Hitler Didi 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 12th April 2013 Written Update

Indira tells media that she will show video proof against Rajrani in a press conference. She thanks Rajrani for making her do this. Rajrani gets very angry and breaks glass table. Rajrani asks his men to bring Indu out.

They bring Indu and news is still going on TV there. Media ask Indira whether she will sacrifice her own daughter in order to send Rajrani behind the bars. Indira answers yes. Indira says Rajrani ruin thousands of girls lives and she can’t let that happen. Indu gets angry at her and breaks the TV. Rajrani gets surprised seeing that.

At the press conference, Rishi again tries to stop Indira, but she doesn’t stop. Rishi says, I know now why your family never really loved you like their own. Indira tells him, you can doubt on me, but at least be with me and support me in this matter, I promise you that nothing will happen to Indu. Rishi turns away his face and leaves from there.

Outside, he asks Munna to help him in saving Indu as Indira won’t listen to him. Munna agrees.

Press conference starts and Indira plays the video clip. Right then, Rajrani comes there with ACP and police and all media give attention to Rajrani and video pauses.

Rajrani slowly goes to Indira and warns her that if she shows clip to everyone, then there he will make Indu dance with gungroo. Indira gets very mad. She takes off her sandal and starts beating Rajrani. Police and Rishi stop her. This time Rishi tells her that he is with her and tells her do whatever she wants to. Rajrani gets scared and reminds Rishi that Indu is still under his control. Rishi doesn’t listen.

Indira plays the video and now someone has changed the chip. In the new video, everyone welcoming Rajrani on his arrival with songs and dance. Rajrani has a relief and tells Indira that he will file case against her for doing this.

Rajrani asks Rishi to give him the chip. Indira sees it and tries to stop Rishi, but her family members don’t let her go. Rishi doesn’t give and says, Indu first. Rishi asks Rajrani to leave from there and he will see him later. Rajrani leaves.

Rishi then asks media to leave as all the drama is over. Media ask Indira, was that your proof? If you just wanted to come on TV and newspaper, then you could have said us. Why you had to do such big drama? Indira tells them that someone changed the chip, but media don’t listen to her and leave.

Indira gets angry at her family and slaps Munna’s son asking him who changed the chip. Rishi tells her, I have original chip. What will you do? Munna, her mother, and everyone give her lecture on how she doesn’t care about her own daughter and how bad mother she is who insulted and made joke her own daughter in front of everyone. Indira breaks down.

Precap: Rishi tells Indira, no one betrayed you. You betrayed yourself.. you betrayed your own daughter Indu. And as a result, you’re alone today. Rishi is leaving to give chip to Rajrani. Indira tries to stop, but once again, her family members hold her. Indira keeps screaming that even after giving chip, Indu will never be able to come back. My Indu will never be able to come back. Rishi leaves. Indira is helpless.

Update Credit to: Julia

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