Hitler Didi 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 8th March 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Kabir in deep thought and is drinking he’s thinking about all Indira previous questions?
He hears the song he used to sing for Husna and goes to downstairs and sees Rishi with his phone.
He begins to sing and tells Rishi to sing with him but Rishi is also drunk and is not able to follow and sing properly so he suggests for a next time.
Rishi asks him about his marriage and he says he wrote this song for his Husna after marriage.He has flashback of what happened in Pakistan how he protected her from the Pakistan officers saying she’s her hubby.
He says he never married Indira and this is something Indira also is not aware of so he requests Rishi to keep it as a secret between them only.Rishi is recording whatever Kabir is saying on his phone and Rishi smiles…

Kabir says he wanted to say everything to Noor about Husna and she would have referred everything to her dad so he cooked lots of stories and Indira enters his house as Babli caretaker and she raises Babli with lots of love, a child who was refused by her own mom Noor.
The affection she has for Babli makes him loves Indira but he was never able to understand when he falls in love with her.Before he said something to Husna they were seperated from each other .He requested Rishi not to utter a word to anyone to keep it as a secret to himself he never confides in anyone before.He says their love is pure he wants to marry Indira now.They both sees Indira and keep looking at her.

Kabir says he tried to go near to Indira but he is not able as if there’s someone between them…Rishi says “I”
Kabir says what? Rishi says leave everything life is short and Husna must know about everything and Kabir tries to stop him but he goes upstairs near Indira who’s wearing her red saree and Indira asks what is he saying but he falls at her feet and Indira asks him to leave her and she also falls.Kabir helps Rishi to get up but in his drunk state he keeps on muttering indirectly whatever Kabir said.
Kabir helps Rishi and brings him downstairs.Indira notices that Kabir also is drunk and she asks him why is he drunk he makes a false story.Indira asks Kabir if he’s not feeling bad as how Rishi is looking at her.Kabir laughs and says she’s so beautiful that anyone can move so it is not Rishi fault.
While everything keeps on recording.Indira suggests Kabir that they must leave right away the very next morning.
While going upstairs Kabir looks at Rishi and think he did not make an error by telling the truth to Rishi.

Indur Munna Kutumbh Meher and Sunaina promote women days and Indur and Munna say they will follow it…

Kabir asks Rishi if he’s not able to remember what happened the last night he says no.Indu brings Rishi phone and says everything must get recorded in it and begins to play it…Kabir is shocked.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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