Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 5th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ashu is in his room when the hot assistant comes dressed up in her hot outfit..! She has a bottle of drinks with her..! Ashu ignores her and tries to work on the presentation! She asks Ashu if he cant see beyond his work? Like herself.. the hot and happening night n the complimentary wine! She tells Ashu that this is the only night left to fulfill his wishes..! She advises him not to waste the night! Ashu says..he does not drink! She asks him to come with her to the club? Ashu says he does not like clubbing! The girl closes in on Ashu n says that atleast she can give him company ..sit next to him! She tries to close in and holds his arms ..n asks if he has headache? Ashu says no! His cell rings..! He tells her to go out.. as its his wifes call..! He receives the call n says .. Thanks Doc..! Nidhi asks why? Ashu says..no reason.. n as such he doesnt thank her enouf! Nidhi asks..what is he hiding? Ashu says..there is nothing to hide.. he is lonely in his room n missed her n is happy to get her call! He says that he loves her company so much..that he doesnt need any one else! Nidhi asks him to say I LOVE U three times! Ashu asks why? Nidhi says.. say it.. n he does..! Ashu says.. happy? Nidhi says..very happy! The assistant walks off angrily! Nidhi shares that.. she is working on a report for Daksh .. and has to submit the feasibility report within 48 hours..! She wishes him best of luck for the conference! Ashu asks her to say I L U n she does!

Daksh is lying on his sofa and says that .. cant wait.. time to execute the last step of the plan..! Daksh calls up his friend n she says that despite all attempts.. Ashu is not relenting! Daksh asks her to keep trying! The assistant says that she has crossed all limits but is not ready to relent..! She says that his wife.. seems to be missing him so he din even look at her! Daksh gives her some idea..and she smiles..!

A waiter is taking up Ashus dinner n a glass of juice n the assistant stops him n smartly adds sleeping pills in the juice..! Ashu takes the juice and drinks it..! He also starts to serve food for himself.. n is eating n sipping the juice! Suddenly he feels dizzy/ sleepy .! The assistant enters the room n Ashu can only see her hazy profile..! He gets up but falls and passes out on the sofa! The assistant resolves that.. Mr. Loyal Husband.. if u can stop me..then do.. else the next day.. u will be ashamed of urself.. n the world will be ashamed of u! She takes off her jacket and throws on Ashus face..!

Next day in the morning ..all clothes are lying on the floor n Ashu is lying passed out on the bed..! Someone is knocking on Ashus hotel room door! Ashu gets up and opens the door and finds senior docs barge in and Ashu says..his head is aching..! Suddenly they hear a girl crying n they notice its the assistant sitting on the sofa..and says that Ashu ruined her.. n molested her..! Ashu says..its untrue..! Ashus shirt n buttons are broken! The senior docs say they have to inform the cops .. but the assistant says..not to do so.. or she will be ruined..! The girl runs off. .n Ashu says.. the girl is lying..! The senior docs decide to inform KGH management! The senior docs tell him that the conference is over.. n tells him that he has embarrassed the entire Doctor community ..so better he pack his bags and leave..! Ashu tries to defend.. but they refuse to listen to him..! The docs ask what the girl will gain by ruining his image? Ashu says..he is a senior doc.. n has clean repute..! He requests the docs to let him present his paper.. but the senior Doc refuse to budge n tell him to get out..!

Part 2

The assistant calls up Daksh n informs him that the plan worked..! Daksh asks her to be careful as cops will be involved..! She thanks him..! Daksh calls up his dad and tells him that he has done his part n asks his father to do his part.. n to humiliate Ashu so much that it ruins AshNi relation! His father assures him he will do so!

Nidhi gets a cup of coffee for Daksh..! Daksh says its too sweet.. thanks to her hand…! Nidhi smiles thinking of Ashu saying ‘I LOVE U’ to her! Daksh snaps his fingers to break her daze..n asks what she was thinking! Daksh says..that girls when they blush n smile..are thinking of their loved ones! He asks wonder how Ashus paper is going? Nidhi says.. that it must be going good.. n that she is praying for him..!

Part 3

Aradhna helps Divya to walk..! Suddenly they notice Ashu walking back home ..! Aradhna offers to make tea for him but Ashu stays quiet! Divya talks of her surprise for him n shows him how she is walking! Ashu walks inside without a word..! Aradhna asks Divya to stay calm..! Ashu sits on the bed.. n recollects the allegations of the assistant..n the senior docs words …! Nidhi is in the canteen..but still working..! Daksh fumes…! Nidhi asks the matter..? Daksh says..waiting for her to complete the work so they can eat..! Suddenly her cell rings n its Ashu..! Nidhi is delighted n asks about the conference n the paper..n feedback! Ashu says..that he is back home…! Nidhi is taken aback..!

Precap — Nidhi asks Ashu the matter..! Dakshs dad tells Ashu that before the word spreads.. it will be better that Ashu resign..! AshNi are taken aback..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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