Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 8th March 2013 Written Update

Maanvi asks the nurse as to why are there blinds in the general ward, to which the nurse asks her to be quiet as the patient next to her just fainted. Maanvi is worried about the patient and her relatives, to which the nurse replies that her husband is on the way. She then remembers Jeevika and wishes to contact her, but the nurse forbids her from making a call.

Virat goes to the lady’s house to plead for his job back at whatever salary and time the lady agrees. After insulting him and yelling at him a lot, she agrees to let him teach the kid music. He then asks for some money as an advance, to which she yells at him again, but her husband feels bad for Virat and asks her to give him the money.

Viren reaches the hospital and enquires for Jeevika. At the same time, Virat enters and the doctor lets him know that Maanvi is now awake. On the other side, Maanvi is taken into the pathlab by the nurse for some tests.

Viren meets Jeevika, who on waking asks for Maanvi. Viren is surprised to know that Maanvi has fractured her hand. The doctor comes in and assures her that Maanvi is now fine, and she needn’t worry herself about Maanvi’s health, as she’s harming herself. He tells her about Maanvi’s strange demand to shift into a general ward, and also informs her that Virat has arrived after arranging for money. Viren-Jeevika are pained to hear about what the doctor said, and Viren leaves suddenly to do some work without telling Jeevika the reason.

As Viren goes out, he sees Virat and Maanvi in the pathlab as Maanvi is getting some tests done. The wardboy returns Viren’s credit card to him, as he had left it at the reception. He goes to Jeevika and wants to take her home, but she wants to meet Maanvi. Viren tries to dissuade her from meeting Maanvi as Virat may misunderstand. Jeevika is visibly pained, but has no choice and leaves.

Virat goes off to pay Maanvi’s hospital dues, to which he is told that a Viren Vadhera has paid the bills. Virat is annoyed.

Virat goes to meet Maanvi in her room and is staring at her with eyes full of tears. Maanvi reassures him that she is fine, and he needn’t worry about her. Virat tells her that he can’t see her in such a state; seeing her hand broken has broken him from the inside. She tells him not to feel bad, and reassures him. She then asks him if they can leave. Virat is in tears, and tells her he knows why does she want to go home, and why did she shift rooms. She tries to deny but he tells her that he knows her better than herself, and she can’t lie to him. Virat tells her that the doctor has asked her to rest, so she has to stay. He tells her to rest, and he leaves, citing some work. Maanvi wonders to herself as to what work does he have.

Viren and Jeevika are home, and Viren is making Jeevika rest. She’s worried about Maanvi, and he asks FM not to worry as Virat is with her. Swamini comes to enquire about Maanvi, to which he replies that she’s fine. As they’re making small talk, Tarun/Sundar/Someone comes and tells Viren that Virat has come to meet him. Jeevika asks Viren not to fight, to which he replies that he has no intention of doing so.

Virat is waiting in the living room, and Vanshika spots him. She is overjoyed and engulfs him in a hug, lekin sahabzaade is rather stonefaced. She asks him as to where is Maanvi, to which he tells her about Maanvi’s fractured hand, and reassures her that she is now fine. At the same time, Viren enters with Jeevika and Swamini following him. Viren asks him as to what is the matter, to which Virat tells him that he’s come to repay his favor. Inder and Daddu enter the room at the same time, witnessing Virat returning the money Viren paid for Maanvi’s treatment. Viren replies calmly that Maanvi is not only Virat’s wife but also his saali and his wife’s sister, so its okay. Virat taunts him and tells him that Maanvi also has a husband who can take care of her, and slams the money in his hand, along with an extra 500Rs for spending money on the petrol. Daddu is shocked and yells at Virat for his rude demeanor. Swamini too asks him to take his money back, as he’s insulting Viren’s relationship with Maanvi. Virat responds that he doesn’t need anyone’s help from anyone in the house, neither does he want anyone’s charity. Virat walks off, but stops as Viren calls out to him. Viren tells him that he won’t keep the money, what will he do? Virat tells him that he has no choice, as he doesn’t want Viren to spend a single penny on either him or Maanvi. He also says that he doesn’t care about what Viren thinks or says.

Viren loses it, and calls out to Virat once again, who stops. He warns him as to never turn his back on. He tells Virat that he’s listened for too long, and now he will talk and Virat will have to listen. Vanshika asks him to stay calm, to which Viren replies that its high time he speaks up. He says that just because he shuts up doesn’t mean Virat can say whatever he wants. Virat tries to say something, to which Viren shuts him up.

He tells Virat that he shut up when Virat had yelled at him in front of everyone, because he thought that Virat was offended and he was right in a way. But that doesn’t mean that Virat should only harbor negative thoughts about him and spew venom whenever he has to talk to Viren. He screams at Virat for the 500Rs, and asks him as to how much does he hate Viren, that he is treating him this way? Virat replies that he doesn’t want to make anyone feel low, but he can’t fall down himself. Viren tells him that he has fallen down by doing such an act, to which Viren replies that returning someone’s favor doesn’t make him fall down. Viren is hurt, and then begins to list out what ever favors he had done over the years. He lists out the times he was there as a brother, friend and even father to Virat, and asks him to return all those favors. Virat asks him to stop the emotional garbage, to which Viren replies that nothing is emotional. If he really wants to return all the favors then he has to return all this too. He then slams the 500Rs in his hands and tells him that he didn’t go to see Maanvi, but he went to see his wife who had fainted in the hospital. He also tells him that he only found out about Maanvi’s injury when he reached the hospital. Viren says that Maanvi is his saali, his wife’s sister, and his relationship with Maanvi is older than Virat’s relation with her. He then tells Virat to get the hell out of the house. Virat is furious, crushes the note in his hand, glares at everyone and walks off. All the Vadheras look on in pain.

Precap: Maanvi is talking to her kalash of gangajal and wishing to herself that her sister and family are there to celebrate her birthday with her. Jeevika is listening to this from outside, and steps back. She tells her parents that she had promised them that she’d always TC of Maanvi and fulfill her wishes, meaning that she’ll only wish Maanvi when she fulfills this wish of Maanvi’s.

Update Credit to: ritchelle

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