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Shivaay and Annika are best friends since childhood.

Shivaay,I’m asking you to wake up for the last time” shouted Annika heading into Shivaay’s room

Annika,please two more minute”said Shivaay in a sleepy voice

I swear I’ll do something which you really wont like.Its my birthday today dammit.And you are sleeping.Ohh god what kind of friend is he..!!”said Annika in a little anger tone

Stop your drama Annika.I’ve already wished you @12 n,what else you want.?I was awake at that time just for you.”Shivaay justified himself with innocence

“Happy b’day Annika” this is what you’ve texted me like seriously?Are you my best friend or what.?I want a surprise.!Did you listen.?Shivaaay”said Annika in a demanding tone

Its enough now,you are not going to wake up?right.?Fine..!Now whatever will happen,dont you dare to blame me.!!”said Annika while leaving the room

After few minutes she came silently,moved towards Shivaay’s bed and pulled his duvet slowly.And then that evil smirk on her face.She put a fake lizard on Shivaay’s hand as she’s well aware of the fact that how much Shivaay scares of lizards.
And now the action time 1,2 and 3

Shivaaaaayyyyy tere bed pe chipkali “she screamed as loud as she can

And in no time Shivaay was out of the bed,running in the room messing up everything..

How it came here…
Oh god please save me…!

And here Miss Annika laughing like maniac holding her stomach..

It was a prank,isnt it.?”asked Shivaay glaring her

Yes it was,so.? Stop getting mad and go and freshen up,meet me downstairs.”Annika said it in one go and ran from there as she knew if she came in Shivaay’s hold then…….

Youuuu….Just wait…”shouted Shivaay but it was too late,she has already left the room

Stupid girl…Ugggh….I am not going to give her any surprise after all this…I wont leave her.”Shivaay kept on ranting and entered the bathroom to have a shower


You’ve planned all this..??I still have a doubt.!”said Annika inspecting the venue and its decoration

The place was completely decorated with red and white roses as Shivaay knows how much she loves them.Black party theme,her favourite people,perfect chocolate cake and a gift which was waiting for her.It was all perfect,everything that she loves.!

Really..?No I havent done all this.Remember that lizard.?He has planned all this.Dont forget to thank him.”said Shivaay faking anger

Ok.I’ll contact him soon.”said Annika

And then both of them burst into laughter

Hey Shivaay,thank you so much for everything.You are really really special to me.Thank you for being in my life.”Annika expressed herself with tears in her eyes

Thank you!Thank you.Now stop crying ok otherwise you’ll look horrible in ruined make up.”chuckled Shivaay

Shivaay.”said Annika playfully hitting his shoulder

They reached the main hall where everything was organised.As they entered there,everyone in the hall started singing

Happy b’day to you,Happy b’day to you,Happy b’day dear Annika,Happy b’day to you..!”

She thanked everyone,hugging the closed ones and moved ahead to cut the cake.

Wait Annika,first blow the candle and make a wish.”said Shivaay making her realise her mistake

Oops”said Annika making a cute pout

Annika closed her eyes

God you na how much I LOVE SHIVAAY.I dont know about his feelings but I’ll find out that soon and will propose him only if he feels the same for me.So god please the way I feel for him,hope he also feels for me,otherwise I’ll never propose him.I dont want to loose my best friend.”

She opens her eyes,blow the candle followed by a round of applause and then cut the cake.She first fed the cake to Shivaay and few close friends.Shivaay did the same.

Ok Annika,wait a minute I’m coming.”said Shivaay leaving the place

Hey,but where.?”she questioned him

Your gift dumbo.”shivaay said with a smile

Gift too..yeah.”Annika exclaimed in excitement

And after a while all lights get off and a projector was started and a video started to play.



Hey Annika,so its your b’day hmmm,..I was thinking what to gift you as I’ve already gifted you everything.Now stop praising me,I know I’m amazing.
So here is your gift.
Ha ha ha its me again,so excited ?
Ok here is your gift.

For a moment screen got blanked and then SRK was there in video to wish her.Shivaay has especially planned this for Annika as he knew how crazy is she about SRK


Hey Annika,wishing you an amazing birthday.Shine and sparkle always.Have a fabulous life ahead.


You are alive n?
Once again Happy b’day my everything.Love you.(friendly one)


And here the b’day girl was standing with a big ear to ear smile.Shivaay came from behind.

So liked the gift.?”he asked

Loved it.”She said engulfing him in a tight hug


Everyone was enjoying the party.Annika was talking to her friend but her eyes were searching for Shivay and here he was,with a girl,wait,but who’s she.. !!Annika excused herself and went to Shivaay.

Shivaay.”she called his name from behind

Hey Annika,come I introduced you to someone.”he said holding her hand

Meet Tania,she’s Rahul’s cousin.She has came here for holiday.She was getting bored at home so Rahul brought her with him.And Tania,she’s Annika,the b’day girl and my best friend,my lifeline”Shivaay introduced them to each other

Hey Tania.”said Annika shaking hand with her

Annika got a call and she left to receive the call.After attaining call,she called Shivaay as she wanted to say something.Shivaay excused himself ,saying he’ll be back soon to Tania.

Hey Shivaay,mom is calling me.Dad’s friend has came and they want to wish me personally so I’d to leave.I’ve met everyone here and I need to go.Should I.?”asked Annika with a sad face

Are you stupid.?Its completely fine.You go,I’ll manage everything and party is almost over so you dont need to worry.”said Shivaay

Ok then.I  should leave,take care.”said Annika hugging him

Ok listen,how’s Tania.I meant isnt she hot.?”asked Shivaay winking at her

Ohh god,again you started flirting with any random girl.Yeah she’s hot.But I dont think there is any chance of yours.Just look at you.”she chuckled on the last line

Ohh hello.Dont underestimate me.Now you just lets see what i’ll do.”said Shivaay with a smirk

Yeah definately,in your dreams.Ok I’m going now.You continue your flirting.”said Annika winking at him and soon left the place.



So Ms.Annika,what were you saying.?There isnt any chance of mine with Tania.?

Of course.

Then just look at this.?
<Selfie with Tania>

So whats the big deal in this.?Anyone can have selfie with you..?

And anyone can share number with me too??

What do you mean.?


How did you get her number.?

She herself has given it.Huh,I’ve told you dont underestimate me.?

Ok fine.?

What??Now accept that I’m amazing..


Dont be jealous Annika,I know I’m charming.!?

Are you going to talk to her.?

Of course I’ll.I havent taken her number for framing it and then hanging it on my wall?

Are you serious.?

Of course..And actually I’m talking to her right now..!

What.?So you are giving my time to her,like seriously?

Arre,she has texted me and I’m online so I’d to reply.

Great..!Then talk to her only.Bye

Arre why are you getting jealous.??

I’m serious Shivaay.Bye

And she switched off the mobile and went to sleep.

Someone has rightly said


And here Annika’s jealousy has completely proven how much she loves him as somewhere she knows whatever Shivaay has said,he wasnt serious but still Tania’s name is enough to pissed her off…!

Shivaay tried to call her so many times but her mobile was switched off,so there wasnt any option left,he drove the car and reached her house as he well known with the fact that she wouldnt have slept yet,actually she cant sleep when she’s angry or upset.. She reached his house and entered her room.

So Ms.volcano,whats up.?”he said while sitting on her bed beside her

What the hell are you doing here?”she said in anger or say being upset

I’ve came here for you,I know you cant sleep without having a conversation with me..”he said praising himself

And that Tania.?”she asked innocently

Annika,you know I was joking.Do you think I’ll give your time to anyone.?No one can take your place ever.”he said cupping her face

She just smiled….

And you know I dont want to be in any relationship or anything.I dont have time for all this.I’ve to just focus on my career,have to travel the world,fulfill my all dreams.So you chill I haven’t time for all this.And dont worry whenever I’ll marry the girl will be of your choice,ok.”he explained her everything and said the last line with a wink

Listening all this,Annika was happy but some unknown fear was there in her heart.What if he doesnt think about her the way she thinks for..!!

Hey,what happened.?”said Shivaay breaking her chain of thoughts

Nothing.Thank you for everything Shivaay.”she said holding his hand

Chalo you sleep,I should go now.Take care.”he left from there not before planting a kiss on her forehead


Annika,I’m so happy.Finally,finally I got what I was praying for.This opportunity will make my life better for sure.Now I dont want to turn back..Six month world tour,yr Annika I’m so happy and all this just because of you,your motivation,your support.I just love you.So here we are at your favourite bar.”said Shivaay hugging Annika tightly

I am so happy for you Shivaay,but I’ll miss you.Six months,its a long time.”said Annika being sad

I’ll miss you too but dont worry I’ll video call everyday.”said Shivaay cheering her mood up

Pinky promise.”said Annika forwarding her little finger

Pinky promise.”said Shivaay entangling his finger to her

Ok so wait let me give order.”said Shivaay excusing himself

Today I’ll find out if you feel the same for me Shivaay.And if not,I’ve to control my feelings.”said Annika to herself

Hey Shivaay,lets have a competition..!”Annika said excitedly

Are you sure.?How’ll we go home.?”asked Shivaay

Are ask your driver no.”said Annika

Ok fine.”agreed Shivaay

And soon the competition started.Both were having shots one after other.After a time Annika stopped and was just acting that she is drinking too.And Shivaay was continuously drinking and get high soon,and this is what Annika wanted.

Shivaay,can I ask you a ques.?”asked Annika

Yeah sure.”said Shivaay in a drunk state

What do you feel about me.?”finally Annika asked him

I love you Annika,,,(And this made her skip her heartbeat)….You are my bestest friend..Dont know what would have I done without you..You are the most special person in my life..I know sometimes I hurt you but all that is just unintentional..Never leave me alone..Please be with me always..Y…..o…..u a…..r…….e i.mp….or………..(and due to being high he dozed off)

But I LOVE YOU Shivaay….YOU DANCE SECRETLY INSIDE MY HEART WHERE NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE..!!But knowing that you dont feel the same for me,I’ll never let my love come in between our friendship..”Annika said to herself wiping her tears


Hey Annika,thank you so much yr for arranging this farewell party for me.It really means a lot.”said Shivaay looking at the arrangements

Of course I had to.Now you are going for six months so I need some memories no.”said Annika explaining the reason

Ohh,so all this is for yourself..?”said Shivaay faking anger

Ofcourse.”said Annika laughing

All closed friends and his cousins were invited there.And everyone has to perform something for Shivaay.The party went quite well creating lots of memories.Atlast everyone asked Annika to do something for Shivaay but she denied as she hasnt prepared anything for him as she was busy in arranging the party and gift for Shivaay.Then Shivaay insisted her,asked to do anything she want and then suggested to sing any of her fav song.Then finally she agreed but to sing only two lines and went on the stage,giving a box to Shivaay and asked to open it when she told him to do so.


[Play the above video while reading song to get the feel;-)]


A layer of tear formed in her eyes,there was silence for a moment but soon the hall was filled with round of applause.

Hey Shivaay,open the box.”said Annika standing on the stage

He opened the box,there was a diary inside it.He opened the diary and there were thousands of memories.Shivaay and Annika’s picture was pasted on each page with the little note beside it explaining the story behind each picture.Their childhood pics,b’day pics,college trip,weddings,late night bike ride,pranks everything.#MEMORIES

All memories started flashing in Shivaay’s head and he got too emotional..

Did you like it.??”asked Annika

I loved it.”said Shivaay wiping his tears

HEY SHIVAAY,I LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU.”said Annika in short proposed him without letting him know.

I love you too Annika.”replied Shivaay with a big smile


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