Uttaran 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 2nd August 2013 Written Update

The guy is about to punch Vishnu when Akash holds his fist (yo the action hero he is after all 😉 ). A chant plays as both the ladies get up from their seats. Akash tells he looks from a good family then why is he acting like a loafer. I will explain to him (Vishnu). He turns to Vishnu and signals something to him which he acknowledges. Akash tells the waiter to remove the tables and stuff or it might be broken. He turns back towards the guy who again tries to hit him but is again warded off by Akash. The fight begins. Both the heroes beat the bad men while the ladies look on helplessly / shocked. A photographer present there is clicking the pics. One of the men gets successful in hitting Akash on the head. Meethi gapes in shock and Piya o re Piya plays. Vishnu fights off with that guy (if I recall Akash has had a lot of fights while he was trying to win Meethi then how come he is shown so weak all of a sudded). The waiters help Akash. Meanwhile the manager informs the police. Vishnu is beating the main guy who shouts at him asking if she (Meethi) is his wife. Stunning both the ladies, Vishnu replies in affirmative (and here my boy I lose interest 🙁 ). The reporter clicks more pics. He throws the guy on floor so as to apologize from Meethi. He finally apologizes calling her sister. Police arrive on scene and arrest him and his friends. Meethi looks at an unconscious Akash. She is about to touch him but stops. Mukku calls out to him as Vishnu and Meethi look on. Mukku asks someone to bring water. Akash opens his eyes and looks at Meethi. mukku suggests not telling this at home. They will get worried for no reason. Meethi agrees. It isn’t necessary to tell small things at home. Akash has a wound on his head. The photographer calls someone. The guy who got arrested was minister’s son.

At Aatishgarh haveli, Kajri brings food for Surabhi who is upset with the latest happenings. Kajri speaks for the unborn child. It isn’t at fault. Eat for the sake of the child. Surabhi is worried if anyone let the kid live. Who should I eat this for? kajri tells her not to think like that. Nothing will happen. God wont let anything happen to it. Surabhi says she can do one thing for her. give me some poison. Kajri puts her hand at her mouth telling her not to say so. Surabhi continues crying.

Next morning, Akash is cleaning. Damini (with Tappu in tow) brings tea as Jogi comes. She calls Divya as well. Jogi opens the newspaper and is shocked reading the headlines – minister’s son lost while a hubby’s love won (with Vishnu and Meethi’s photo). He reads the article and looks at the photo. He shows the paper to Divya while Tappu and Damini wonder. Divya looks at Akash who happens to be accidentally looking in their direction. Jogi gives the newspaper to Tappu. She looks at it taken aback. Akash wonders while Damini wants to know what’s written in it. She reads the article – Minister’s son lost and love won. A husband saved his wife. Jogi enquires with Tappu if she knew anything about this. She denies. Damini too doesn’t know anything. Jogi takes the paper and calls out to Meethi, Mukku & Vishnu angrily. All 3 come rushing to know what happened. Jogi looks at Akash who lowers his eyes. Jogi walks up to Akash. How did you get hurt? Akash lies. Got hurt while doing work. Jogi catches his lie. Don’t lie to me. He shows the newspaper to him. akash looks at the caption and the picture. Jogi asks for an explanation. Meethi too looks at the article and is taken aback. Mukku and Vishnu too look at it. Jogi is unhappy that they have started fighting / beating. He asks Vishnu this time. Why you hid this from me Mukta? She tells how she only declined to share or they would have got worried for no reason. meethi too calls it a small thing. jogi retorts if it would have been a small thing then it wouldn’t have gotten published in a paper. Meethi explains how the minister’s son was misbehaving with us that is why Vishnu and Akash beat him up. Divya wants to know why it is written that they both (Meethi and Vishnu) are husband and wife. Mukku blames the reporters who hype any small thing just to gain publicity. Akash isn’t liking it. Vishnu explains the situation. They printed whatever I answered. Meethi looks at Akash. He is leaving but stops. Whatever may be the reason it is wrong to call someone else’s wife your wife (looking at meethi). He is clearly upset which everyone notice. A chant begins in the background. Akash leaves from there hurt. Vishnu and Meethi look at each other awkwardly. Tappu thinks if this small article printed by mistake hurts Akash so much then what will happen if they both agree to get married (uggh wicked and I wanna kill her).

Akash storms in his room angrily / hurt. Divya’s words and the newspaper article shown by Jogi come flashing before his eyes. He also recalls what Vishnu told everyone (the guy was insistently asking about my relation with Meethi so I acknowledged her as my wife). He removes the band-aid from his wound in anger. He speaks to his own image (in the mirror). Meethi is my wife. How can someone take her name like this?


Meethi is pacing in her room. Were the problems at home less that this article turned up in newspaper! Akash enters her room. She turns and questions him about his presence here. I had told you to enter only after knocking on the door. He gets her phone for her and also holds out a chit containing the newspaper’s editor’s number. Call him and ask him to print an apology letter in tomorrow’s newspaper. She denies why should I? You felt bad then you call them up. He takes the newspaper from her. You are happy seeing your name with Vishnu? I will dial you just tell them you are my wife. She declines. I have signed divorce papers I don’t have any relation with you now. He reminds her she is his wife till the divorce takes place. I wouldn’t like this that your name gets associated….She interrupts don’t like / feel hurt right? Then I surely wont call. Let it be. She turns but he holds her hand. You will have to listen to me. A chant is playing throughout. She asks why to listen to you…with what right are you saying all this? He answers – as a husband you will have to listen. She retorts. The right is over as the relation is over. I am not a property of Akash Chatterjee which will become yours. Not at all! And yes listen to me again very carefully, I only have hate / anger for you. Do you understand? She is about to go but he pulls her close to him in kind of hug. No I don’t understand. Piya o re piya begins. Both get lot in each other’s eyes. He declines understanding anything. I only understand one thing that I love you and you love me. I wont be able to tolerate it if your name is joined with someone else even by mistake. You wont be able to go far from me even if you want to….because you are Meethi Akash Chatterjee…my Meethi. A tear escapes Akash’s eye. …who cannot be anyone else’s. You wont be able to forget me even if you want to.


She tries to break free from the embrace while he holds her all the more tightly. He says I wont leave you for life….because you love me. Their heads touch for a moment but she realizes and instantly pulls herself away. He tells her to remember she is his only….mine! She closes her eyes in pain and Akash leaves. She doesn’t see it as she is looking the other way. Walking up to the dressing table she declines she isn’t his as he has cheated her. I am not Meethi Chatterjee. She throws the stuff angrily. I don’t love you go from my life. She breaks in to tears.

Precap: Damini says Meethi too must feel this way. Would she accept Vishnu? tappu assures her she will. Did you not see today how she was taking Vishnu’s side today? I don’t know about her future but I will make her understand. Trust me. damini has full faith in her.


Update Credit to: pooja

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