Chandrakanta (Colors) 20th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Iravathi gathers her soul parts to kill Chandrakanta

Chandrakanta (Colors) 20th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gehna telling Iravathi that she will kill Veer’s baby in Chandrakanta’s womb. Bhadramaa calls her snake in sleeves. Gehna tells her that the lep is having poison in it.. Iravathi takes lep bowl in her hand using magic. Bhadramaa asks Gehna to let her apply lep and see, Iravathi makes Chandrakanta falls. Chandrakanta says Vande Vishnu. Iravathi says nobody can save her today. Veer is captive by her men. Iravathi applies lep to Chandrakanta to kill her baby and feels her hand turning red and disappears. Veer comes to Chandrakanta and tells Maa is gone. She worries for her baby. Bhadraamaa tells that baby is fine and her heart beating. People gather in the palace and cheers for Chandrakanta. Veer says she has fulfilled her promise. A woman comes and says she wants to talk to Maharani. Tej says I will give your message to her, but woman insists to speak to her. Chandrakanta hears her and asks Gehna to call her. Woman comes inside and tells Chandrakanta that Iravathi is not dead, but destroyed. Chandrakanta says Iravathi is dead. Woman says she isn’t dead. She says Iravathi had touched your baby when she was applying lep and that’s why she was destroyed. She tells that only your baby can kill Iravathi and not you. Chandrakanta asks her to do something and protect her baby. Woman gives her something and says it will be opened when right times comes. She asks her to search Iravathi.

Iravathi’s soul is in Hirnasur’s place. Tej tells that someone is killing ek singha. Bhadramaa reads that ek Singha can make dead people alive and they are hidden in dense forest. Chandrakanta says Iravathi is alive and back. She asks Veer to come with her and says we will live a hidden life. Veer says where we will go? He says Maa will kill everyone if she doesn’t see us. He says my Chandrakanta can’t leave her Praja and is not scared. He says you will fight and win. Tej says we shall stop her. Veer says we have to find out how she will return. Bhadramaa says I was close to her, but not more. Chandrakanta says who is killing ek Singha for Iravathi and asks who can make her alive. She says we shall search for the answers here. Chandrakanta thinks what to do? She opens her eyes and sees tilismi knife. Woman comes and tells that some black powers have attacked us. Chandrakanta gets tensed. Evil power attacks the People. Chandrakanta tells Veer that iravathi is back.

Iravathi’s soul appears in front of them. Veer asks her to stop and says you can’t attack Chandrakanta. Iravathi says what you will do to stop me. Chandrakanta gets tilsmi knife and attacks her soul, but nothing happens to Iravathi. Iravathi says who will save you knife. Suddenly Knife touches its cover and Iravathi shouts and vanishes. They go to the old woman. She tells them that Iravathi had hidden her soul parts in various places. She says she had kept it in the cover also.. She asks them to find out about the other places. Veer reminisces about his childhood and comes to temple. He says Iravathi had killed my parents and asks why did she do this. Bhadramaa tells him that Iravathi used him like a shield, but her relation can’t be broken. She says if iravathi comes here by uniting her soul parts then nobody can stop her from killing Chandrakanta and her family. She says she is sure that Vishnu ji will help them. Iravathi asks Hirnasur to find her parts. Hirnasur’s man tells that she is dead.

Snake comes and kills the man. Iravathi asks them to regard her as their rani. They cheer for her. Woman tells Chandrakanta about her grand mum who was a ruler. She tells that they have to search for the soul parts. Iravathi says I don’t have time and asks Hirnasur to take her out of the cave. Hirnasur says we shall take all asurs. She says I don’t believe anyone and asks him to take her. Bhadramaa tells chandrakanta that asurs might be helping Iravathi. Hirnasur takes Iravathi out. She scolds him saying he don’t know how to handle half woman. She asks Hirnasur to get her part of her soul from the banyan tree’s branches. Branches hold his feet. Iravathi burns the tree and asks Hirnasur to get her part from it. He takes it out and throws on her. She gets her hands.

Iravathi tells that she has hidden her soul parts in 7 different places which are important to her. Veer and Chandrakanta determine to search her soul parts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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