Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Anuj telling Avantika and family that he will be really happy if chachaji and chachiji will stay at Dad’s room. He tells Manik that you will not have any problem, trust me. Avantika leaves unable to take it any longer. Sheela says it is a matter of 2-4 days and it doesn’t matter. She asks them indirectly. Harish consoles Avantika and says I know you are upset because Anuj gave Dad’s room to chacha ji. Avantika says she is not against Chachaji but she don’t want him to stay there. She says she feels Dad’s presence there. She says Chachaji might have said no, Harish says they are simple people. Avantika says something is pinching her as Chachaji and her family came to her house suddenly. Harish says it is about the matter of relations, be careful. Avantika says I know.

Pankhudi tries to talk to Kaira about sharing her room with Revathi. Kaira says she will not allow her to stay with her as she is used to stay her since the childhood. Pankhudi asks her to shift to her room with them. Kaira says she will not shift anywhere and nobody should come to my room. Revathi enters and hears everything. She says sorry and asks her about his parents room. She says she will shift there and asks them not to worry. Kaira gives her permission to stay in her room and asks her to follow some rules. Pankhudi wonders how the two families will adjust with each other.

Avantika shares her concerns that they dont know anything about Chacha or his family. Pankhudi tells Adi, why Chote Nana hide from them about his family coming to their place. How can he forget to inform us. Sheela is annoyed at them too, Anuj says it is about his father’s happiness and if Dad would have been alive, he might have felt happiness. Adi says there might be a reason for it, he might be uncomfortable. We are stranger to them. Rubel tells Latika that mom is right, and says do they want to settle here permanently. Harish says we shall be good to them. Preeti says something is pinching her. Adi asks Pankhudi to stop being detective.

Chachiji gives instructions to Shanky for the meals. Sheela gets angry and asks her to take rest. Chachiji says they need to prepare sweets for this day. Sheela says she knows every ritual. Chachiji says they are of same age and from small village. Pankhudi cleans the bed for Chachaji and chachaji. Anuj says that he is feeling that he is in some problem and asks him to share. Manik Chacha says he is feeling shy as Bhai saheb gave half of his property to him. he can’t even keep an eye contact with him. Anuj says dont talk about it. Chachaji asks Pankhudi to keep the suitcase at the corner as they have to keep there belongings there. Anuj asks him to use Dad’s cupboard and keeps your clothes there. Chachaji says but it is of Bhai saheb. Anuj asks Pankhudi to get the keys of Dad’s cupboard from Avantika.

Pankhudi comes to Avantika’s room and sees her staring at their family pictures. Pankhudi tells her that Mamaji is asking for Nanaji’s cupboard keys. Avantika hesitantly gives her the keys and Pankhudi leaves. Avantika looks sadly. At Sameer’s house, Sameer is talking with someone and Preeti comes with the tea. He sees Preeti sad and asks what happened. Preeti says she thought to take a break from the office, and will become a housewife now. Sameer says you are saying this because I don’t feel awkwark at the office. She says no, but says yes. She says I dont like if you treat me as a boss at the office. Sameer says we will keep the professional and personal life seperately. Sadanand taunts Preeti and asks her not to take break from office as she is dominating and his wife can’t bear her all the time in the house. Sameer asks him to be gentle, but Sadanand says he don’t want to make a relation against his wishes. Adi talks with Anuradha and asks her to share her problems with him or Pankhudi. Pankhudi feels strange.

Adi and Pankhudi leaves their room while Kapil smiles. Pankhudi tells Adi that it is unfair to live unstable life and living as mentally challenge, it is very difficult. Adi says he was most happy than us. Adi asks why did Dadaji didn’t come for the 12th day. He says you didn’t make me remember that I have to transfer 40 lakhs in his account. He asks him to sign the papers but Pankhudi says she can’t sign the papers. She says it doesn’t look good with whatever happening in their family. Adi asks her to sign it but she says she will not, and tells him not to do anything for her family. She says she don’t want him to get stressed because of her family. Adi says what do you mean, kulu’s family is not mine. If my family is your family then why not your family is mine. The episode ends.

Anuradha says can I help you, Pankhudi says you are guest her, I will do the work. She tells Anuradha that she is feeling that they met somewhere before….

Update Credit to: H hasan

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