Amita Ka Amit 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 12th April 2013 Written Update

Ammu needs to change. Amit tells her to take the saree and go change in some other bathroom. She asks why so. He says because it is his. Ammu tells him when there are so many bathrooms in the house then why cant she go in here. She tells him maybe he forgot. They are married now so it is hers too. He looks at her surprised. They continue to argue when Amit gets a call from one of their biggest client. He tells Ammu to go ahead.
She mutters he agreed as if doing some ehsaan on her. He says if not then don’t go. She says no I will and goes in the bathroom. She looks around, comes out and calls for Amit. He is busy on phone telling the same client that they have done so many frauds so he cant continue doing business with them. Ammu goes back inside.

Ria and Tina are busy painting their nails. Falguni comes with a recipe book and starts flipping the pages. Tina asks for Ammu and if Fallu is going to cook for her dearest daughter-in-law.
Nani says she is Ammu’s mother-in-law…..Ammu will for her not she. Tina gets the opportunity to insult Fallu. She asks if Amita is going to cook today. Is that so that she is checking out the recipe book. Ria and Tina laugh.
Fallu tries to negate but Ria says that the recipes in the recipe book are more tough. The one who doesn’t know how to cook must be asked to made something easy. She shares how her friend had called to ask her the recipe to make ice.
After having their share of laughter Tina again asks our Ammu will be able to cook. Won’t she bhabhi? Fallu is not sure if Ammu will be able to but says she will. Dadi asks them if they are hungry already that they are asking for food. I am waiting to see her in our ancestral saree.

Amit keeps the phone muttering against his client. Right then, Amita comes out of the bathroom wearing saree holding the pleats in her hand. He looks at her from top to toe.
She asks if he would help her. Amit gives expressions which say excuse me. Ammu goes quiet and tells him to go use the bathroom.
Amit enters inside and finds that the shower is on. He is about to trip because to the water on floor. He comes out shouting why did she waste so much water….he was about to fall. She says she dint knew which was the tap to be exact and meanwhile the water filled up.
She continues trying to drape the saree properly. He sees her and asks her if she needs help. She doesn’t answer. He goes and sits to do some work on his laptop.
He keeps turning to check on her while she continues attempting to hold the pleats right.

He says tell me what to do. She instructs him to hold the pleats from the other end so that they reach the floor. She asks him to hold it a little tightly. In his attempt to hold tightly the pleats come out. Both turn their backs to each other. She says it was better before he helped her.
He says I was helping only. I don’t come back from office and work on how to drape a saree. What was the need to wear a saree and if there was, then you should have gone to ma. Was it important to wear a saree?
Ammu says yes it is because it will make mummy ji happy. He is a little happy to hear it but leaves from there.

Fallu comes in the kitchen and asks kaka if everything is ready. He says says everything except the dal is. Tina comes in saying she only said no. I thougt Ammu will make it.
Fallu meekly smiles no. Tina asks why not. Fallu thinks if Ammu doesn’t make it good then Tina will curse her for whole life. She is about to say something when Ammu comes saying Mummy ji!
Fallu is super happy to see her in that saree though Ria and Tina are not too happy about it.
She says see my daughter-in-law is looking so beautiful in the saree. That is the reason why she dint want her to. Cooking for the first time after wedding is just ritual. She has entered in the kitchen, the ritual is done with now. she tells Amita to go rest while she makes the dinner.
All go while Ammu stays back. She thinks if she doesn’t make something for the ritual she wont feel good. She thinks what to make….she has to make something.

Rohan, Tina and Dhawala are gathered. They are discussing about the same client. He was their biggest client because of which a big deal whick could fetch them crores has gone berserk. Amit comes in asking why they called him here.
Rohan tries to counter Amit’s point of view. Tina tells him off not to speak to his elder brother like this. Amit leaves saying they wont continue working with the client as he is a fraud. He doesn’t want any more discussion on this matter.
After he leaves, all 3 agree that if Amit continues with his principles, they will be on streets soon. We need to decide soon how to take care of Amit soon. Tina says she feels after his wedding with Amita she feels it would be much easier to take him out of our way. All of them are in thinking mode.


Fallu complains to the kaka about dust everywhere. She is a cleanliness freak. When she enters the kitchen, she is taken aback as the kitchen is in a mess.
She calls out Amita! What have to done to my kitchen? I told you not to make anything then what’s all this. How did you get this spot in your saree? You know how special this saree is and you got oil stain on this. It wont go now. She reprimands kaka for not taking care of the kitchen.
Ammu says she has the habit of cooking alone. She cant concentrate when someone is around.0 she wanted to make Mohanthaal for everyone. My papa taught me how to make it. She asks her to make dal rice first.

Amit enters and asks what happened. She shares how she has ruined her saree. I knew it from the beginning. Though she has become the daughter-in-law of the house but now you will get to know how tough it is to actually become. Amit and Amita exchange glances.
Amit tells her to leave all that. Let us all go out to eat. She agrees and takes them both to the dining table. Amita leaves sad.

Fallu comes out and finds everyone eating already. She says it is the first rasoi of Amita and you all have already started eating. All praise the mohanthaal made by Ammu… is irresistible. Everyone individually compliments the same including Tina.
Dadi asks her to taste it as sweet is good for bitter people. Tina and Ria smile at each other. Fallu takes one and tastes it. Ammu waits for her opinion. Falguni looks in her direction.


Falguni smiles with pride. She says to Ammu, if you had created that mess to make this then you are pardoned. You proved that you are my daughter-in-law, right Tina? Tina reluctantly nods in agreement.
Amit’s dad tells them to make Amit taste it too. He says he will after dinner but on his father’s insistence takes one piece. Ammu waits happily. He says its is so so. Ammu’s smile fades away.
Dhawal kaka gives them their wedding gift….honeymoon package to Kashmir. Amit doesn’t like it and Ammu wonders what’s next.

Precap: Amit scolds Amita that you told your parents that you will come at 10:15 for the pag phere. You could have at least asked me once. Don’t you have manners? She retorts you don’t talk about manners please. He says what now….he has married her right. Now tell who is happy because of this marriage? Ammu says whether they are or not. They have to show everyone that they are right. Amit goes speechless.

Update Credit to: pooja

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