Mehrya My version Part 81

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Part 81 21/05/2018

Next day Shaurya, Mehak and Nehal went to a boutique to pick some outfit for Rahul’s wedding. Mehak keep choosing simple ones but Shaurya and Nehal chose a grand and modern ones. Shaurya give her few to try and ask her to go and try but she as usual refuse saying it looks so grand and saying it’s not her wedding, Shaurya placed his index finger on her lip and said you have talked enough and I have listened enough now go and try this and come. He give her yellow floral lehnga choli with yellow skirt. He also took similar color sherwani and went to the next fitting room. Mehak started to try her clothes. Shaurya from next door called her Mehak all okay? She replied okay for now, he teased her if you need any help baby call me, Mehak replied Shaurya do you have any shame we are in boutique and you are openly talking like this, behave yourself. He chuckled as he buttoned his sherwani. He came out and waited for Mehak to come out, after 5 minutes he called her asking what is taking her so long at home also she takes time, here also same. She didn’t reply he called her again she hmmm Shaurya. He asked what happen. She ask can he call Nehal, he look around and Nehal not somewhere near, he said she is not here. Why what happen, she slowly replied the hook is very low and can’t reach need help, he smiled and asked her to open the door and he will help. She didn’t reply he knows she must be blushing and he ask her to open the door, she reluctantly unlock the door, Shaurya enters Mehak facing the mirror her head was down, her hair was covering her back. He gently push her hair to the side and fix the hook and tie the dory for her. She looked at him through her eyelid he sees her expression on the mirror and enveloped her and takes a deep breathe. My very shy, obedient, beautiful, s*xy wife we are married but you are always shy like as if we are just married. What am I going to do with you? Nehal called from outside di are you done? Mehak quickly push Shaurya and opens the door come out, Shaurya came out following her. Nehal’s eye opens in bewilderment she whispered to Mehak di, you too are romancing even in fitting room ah? Mehak pinched her Shaurya amused seeing it and he said it was nothing she was looking for you and you were busy so I helped her. The boutique assistant suggested on some accessories. Nehal in the meantime picked a few dresses for Shaurya and Mehak for other functions. After completed the shopping they went to have the meal at restaurant and completed few more purchasing they dropped Nehal back and goes back home. On the way back home Shaurya sing along with the song played in radio. Mehak smiled and asked seems like you are in jolly mood today. He replied of course after such a long time we went shopping like last time and we had good time aren’t you happy like me, she pulled his cheek yes I had good time patidev. They reached home and Dolly maasi ask how was shopping and all. Mehak excitedly explain what they bought and all, maasi ask them to refresh and join for dinner. Shaurya went up, Mehak told her maasi quite tired we will eat later and excuse herself to upstairs. She went to her room and saw Shaurya removed his coat lay it on the bed and busy talking on the phone at balcony, seeing he was busy she went to freshen up and she saw him sitting at the study table as he rolled up his sleeves and busy typing. Mehak brushed her hair and sat on the bed as she play with her mobile. Shaurya pause for a while and went to washroom he comes out and ask Mehak for some fruit salad she asked him to wait for a while as she is midst of completing this level, he keep calling her Mehak, I am hungry, she didn’t bother him but replied him for a while Shaurya almost done I will go, he was annoyed as she too engrossed in her game and not paying attention to him so he went to washroom in frustration to freshen up, Mehak almost finish the game when he came out he walked straight to her and snatch the mobile from her and raise it higher, Mehak jumped to snatch the mobile from him but due to his height she couldn’t get the mobile from him, he asked her for his salad first then only he will pass the mobile, Mehak pouted at him angrily and left the room to prepare his salad.  Shaurya chuckled seeing her cute expression put the mobile away and continue to check his work on laptop, he was writing something in his notebook when Mehak came into the room and offered him the salad bowl, he didn’t react and ask him just now you wanted salad now your salad is here you are not eating it, he didn’t look at her and ask her to feed him as he is busy. Mehak sat on the armrest on the chair and feed him, he was still busy, seeing he like that Mehak thought of do something, and she inserted the empty fork into his mouth, sensing there was nothing except fork in his mouth he quickly turned and raised him eyebrow at her, she cheekily replied him in the same manner. He pulled her by her waist and she fell on his lap, he inhaled her scent and asked what happen, angry because I stop your game is it? She replied no patidev, you are so busy checking all these work and didn’t even look at me once, that’s why I want you to know that I am here. Shaurya naughtily nuzzled her hair and his nose tip move to her ears and replied in husky voice I know you are here only, just some work need to finish, we are going to Udaipur next week so I want to spend lots of time with you, that’s why I didn’t see you, he finished saying that as he tuck her behind her ears. Mehak replied okay I know you are busy at least eat properly and she feed him the salad. He finished his food as Mehak fed him then she wiped his mouth and gets up from his lap so he can continue his work.

It was hectic days for both as Shaurya finishing his proposals. Some business he acquired all been sealed in proper agreements. Mehak worked together with the chef manage to come out with good menu. Since the order for home delivery and small size caterings has increased they hired additional chefs to assist in kitchen. Mehak works along with Priya do some amendments as well. In the meantime Mehak manage to make Vicky as independent and able to manage the White chilies well. At night Mehak busy packed for their Udaipur trip, she was searching for her matching accessories and set her mobile in video call to Nehal as she pack asking is this nice for this outfit and she packed her stuff. As she packing, she heard Shaurya coming in so she tell them bye and hang up. He walked in and saw her busy packing, Mehak like a child show herself holding a pair of earring and asked Shaurya is this matching with this dress he didn’t reply her but he frowned and his forehead joined together and he rub his forehead and temple. Mehak looked at his uneasiness and asked with concern what happen Shaurya, he said nothing I am fine. She rub his forehead and asked what happen just then Vicky interrupted them, bhaiya bhabhi I have booked tickets for the new movie, let’s all go , your flight tomorrow afternoon right come lets go now after watch movie we will go for dinner as well. Mehak gets excited and jumps okay Vicky let me clean up all these and please inform Maa, papa and maasi lets go. Shaurya went to sit on the bed. Mehak excitingly went along with Vicky ignoring Shaurya at room to maa and papa to ask them get ready for the movie outing.

Maasi excitingly asked what movie is it and Vicky replied is the latest Aliaa Bhatt movie its must watch and they all busy chit chatting , Shaurya from upstairs called Mehak, hearing his tension voice , Mehak asked them get ready and rush to upstairs to check on Shaurya he leans on the headboard and closed his eyes. Mehak went near him and asked what happen Shaurya? Are you okay? He takes a deep breath and said I am having light headache as he furrow his eyebrow Mehak rushed to the her bedside table and takes a balm and went to him she sat next to him as she took some balm out and massage on his temple and rub gently he kept his eyes closed as she works with her magic fingers on his forehead. Vicky and Karuna maa came there, Karuna maa asked what happen Shaurie? Are you okay, Mehak quickly replied he is having headache maa, I am applying balm for him. Vicky asked how about movie bhabhi, Shaurya ask her to go along with them and he will rest at home, Mehak shakes her head and said I am not going anywhere I will be here to take care of you. Karuna maa quickly replied beta you go with them let me take care of Shaurya, you wanted to watch movie right? Mehak asked them to go and enjoy the movie first as she will be with him and take care of him they can watch the movie another time as well. The rest of the family left home. Mehak made him to lie down on the bed and went down to prepare some kada for his headache. She was busy mashing the spices in mortar and pestle. Shaurya leaning on the fridge watching her. As she put a pot on the stove and lit it up and add some water she started to add in the spices for making kada in. Shaurya caged her at the kitchen stove, Mehak jumped in shocked, she asked him when did he came here and isn’t he supposed to rest at bed. He nuzzled her hair and said when my medicine is here I can’t rest on the bed. Mehak nudged him with her elbow. He turned off the stove, she again looked at him in surprise asking him why are you behaving like this and why you off the stove , you must drink this kada your headache will be gone. He smiled wickedly at her as his hand wrapped around her abdomen tightly he asked don’t you remember anything? Mehak lift her head up and looked into his eyes, she shakes her head and said so you lied saying having headache, why did you do like this? Now you see we missed movie time with our family. He shushed her and ask her to think what she has forgotten. Mehak resting her head in between his neck and shoulder saying what did I forgot today, she work her brain out and she say got it he asked what, she replied him I forgot to give the juice in the morning to bring down BP for papa. Shaurya annoyed at her reply no not that. Mehak thinks carefully and said in excitement I forgot to email the new menu to Priya. He gets irritated and pinch her at her forearm. She yelped in pain as he asked is this very important. I cannot remember anything Shaurya give me some clue. He pull her from the current position and he lean on the kitchen counter. Last year you did so much and now you forgot everything, Okay let me tell you a story, there was a prince charming who is very handsome, arrogant, and lots of attitude type just like me. Then there was a girl who is cute, so beautiful and so s*xy just like you. They fought compete with each other than fall in love madly and married, they had lots of ups and downs but they didn’t give up on each other because they are madly in love. So today is the prince’s birthday and his princess forgot about it and didn’t wish see how bad is she. Mehak closed her eyes tightly as she hissed she opens and Shaurya has turned her to face him, he rested his arms on her lower hip she quickly hugged him tightly and wished him happy birthday Shaurya and she planted a kiss on his cheek. So sorry baba she pulled her ears she felt so bad. I didn’t see the date at all and forgot about it. Sorry baba so sorry, how could I forgot this. You never forgot anything about mine, Shaurya loved to see her cute face with that guilty expression, he rested his arms on her shoulder and said it’s okay baby she quickly jumped to give him a kiss on his forehead. Mehak excitedly asked so tell me what can I do now, I will prepare for you your favorite dish. He slides his hand on her hair and holds her by her neck said my favorite dish is Mehak Makhan Masala, Mehak jaw dropped hearing it and she fluttered her eyes and she pushed him saying all these kind of talk I wonder where did you learn Shaurya, you are becoming too naughty. She pushed him away and run from the kitchen he follows after her as they were stunned to see the entire family is at the living area. Mehak and Shaurya asked when they all came back didn’t they went for movie. Maasi came to them yes we were in the car going for the movie till we realize today is your birthday didi realize it in the car and asked Vicky to come back home to see you. But when we came here we see you playing chasing with your wife, Shaurya side hugged Mehak. Karuna maa and Papa hugged Shaurya and wished him happy birthday beta, we wish you happiness and good health always. Vicky came with a cake and balloon in hand. Bhaiya you never cut cake before hopefully you don’t mind cutting this one with us. He looked at Mehak, she signed him to cut the cake. He smiled as okay, Vicky put the cake on the table as they sing happy birthday song and he blows the candle and cut. He took a piece to feed Karuna maa and papa. Later he feed Mehak and she feed him as well.

The evening was well spent with family and mini celebration among the family. Mehak at evening completed packing for their Udaipur trip. She saw Shaurya sat on the daybed looking kind of loss, she asked is it about maa you are thinking. He didn’t respond, she cupped his face as she kneel on the floor, she is with us Shaurya at the sky as a star watching and happy for you. Don’t think too much, I am happy today you celebrated your birthday with all. You started to put others happiness forward and your anger behind. He pulled her palm to his lips and planted a kiss in it, it’s all I learn from you, and you changed me into a man with love. Mehak the moment I saw you battling for your life in the accident I have told myself that I will never lose my temper and anger on anyone I promised myself that providing you all the happiness in the world will be my utmost responsible. To see your smile in this face as he rub his thumb on her cheek, Mehak rest her head on his palm and I Love you Shaurya. He replied I love you more.

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  1. Hi haseenah, loved the update and there is so much positive in mehrya life. It’s so refreshing especially when all negative things are happening in ZKM. Hope ur pain is reduced and ur doing good. Post next update soon once ur fine.

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya thank you dear I am quite okay now just some arm positioning I cant move much but if I sit in my system and do my work is fine. yes dear the current track is so loving at first and with constant villains entry the story has lost the charm. I am avid mehrya/kasam lover. So thats why I started to write my own ff. I was reluctant to post them for many months till one day I told myself I will try if this doesnt work I will stop but many liked and ask me to continue and even some asked me to post to other sites as well. Will continue post the following soon as work load is quite tied for me thank you dear have a nice day

  2. Hi haseenah, very nice update and there is so much positive in mehrya life. It’s so refreshing especially when all negative things are happening in ZKM. Hope ur pain is reduced and ur doing good. Post next update soon once ur fine.

  3. Hi haseenah, very nice part. It’s so refreshing to read positive in mehrya life especially when there’s so much of negativity in Current track of ZKM. Post next update soon. U take care of ur health ??

  4. Hi dear
    How r u ? Hopefully u will be better now
    Coming to episode
    It was so amazing
    Mehrya as always were so awesome??
    In real ZKM there is so much negativity that it has lost its charm. It used to be one of the best show but know they have ruined it
    Shaurya celebrating his birthday..???
    All the family moments are so fun??
    Excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Get well soon
    Stay blessed???

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Cindy fr the feedback i totally agree with u as Zkm shw has lost its charm with constant negative entrance. Will continue soon dear. Still busy at work n now Roza too.take care hv fun

  5. Hiii Haseenah…how r u ? It was awesm update…I luved how Shaurya celebrated his bday with all…n excited for their Udaipur trip….I m very sad for ZKM’s current track but excited for new avatar n luv story of MEHRYA…..ur ff made my day…. update nxt one soon…

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali tq fr the feedback dear. Yes lets wait fr the new track to start n see some good story. I am happy u like my ff. Will update soo on Udaipur trip. Have a nice day ahead

  6. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah….
    Sorry for late comment but I was busy in some office work…..I read ur ff now….I m so happy that there r also some people who could imagine +vity in MEHRYA’s life…..I was sad as they died but I would enjoy Mehak’s Dhakad avatar….back to ur FF….I luved it so much… Shaurya is Shaurya he always find a new way to romance….when I was reading ur ff….the smile of my face seems as if it is pasted by some hard glue n it will not go easily….. upload nxt part after u feel good….

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi dear thank you for the feedback dear. I am glad that I made you smile and happy. Your comment also makes me happy. Will try to upload soon have fun and blessed day at work

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