Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 19th March 2013 Written Update

Madhu gets the gift of Ajay and is about to return when Rahul ad ajay forces him to go along with them. After a lot of refusal games from madhu, he goes with them. Aaru is decorating the house like a bride and megz ask if she is doing it for ajay or for Rahul urf ehsaas. Aaru tells there nothing and she just wants to make her jiju’s welcome grant. She calls special band people whom she guides to play songs from old generations that are usually heard in radios.

Madhu is angry as he thinks it was Rahul and ajay’s plan to forget the gift and make madhu to bring it and ultimately to take him along with them. Rahul says it was indeed an accident and ajay coughs indicating that Rahul is lying. Rahul tells ajay that if he causes a rift between madhu and him then he will break his marriage and his legs too.
Aaru is looking at the preps and her friend asks whether the preps are for ajay or the friend who is coming with him. She tells her to handle the catering section and rest all she will manage. Just then ajay’s car arrives and aaru and everyone are so excited. Seeing the direction of the house, Rahul asks ajay if this is the way to his in-laws and tells he has come here but why? he doesn’t remember! They enter the house and ajay comes out. Aaru takes a garland and welcomes him in true indian style. He greets everyone and hugs megz. Aaru sees Rahul and takes a garland and tells she will welcome her ehsaas also in true indian style and goes to put it on him. Other side, Rahul pressurizes madhu to go out and he open the door and sends him. Aaru thinks its Rahul and puts the garland. Then she sees madhu and gets shocked.

Rahul comes out and witnesses the whole scene. Aaru apologizes to madhu and goes away as ajay calls her. Rahul is shocked that aaru is ajay’s saali. He expresses his anger to see aaru. However madhu says she is not that bad and Rahul asks why he has such soft corner for such a stubborn and mad girl. Rahul tells he won’t spoil his mood due to her and they go in. Aaru’s parents welcome everyone home and tell that the dinner is prepared by the best chefs of the city. They proceed to dinner table. Megz is serving food for ajay whole aaru sits opposite to Rahul and madhu and keeps glancing at Rahul. Madhu is nervous thinking she is looking at him. Rahul says their house looks like a yash raj set and pops out memories of their childhood with ajay. He shares an incident when they were had watched film chandini and ajay was crying coze he was missing sridevi. Other arts are in silence while music is played and they show aaru looking at Rahul and then she offers madhu some dish. He shyly takes it and looks at her while she is looking at Rahul. Finally food is over and they go to living room for dessert.

Ajay says that Rahul has told the complete bio data abt ajay and now there’s nothing left to say. So he shares about the friendship they had. How Rahul was the starter of every problem and how madhu used to run around solving them. From three of them, it was madhu who was the problem solver. From the teachers, principals, and whoever ti was, he used to save them. On the other hand, Rahul was and is very impatient guy and if he gets angry with someone, he will be angry with them forever. Whatever anyone says he won’t listen. He adds that its due to madhu he is still controlled and madhu can only control him. Aaru is listening to all this and she drops the plan to give the chocolates and saying sorry to ehsaas as she fers he will be still angry on her. She calls her friends back to her room and is very depressed. She tells them about Rahul and his anger and wonders what to do. Suddenly she remembers ajay’s words that only madhu can control his anger. She tells them that yet again she will use madhu to befriend Rahul as only he will listen to madhu. She believes that if madhu helps her, he will forgive her.

Aaru signals madhu and calls him aside and gives him the chocolates telling that she wanted to give it that day itself but he didn’t come. Madhu is hesitant but takes it. She apologizes to him and says that she didn’t mean to replace the records and she is seriously sorry. Madhu says nothing. She says that after this chocolates ad apology anyone can forgive her rite? Madhu nods and aaru is happy and leaves. Madhu hides the chocolates as he is called to leave. He keeps it along with the other gifts of ajay and leaves. Aaru hopes rahul gets the chocolates and apology message on time and forgives her.

Madhu is in radio station and checking out the chocolates given by aaru. He reads what’s written on each chocolate….
Milk chocolate- when ur happy
Dark chocolate- when ur emotional
Mint chocolate- when u want to start afresh
Special homemade chocolate- when u want to forgive someone and befriend him/her

Madhu smiles while aaru is tensed. Megz says Rahul will forgive her and if she wants to talk to him she can ask ajay. Aaru tells that it’s not needed as Rahul is a self-respected angry young man so he won’t like it. They ask how to find if ehsaas liked the chocolates. One of her friends ask her to call madhu and ask if Rahul took the gift. She calls but madhu doesn’t receive it. Rahul comes and asks if he is ready as show is to go on air soon. Aaru calls again but madhu cuts it. Rahul asks who is calling ad he says its some random person. The show starts and madhu starts talking. Other side, megz asks aaru to on the radio as they can get a hint if he got her gift.

Madhu says today’s topic is about fights and forgiveness and if anyone has any queries he can solve them. B4 that, he says that the best way to apologize to someone is by gifting them home made chocolates and start afresh as friends. Rahul is confused but aaru and others are very happy for her. She jumps in joy saying that ehsaas is not angry with her anymore.

Megz asks ajay which dupatta she should select as she is confused. Rahul says that any dupatta would work as everyone in her family are beautiful. Aaru thinks he is telling about her. Aaru chooses a wedding card and ajay says it’s the same one that Rahul liked. Aaru blushes after hearing this.

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