Hitler Didi 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 19th March 2013 Written Update

Kabir goes to Indira and asks her if she is ok. Indira says that she just wants to ready. while Kabir takes Indira to room, Rishi snatches the paper and leaves. Kabir goes with Indira and selling her leaves to meet Rishi. Rishi asks him what he wants, he says Husna. Rishi says that she is his wife. Kabir says that since it has been 8 years , she is no more his wife. Rishi says that they will tell Indira the truth and let her choose for herself. Kabir says that Rishi is nothing t to her and that is why she has no memories of him. Rishi says that he will tell Indira the truth anyways. He goes to the room where Indira is standing by the window, her back facing Rishi. Rishi blurts everything only to find that she was fast asleep. Rishi Carries her to bed. Kabir says that he shouldn’t be doing it as Indira is Kabir’s responsibility and he will leave with her the next day. Rishi says that he won’t let that happen. Indira wakes up and asks them about their presence there. Kabir cooks up some reason and tells Rishi to leave.

Kabir tells Indira that they have to leave as soon as possible.

Radhe, vanraj and Munna get things as per their plan.

Kabir is sneaking out of SN with Indira and Babli while everyone is asleep. Indira gets a flashback of past (8 saal pehle ka) where Ishaan is asking her not to leave . Indira says it seems something is stopping her from leaving this place. Inder comes there and says that she must be leaving because he is staying at SN and so he will leave but She should stay back. Indira, then gets a flashback of Inder leaving SN for Jhumpa and Indira telling Kutumb to ask Inder not to come back to SN and then crossing her hand across the chest in trademark Hitler style.

Precap: Munna asks Inder “what happened”
Inder replies that Indira called him Inder sharma rather than uncle ji. Everyone is shocked. Rishi says that she is recalling her past.

Update Credit to: saumya

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