?

Aaradhya says sorry , accepts her mistake and says she was caught and lost monkey cap and its importance. She tells that it was all new for her and couldn’t stop herself

Madhav – Last warning and u now leave.

Aardhya asks Madhav whether he had seen her monkey cap

Aaradhya says Sorry extremely sorry with heart.

Madhav asks to take care next time. Aaradhya says she is sure he said it to her as Guptaji had left.

Guptaji and Aaradhya have a short convo. She says she need to ask something but Guptaji completes that he doesnt her monkey cap.

Guptaji asks her to concentrate when Aaradhya asks about Rahul. But Guptaji doesn’t let her know that Rahul is the owner.

Madhav returns the monkey cap through some how. She thanks God and Madhav watches through his window.

Rahul asks how come he employ such girls. Madhav says he appointed the girl as it was he who recommended her. He tells that he had given a strict warning. Rahul feels he would have taught a lesson if Madhav hadnt interfered.

Aaradhya returns the monkey cap and wants something special from her BIL. Meghna tells her to call her would-be as jiju as wedding date is to be finalized. Aaradhya is excited as they need to go to temple for Basant Panchami pooja. All have their own worries.

At Madhav’s residence, Barathi is getting ready for pooja. She is happy as its Goddess Saraswathi’s birth day but worried as Madhav wont accompany them. Barathi’s MIL recalls how she got a proposal on the same day years ago.

Madhav calls Barathi maa.

-Periwal family at temple doing Pooja.
-Madhav sees Aaradhya lovingly.
-Aaradhya and Pallavi are standing near by at a shop. Two ladies comment from a distance that they should find a girl like Aaradhya for her son and not like Pallavi. Of course they dont address using names. Barathi tells them that even if whole Jodhpur wants that kind of girl, she will never allow her son to marry some one like Aaradhya.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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