Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th March 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with naitik getting a call from the club which says that they got “lucky” by winning the lucky draw.. they get a free stay somewhere.. Akshara tells naitik to talk to g3.. naitik says no you ask! Akshi says no u ask, I get too scared.. Naitik starts to flirt with Akshi but akshi runs away..

Naksh and ge-rb are there. Naitik asks rb in front of g3 if he can go to the resort.. rb says yes before g3 can apologize! Duggu overhears the conversation and is very very happy as it is his first holiday with naitik..

Maheswari house.
The ladies talk about how learning things and progressing with time help them get closer to their children and grandchildren. Kaki says that yes, if she knew computers then she could spend more time with Anshu!

The trip is on a weekday. They are worried how office and house would be managed.. they cutely fight over duggu coming.. akshi says that she already promised duggu now we will have to take him!

Rj says that if dadi is learning kathak, why not she? She will learn kathak so that her grandchild will be proud of her! Vish sees her talking to herself and asks her if she is angry at him! Rj says no no.. and they laugh

Akshi is preparing duggu for his exam.. g3 comes and wishes him all the best.. they leave for school

Evening. G3 gives naitik tea, akshi hasn’t come yet.. g3 is scared about Naitik going out.. but Naitik explains her that they have to move on. Akshi comes soon..

G3 asks duggu if he is sad that his dadi can’t speak in English.. Duggu calms her down and tells her that she won him an award, did his friend’s dadi who speaks English win any award? No na, then don’t feel sad..

Akshi and Varsha talk over the phone.. Akshi talks about the trip Naitik won in the lucky draw. Varsha tells while talking that physical exams are left, only written are over.. She can’t let ananya bunk school even for a day this year!

Naitik comes home.. Duggu tells him hi! Naitik asks for Akshi.. Duggu says she is talking with varsha and starts mimicking akshi! Naitk says now bas bas, if akshi hears na then you are gone! Duggu says the girls of his class are like this only.. Duggu goes away.. naitik thinks that akshi has time for everyone except herself.

G3 and Rj talk how they have become children with their grandchildren! They decide to go for classes.. they decide to keep this a secret..

Naitik comes home early. Akshi says he came so early? Naitik says yes, he had told her that they’ll leave early but she didn’t come.. Akshi says we are going only na in 2-3 days! Naitik says not in 2-3 days, Tomo! Akshi says what? Tomorrow! Akshi says that he should have taken next week na, tomorrow won’t be possible! Naitik says next week important clients were going to come so this week.. Akshi says they have a match tomorrow! he can’t miss his school.. and they can’t go without him.. duggu is so excited for the trip.. Duggu says that he won’t feel bad! They can go.. but have to get many gifts for him..

Akshi is doing so much work!! She is all into work when naitik tells her to pack.. akshi rants how they shud have gone later, this last minute trip left her so much work and this and that.. naitik feels sad..

PRECAP: Naksh are about to go.. akshi hugs duggu. Duggu asks if she did his project.. Akshi says no.. she forgot! Naitik asks if she will sit and do his project now

Update Credit to: Stutz.

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