Hitler Didi 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 2nd August 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Munna returning back home all frustrated and tells his wife that he failed in seeking clients for his new job they prefer to believe in others rather to believe him his reputation is ruined. His wife says it seems that she’s not destined to see her hubby earnings. Indu who was witnessing everything just console her aunt saying not to worry everything will be alright.
Vanraj tells Indu nothing will be alright she just need to prepare herself to leave for Jhanjhar. Indu has a new idea.
Indur is dreaming about Jhumpa and he gets upin a somnabulism state walks towards his shop. He talks and kisses the close shutters. Indu follows her and sees his gesture and love for his shop and recalls Indira words. Kutumbh comes to see the garland of money and tries it. Indu snatches it putting in it place says to Kutumbh no one won it yet. Kutumbh says it must be her’s as Indur shows no interest in her anymore and she’s old and can’t earn. Indu gives her the idea of helping Indur in his shop, she tells her if she would have helped from the very beginning Jhumpa would not come in Indur life. Kutumbh gives a thought to the idea which Indu tells her.
After a leap of 5 months Indu cuts the ribbon and says surprise to Indur, it is his new shop.Indur is overwhelmed seeing his shop again. He kisses Indu forhead for realising his dream again. Indira asks Indu from where she gets the money and Kutumbh says it was Indu idea to open her kathak class again. Vanraj helped her as the advance level teacher and she’s teaching the basic level. She took some advance and re-opened the shop. Indur feels really indebted to her and asks for forgiveness,as she proves herself to be a loyal wife.Kutumbh says he shouldn’t ask for forgiveness and Indur says he’ll try his level best to regain the trust of his wife.He says that Kutumbh is his true life companion. He praises Indu saying he must have done something good to have her as his grandchild, Kutumbh also agrees.Indu tells everyone stop getting emotional to follow her as she has one another surprise for them.
They enter SN and sees all the sketchers of Rishi in the hall and Indu tells Rishi Ishaan already uploaded all of these on internet to be sold. Indu gives Rishi the money and says all the pictures are sold out except for one. Rishi can’t believe his ears, Indu suggests that he should follow his dream as everyone claims that he’s a good cartoonist.Rishi is proud of her saying only his daughter recognises him.
Indur and Vanraj are laughing and Indu asks whay are they laughing, Indur says Rishi really depicted Munna well in the sketch as everywhere he’s with his bottle of liquor and Munna feels embarras, Indu says that is why a liquor shop bought all the sketches of Munna.Indira notices Munna changed face and says he must feel proud, Munna says that is what he’s good for.munna leaves and Indu shows them the picture which is not sold and it is of Rishi and his family with Chikoo in Indira arm.

Indira suddenly goes in labour pain,and Kutumbh says it is time for her delivery. Chikoo is born and everyone is happy.They keep on kissing him. Indira tells Indu now she’s happy Chikoo is born, Indu says Chikoo is so cute. Indira tells Indu now they must leave for Jhanjhar as Munna failed to get a job, Indu says Munna is the one who’ll earn more than everyone,he’s the new bar tender. Indu says now they will not leave Chandni Chowk. Indira praises Indu for realising the dreams of everyone and says she’s proud to be her mom.Munna asks Chikoo if he’s proud to have him as his uncle? He shows him a feeding bottle saying he’ll prepare milk for him everytimes he visits his bar.
Indu says finally everything is running smoothly in SN, Indira says it is not yet the end as she’s still jobless. Indu says she has a job for Indira… Indu has taken the place of Indira she’s running the court of Hitler and Rishi says till Hitler is present in CC no one else can rule.Indira also says that Indu will rule SN and CC from now.The title song of HD is heard in the BG with some flashbacks of Indu and Indira. Kutumbh seizes the opportunity to ask who’ll win the garland of money? everyone tries to snatch the garland and Indu runaway saying fight as much as you want as all the notes are fake.Indu rushes outside kisses the name board and says that they are going but if ever time give a chance they will be back again as the story is not complete and some dreams are still here to realise, she throws a letter which she has written and this goes on the face of a guy(Same first scene of Indira and Rishi) the guy reads the letter and calls Indu as Hitler Didi, and in SN once again Indira Rishi and the whole family gather to give a sweet smile to everyone.

~**~THE END~**~

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

  1. Hitler Didi complate episode play requsat me

  2. finally the idiot show has ended! it was a psycho

    1. I love it. I wish I have a life of indira in my next birth. (If god favours me).

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