Pavitra Rishta 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 12th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts in D House where DK, Arjun, Ovi and Manav are sitting together and chatting about Pari. Pari is on the lap of Manav and Manav feels happy when he sees her smiling face. Manav tells that one time there was no reason of being happy after Archana went to coma, but now he is happy as his daughter and son in law have gifted him Pari. Manav has purchased one property for Pari and he will not listen anyone if Pari’s parent does not want to take it. In the mean time Pari starts crying, but Ovi does not listen her as loose herself in some other world. Manav becomes surprised by this behaviiour of Ovi and tells her to keep Pri quiet. Ovi brings Pari to the room and starts crying by sharing her inner pain. She knows that it is not her fault and she wants apology for misbehaving with her. She also wish if Pari could have understood all of this feeling..By that time Arjun knocks, he comes and says that he wants to confess something. Ovi waits for it as Arjun gives her the anniversary gift of a saree and a watch. He wants apology as he has forgot their first wedding anniversary. Arjun tells Ovi to memorise all of the past beautiful events spent together by seeing this watch. Ovi fells sad as she expected Arjun to tell the truth.

Purvi gets ready to go to Arjun -Ovi’s anniversary function. Onir comes and sees Purvi is sad and thinking about something. Purvi thinks how to face Arjun as she will greet her and after that she will tell the truth to her. Onit tells that telling lie is easy but hiding truth is tough. Like wise, telling the truth is difficult but after that everything becomes easy. So, he supports Purvi. Guests congratulate Arjun and Ovi.

Ruchi comes out with Pari and meets with Sunny at the corridor. They both have some casual talks with each other and praise each other. Manav wants everything as perfect as it is his daughter’s anniversary. Soham comes there as one of the waiter and hears everything from distance. Teju feels bad for her mother while Sunny meets her. sunny tells that every mom is supermom as moms always want their family’s happiness. Savita also supports Sunny. In that time, Jay from DID comes there to promote Zee TV’s next reality show.

Teju makes call to Jugesh and want him to come, but Jgnesh refuses to come as he needs to go to the shop in absense of his mother. Mittal and Punni comes to the party as well and Mittal asks Punni to arrannge for a projector because he wants everyone to know about “kaali kartoor” (read crime here) to everyone. Purvi wants from Punni if she is planning for any other plans. Purvi sees Soham and wants to know if he has come to celebrate this happiness with her. Ovi realizes that Purvi was right by saying he has not taken away Arjun from her. Arjun was never Ovi’s and this has realized by her. Ovi gets angry that Purvi is hiding the truth from everyone of the family and thus she is breaching the trust.

Precap – Ovi tells everyone in the party that Pari is Arjun and Purvi’s daughter.…

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