Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Bhabo saying to Sandhya that she should win this competition anyhow and dance in such a manner that Dhaisa remains awestruck and she should dance without any shame or fear Sandhya looks worried and confused but had to comply according to Bhabo’s wish as she didn’t leave any alternative for Sandhya.

Now Mohit gets a call, Emily says she is coming to their house, and Mohit says there is no need, he will go to meet her but Emily doesn’t listen to him and cuts the call

Dhaisa is extra sweet with everyone and Meena suspects something fishy happening, and sits between Dhaisa and her DIL to know everything better.

Bhabo and Sandhya’s dance performance comes up, Sandhya is tensed and Bhabo gives her the necessary confidence.

The dance performance was totally great. Both Sandhya and Bhabo danced gracefully, and the song was great too, basically the act was to establish who controls the son (bittu) of the house, mother or his wife and the performance of BhaSan jodi was amazing

Now the judges go up and announces that not one but two jodis got the best performer award, one is Dhaisa and her DIL who enacted the saas-bahu saga marvellously and another is BhaSan performance and everybody started cheering.

The judges praise the BhaSan duo who had put up a stupendous performance without preparation, and finally presents the award to both Bhabo and Dhaisa. But both Bhabo and Dhaisa tries taking the trophy saying one thing or another.

Meena now goes up to the stage, and drops her hair-pin and in that process notices Dhaisa’s DIL being pregnant by looking at her feet, and discloses this to everyone.

The judges are shocked and asks Dhaisa that what Meena is saying is really true or not??

Dhaisa now accepts the truth and the judges disqualifies her from the event saying they won unethically and so they are not the real winners.

Dhaisa, being dishonored, comes down from the stage along with DIL in tow, and Meena now claims a bit of credit from Bhabo, Bhabo credits both Sandhya and Meena for the win, and everyone congratulates them

When they climbed down from stage, neighbors congratulates Bhabo and says she has now 2 great DILs, one who danced superbly and one who did great detective work to unravel the truth of Dhaisa’s DIL being pregnant.

Bhabo smiles. Others now says that may she get the third DIL to be as per her choice and she will also have good qualities.

Everyone is now asking Mohit whether he will marry as per Bhabo’s wish, before Mohit can give a satisfactory reply, Bhabo says he surely will comply with her choice

Bhabo also asks Dhaisa why she never gave the good news to her, she being her close friend. Dhaisa smirks, says she didn’t gave her the news earlier as she felt everyone will be jealous of her DIL then and goes away.

Emily now arrives there where everyone is busy talking

Episode ends.

Precap–> Emily meets Mohit and asks when she will speak about her, Mohit seems tensed and assures her that she will surely speak with Bhabo about their matter and asks her to keep faith in her, Sandhya was coming in their direction and she heard Emily’s voice suddenly and is surprised

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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