His Silent love – Chapter 18

Chapter -18- Give in or back off




“That.was.hot” I grinned at Chloe who came from the dance floor and grinned at us. “Ben and Chloe. You guys freaking dance spectacularly” Yuvi remarked leaning back against the wall and taking a sip from his drink.

“Ola” Theo appeared sliding beside us, “You guys liking the party till now?” I nodded giving him a thumbs again. “Honestly, it’s pretty good. You don’t have those crazily drunk teenagers or wild sex on the tables going on. It’s a great party”

I told him and he smiled triumphantly. “Have you seen Kunj?” Yuvi asks me and I raise an eyebrow at him, “Why are you asking me that? How would I know” I scoffed rolling my eyes.

“I don’t know. You guys are practically attached by hip so yeah” Maira smirked at me and I showed her the finger. “Not true at all”

“Oh. There he is” Chloe pointed at Kunj who had his arms wrapped around Melody saying something in her ear and she showed her pirahna teeth laughing wildly.

Kunj’s gaze somehow snapped towards me as if knowing I was glaring at them. I haven’t talked or came face to face with him after our argument in the mall. And that’s kinda good.

Because one more time, he even accidentally crosses the boundary line. I’ll snap his body in half.

Ouch. That’s violent.

And kinda exciting.

“I’ll be back” I muttered and walked towards the bar in the corner settling down one of the stools. “Pincer vodka, please” I mumbled at the bartender and he nodded giving me a thumbs up.

“Woah woah, sister. That’s some strong shit” Dhruv remarked settling down the on still beside me and I glared at him. “Honestly, Dhruv. Don’t you even dare talk about shit. Because you are one whole of an ass. Who’s got his shit in deep and strong shit since long” I snapped at him.

He blinked taken aback.

Wow. Weren’t those some really sensible and logical words?

Even the bartender looked on wide eyed and slowly slid the glass towards me carefully. I snatched the drink gulping it down in one go.

Damn it.

That fucking burns like hell.

“Another shot” I mumbled coughing and the bartender looked on hesitant. His gaze landing back and forth between me and Dhruv. “I said another one” I slammed a hand against the counter and he nodded hurriedly.

Why am I being harsh on this guy?

Yes, just because of my dimwit brother and that airhead Kunj.

I ordered two more and by the end of it, the affect started kicking in.

“Twinkle- you need to stop” Dhruv tried to grab my glass but I slapped his hand away. “You need to stop, you coward” I hissed at him. “You have hurt my best friend”

Dhruv’s hand stopped midway and he blinked startled at me. A frown made his way to his forehead and I could clearly see the guilt adorning his face.

“Go away” I gulped down the drink from the glass and sighed, “Fine. I’ll go” I hopped down from the stool but stumbled on my heel quickly placing a hand on the counter.

“I am fine. I am fine” I muttered and looked on as Dhruv dashed outside the doors and out of sight.

“Bitch” I mumbled at Dhruv shaking my head and gingerly stumbled towards the dance floor. I grinned eyeing a very familiar ginger guy, “Draxe” I shouted over the music tapping his shoulder and he turned around smiling.

“Twinkle” he leaned down kissing my cheek and I tried to smile but I knew it looked more like a grimace.

That felt wrong.

But why doesn’t it feels wrong when Kunj does that?

Maybe because. I don’t know…

“You look incredible” He eyed me smirking and I smiled. “Thank you. Wanna dance?” He immediately nodded taking my hand and leading me to the middle of the floor.

The song changed and Draxe smiled, “Let’s see what you’ve got” I winked at him the alcohol totally consuming my mind and pushed my self closer to him wrapping my arms around his neck.

I swayed my head along with the music with Draxe hands on my hips leading my moves. Just as the beats got faster I turned around my back pressing dangerously close with Draxe’s .

I moved my hips in a slow circular motion and Draxe tightened his arms around me his left jaw touching my neck.

I felt nauseous, feeling almost guilty and bad by his touch but my mind just swam towards Kunj and Melody. Kissing each other all the time.

I closed my eyes shut trying to pour out my frustration through the dancing. “Do you wanna get out of here?” Draxe whispered and my eyes snapped opened at his words.

That was a mistake because the moment I opened my eyes, I met Kunj’s hard and infuriated gaze.

So what?

I told him to stop shoving his ass around in my life. Else he better be ready to receive those hundred degree glowing knives.

He walked towards us with an extremely calm look on his face but I could see the truth behind it.

I smirked wrapping my arms around Draxe’s neck from behind and moved my body. Kunj stopped right in front of us and I looked around at the teenagers drunk like me dancing.

“If you don’t want me to chop your balls by hundred degree glowing knives” Kunj told Draxe glaring at him, “hands.off.her” he seethed and I could almost see Draxe smirk through his words, “Why? I don’t find her having a problem. Twinkle?”

“Nope. Not all. In fact, I am perfectly happy over h-here” I stammered in the end feeling Draxe push himself more against me.

It’s coming.

Not the word vomit. But the real one.

“Twinkle. Come with me an-“ Before Kunj could finish I half bent down throwing up and felt Draxe push me away forcefully, “The Fuck” I could hear Draxe curse but I couldn’t care less.

“Hey. It’s okay” I felt a very familiar hand rubbing my back with one hand and the other holding up my hair pulling it to the side. “It’s alright. Take a deep breath” Kunj helped me and I coughed nodding.

Kunj wrapped one arm around my waist pulling me close and helped me out of the crowd.

Phew. Every one was busy in their own and most of them wouldn’t care anyway that someone threw up.

I took a deep breath once we were outside in the front yard away from all the crowd but I could still hear the music blaring through the speakers.

“Here” Kunj passed me a water bottle and helped me settle on the bench.

We sat there in silence. My mind still buzzing with every thing that’s been happening today. And moreover, the alcohol isn’t even helping.

“Feeling better?” Kunj asks turning around to face and shifted closer. I gave him a small nod playing with the bottle. “Twinkle” he called out and I hummed in response.

“Who’s peaches I have to kick?” he shifted closer placing a hand on my cheek stroking it lightly. “What?” I asked unable to concentrate because of his hand that felt almost painfully soothing.

“Something’s wrong, right?” he asks whispering, “You never drink. This was your first” I unconsciously bit my lip at his words and his gaze snapped towards my lips.

“Everyone here is so fucked up” I pouted my lips whispering back. His gaze snapped back on my lips and he leaned in. His nose touching mine way too dangerously.

“I know right” He mumbled stroking his thumb along the curve of my cheek, “It’s because of me right?”

“Yes” I muttered closing my eyes, “You. Everyone else. You confuse me a lot Kunj” I frowned, “And you probably are on top of ‘assholes’ list in the world”

I shoved him back glaring at him, “I, Twinkle Taneja, declare that I hate you from the core of my heart wholeheartedly” I pointed at my chest standing up but stumbled only to be held back by him.

“Don’t do this” I mumbled resting my head against his chest, “It’s infuriating and saddening. Just back off or give in”

“Backing off is hard” He sighed, his hand stroking my hair, “But giving in is way more harder”

I felt my chest tighten at his words and I groaned mentally feeling my eyes moisten at his words.

Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

“You know what” I cried out frustrated and pushed him away with all force I could muster. “I don’t fucking care. You aren’t the last guy breathing around. All these fucking stupid jumbled up feelings I have for you. It.will.go.away”

I seethed and was about fall back again but someone wrapped their arms around. “Let’s get you back to your room” I heard Theo’s voice from behind me.

I gave Kunj a final glance but all I got was an expressionless look back.


This is the end of whatever we had.


Helloooo ?

I shouldn’t be smiling right? After all, Kunj and Twinkle just fought?

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