His silent love – Chapter 17

Chapter – 17 – Parties and melodrama


Twinkle (POV)


“Theo” I called out and he turned raising an eyebrow at me. “Umm..Nothing..Nothing. Go back to what you were doing” I shook my head at him and he gave me a bored look.

“Just spill” He settled on the bean bag in the basement and I sighed nodding reluctantly. “Okay. I’ll go straight to the point” I breathed out a small laugh, “Is Kunj in love with Melody?”

Theo furrowed his eyebrows leaning back, “In love?” He muttered and then in seconds, he was literally rolling on the floor laughing his ass off.

“Apart from being fuck buddies” Theo continued, sobering up a bit and I scrunched up my nose in disgust, “I don’t think there’s something serious. Neither will it be” he rolled his eyes muttering the last part.

“Why would Kunj flirt with me then all the time?” I blurt out and he raised an eyebrow at me smirking. “I thought you’d never notice” he responded and I flicked his forehead, “You are an airhead. Besides, it’s not hard to tell when Kunj is flirting. He does that all the time”

“Nah” Theo chuckled, “That’s only around you, sweetheart”

“Oh please” I scoffed out loud, “I don’t get what he’s trying to do. One moment, he enters out of nowhere telling me he’s gonna protect me. Next, he flirts with me. Then he ignores me like nothing happened and that shitass kinda took my first kiss. I was-“

“Stop” Theo looked at me wide eyed, “You guys kissed? Scratch that. You have never been kissed?” he questions boggled and I rolled my eyes, “No big deal”

“It wasn’t kiss. Just a peck” I could feel the heat rising up to my cheeks, “But don’t tell this to anyone. I just blurted that out to you”

“No promises” he grinned at me.

“I kinda feel bad I guess. Sometimes” I lower my voice playing with the hem of my shirt, “I thought we guys were having something special. Or maybe kinda processing to become friends. He opened up for a moment in front of me. But then I feel like he regrets about sharing anything personal”

“Are you beginning to like Kunj?” Theo mumbled eyeing me suspiciously. “Is that bad?” I retorted and he shook his head, “Don’t answer my question with yours”

“It’s not bad” He muttered rubbing his temples, “Just think about it before looking for something serious”

“Why do you always say that? Think about before looking for something serious?” I furrowed my eyebrows looking utterly confused and he sighed, “You’ll have to ask Kunj about that”

“Ugh” I groaned glaring at him, “Never mind. I don’t wanna bother myself talking to that butthead” I gestured my hand in a dismissing wave.

“Why not talk to him?” I looked up at Theo who had a genuinely concerned look on his face. “Don’t be sorry. Nothing I can’t handle” I smiled tapping his shoulder.

“Wow” Theo mumbled after a few minutes, “A month and we become this close” He gestured his hand in between us and I smiled, “I know right. Honestly, I trust you the way I trust my friends. So, welcome to the family dipshit”

He chuckled and gave me a side hug before getting up, “Alright. Enough of this melodrama” he grabbed my hand pulling me up too, “We are gonna make you like a bombass in my party . Every guy would be swooning over you”

“I think I’m fine” even my voice sounded reluctant into not agreeing. “Why does it sounds like you are interested too?” He questions smirking and I sighed giving up.

“Fine” I chuckled, “But you better kiss the ground I walk on”




“Can I kiss you all three” Theo mumbled beaming at me and I rolled my eyes pushing him but smiled. “Because you three look fucking incredible” He murmured whistling.


Twinkle dress;


Maira’s dress;


Chloe’s dress;



I smirked, “Of course. Our make up artist is incredible”

“And that’s me” Ben appeared from the washroom, his demeanour changing as he saw Theo. I nodded smiling because surprisingly, Ben is blessed with the art in his hands and does the best make up ever.

“That’s am-amazing” Theo cleared his throat wandering his eyes around the room and I could see the awkwardness trailing between these two.

“Theo” Maira called out from near the window, “Here they come. Your house is gonna be trashed with ‘sweaty, horny, sex deprived teenagers’ soon”

Theo grinned, “Babe, you have never been to my parties. That’s why. Because they are the most entertaining ones”

“You thickhead” Maira turned around crossing her arms, “I have literally lived my whole life with you and Jacob wandering around us. So, I know what your definition of a entertainment is. Teenagers having sex in the pool, grinding on the dance floor etc”

Everyone of us laughed and Theo turned bright red sweeping his gaze past everyone. But why did it seem to me that he was secretly avoiding Ben’s gaze.

And why the heck is Ben looking so intently and with a hint of frustration at Theo?

Am I just hallucinating?

Ben’s gaze snapped towards me and he realized that I saw him staring. ‘We need to talk later on’ I mouthed to him before Chloe appeared fully ready.

“Let’s get this party started” I heard Dhruv’s voice from downstairs and went with the rest of them.



“Enjoying the party so far?” I looked up at Jacob and Maira coming towards me, Chloe and Dhruv. “Yup” Dhruv took a sip from his drink nodding enthusiastically.

“Hey hey love birds” Chloe grinned at them clicking their pictures. “Do you guys know what’s the new hottest rumour circulating these days at your school?” Dhruv asked smirking at them and they shook their head.

“Jacob Charles; the overly exaggerated handsome guy with a crooked nose and the loner with anger management issues Maira Sarna are dating”

“I don’t have a crooked nose”

“I am not a loner”

Maira and Jacob both protested at the same time and I smirked.

“Dhruv?” We averted our attention to the person who called him and I groaned internally. “It’s been years. How have you been?” I glanced at Dhruv who visibly shuddered eyeing Melody.

Melody walked towards us wrapping her arms around Dhruv and I gagged making Jacob and Chloe laugh while Maira was trying not to murder her.

“Uh yeah” Dhruv patted her back awkwardly. “Oh. How I missed you” She gave her sickening laugh and I rolled my eyes.

“Trust me. I still can’t believe it’s been almost two years since you have left school” She pouted her lips and learned against him.

What the hell?

“Melody” Dhruv shifted uncomfortably pushing her back gently, “We just made out once. Why are you being so clingy?”

I suppressed a laugh a Maira and Jacob couldn’t hide their amusement. “I wasn’t aware of this an-“ I leaned in to talk to Chloe but furrowed my eyebrows in confusion eyeing her very irritated and frustrated expression.

“Chloe? You okay?” I tapped her shoulder and she snapped her gaze away from Dhruv and Melody nodding. “Y-yeah. I just need some fresh air” she muttered glancing at them once again and disappearing outside.

I looked out Dhruv who quickly averted his gaze to Chloe who was walking towards the front yard and gave a defeated sigh.

Am I the only one noticing people behave awkwardly today?

It’s just that you are awkward yourself so yeah….

Passing by people dancing, chatting or basically making out, I made my out towards the front yard.

“Chloe. Damn it. Wait” I grumbled trying to catch up with her. She stopped leaning against the walls and slid down sighing out loud.

I silently took a seat beside her mot wanting to push her and waited until she decided to open up. Or maybe not so I decided to get up before she held my hand pulling me down.

“I am not naive” She mumbled playing with her fingers, “Yes, I know. I know Nat likes me” she took in a sharp breath and I gaped at her. “Then why did you..”

“It might be shocking for you” she breathed out a nervous laugh almost sounding way to heartbreaking. “I have always been in love” she closed her eyes shut and I looked on boggled.

“Why didn’t you ever told us?” I mumbled and she looked down at her lap her shoulders slacking, “Way too complicated”

“Who’s that…person?” I hesitated, already kinda knowing the answer and she finally looked at me.


I snapped my gaze away from her staring ahead and squeezed my eyes shut. “All along it’s just been him. I tried to act oblivious regarding Nat. Thinking he might get over it”

“Trust me, Twinkle” my heart broke at how much vulnerable and broken her voice sounded, “It hurts so bad knowing I’d have to hurt Nat in the end. He’s my best friend; almost close to brother”

“Please say something” She mumbled taking my hand and I looked up at her, my heart clenching at the tears in her eyes.

“You and Dhruv…” I cleared my throat, “Are together? In a relationship?”

“No” she breathed out a sarcastic laugh almost too painful, “No. No. He’s a fucking coward” she shook her head.

“We slept together” She muttered lowering her gaze. “I am not ashamed I did it. Remember last year in summer, after his birthday party”

I nodded unable to comprehend all of this.

“The next morning, he fucking told me it was nothing. Nothing.” Her voice laced with abhorrence, “But I knew it. I could see it on his face. He was scared. He slept with someone so much younger than him, his little sister’s best friend. And many more things”

And that’s when I lost it.

“All along” I stood up frustrated, “So much’s been happening in your life. And you never told me and Maira? You have been keeping things in your head the all time? How did your mind not explode already?”

She blinked taken aback, “You are not mad by every thing I told you? But you are mad because I have been keeping way too many things with me and eventually that would make me mad?”

“Yes” I groaned, “You are a sister to me, Chloe. I care for you as much as I care for Dhruv. I would have never supported my brother in this case”

“I know” she mumbled weakly wiping the stray tears on her cheek. “Honestly, it’s been so hard handling all of this. Getting to see Dhruv these days, how he constantly would flirt with other girls and I don’t even know if he ever felt the same about me. And then Nat”

My heart clenched at how broken she sounded and I pulled her in a tight hug. “Don’t worry, Chloe. We are always with you. Everything would be okay”

“You sound so weird comforting people” she chuckled sniffing and pulled back while I hit her arm. “Bitch. Here I am trying to soothe your wounds and you are taunting me”

“Let’s go back. Shall we?” I ask and she nodded retouching her make up. “Twinkle”

“Yeah?” I looked up from my phone. “You know I would never use Nat to make Dhruv jealous, right?”

“You didn’t even had to assure me about that” I smiled at her, “Dhruv doesn’t freaking gets he’s missing on a precious gem with a golden heart” I pointed at her and she shrugged.

What a mess this is.

I am stuck in between my brother and best friends.

Help me, Mulan.


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