IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 16




Rudra’s Room

Rudra enters the room and angrily throws a vase breaking it into pieces. SouPri who followed him are shocked to see him in this anger.

Prinku: Bhaiya!! (Hugs him) Please calm down, bhaiya.

Rudra: (breaks the hug) What is wrong with our family, Prinku?? O is doing these in anger. They supposed to stop him from doing these but all are keeping quiet. This Shivaay bhaiya also supporting him. (Sits on his bed and holds his head) Poor girl. Prinku, I am also angry with her for causing Gauri bhabhi’s death but I can’t think of punishing her like this. This is too much. (SouPri sit beside him and hug his shoulders)

Soumya: I know, Rudra. But no one is ready to listen to us.

Rudra: Soumya, I always have been treated like a kid by my family. Since small, my brothers are protective towards me and won’t let me to face any problems. That makes me to depend on them for everything and don’t take anything seriously. In a simple way, I can say that I have become a rich spoilt brat. After entering the college, I become a playboy and dated many girls. Most of the girls are behind me for my money and cars. Soumya, you are the first girl that see me as a normal person. After that, this girl, Ishana. When she screamed my name for help, I was shocked. This is the first time someone seek for my help. I could see in her eyes how much she feels relieved when she saw me and the way she hide behind me, I could understand how much she believes me. She trusted me that I will protect her but I failed her. I couldn’t protect her from O. (Cries in guilt)

Soumya: No, Rudra. Don’t think like that. What you will do if Om bhaiya stopped you by using your weakness. Ishana will understand. As I spoke to her, I can’t see anything negative at her. She is too soft and sensitive. She will understand if we explain to her.

Rudra: That is what I’m worrying. Om has become heartless now. I don’t know what he is going to do with her.

Prinku: I also worrying about that. Poor girl. She is already very much disturbed for whatever happened today. Om bhaiya has forcefully took her to his room. I hope he won’t do anything bad to her.

Soumya: Om bhaiya is not like that. Maybe he just wanted to scare her. (Soumya calms them but deep in her heart, she too worries a lot about Ishana)

Omkara’s Room

Omkara enters the room with Ishana and closes the door locking it. He puts her down roughly till she falls on the floor. She cries looking at him. He goes near her.

Om: This is the place where you need to stay from now. (Pointing to the floor) Actually, I wanted to make you stay at the store room but I thought that you might try to escape from there. That’s why I made you to stay in my room in front of my eyes. (Ishana sobs)

Ishu: Please leave me, sir. You already gave me enough punishment. I can’t take anymore. I beg you, sir. (Folds her hand begging at him)

Om: No, it’s not enough. I already told you this is just beginning, a lot more you need to suffer. (Ishana is about to say something but he shows his hand and shouts) Stop!! Not a word more. I don’t want to listen to any of your words. And just stop crying!! (Ishana closes her mouth with her palm controlling her sobbing. She feels scared seeing him shouting like this.) Sleep quietly!! (About to go)

Ishu: Where should I sleep??

Om: What do you think?? I will let you to sleep on my bed?? That is not your place. This is your place. (Steps on the floor using one leg) Just sleep here. (Ishana looks at him in shock and nods her head. He goes to his bed and gives a final stare to her before switch off the lights. He retired to his bed after a while. Ishana just looks at him sadly and the floor. She thinks of NeilGau.)


Few years back

NeilGau get up from their sleep and see Ishana not there. They are shocked to see her sleeping on the floor and go towards her.

Gau: (pats her cheek waking her up) Ishu, why are you sleeping on the floor?? It’s very cold and you can’t stand cold right??

Ishu: Floor?? How I came here?? (Scratches her hair)

Neil: (teasingly) Through helicopter. (Ishana stares at him) You must have mistakenly fell down. That’s why we asked you to sleep properly. But you are the one very adamant that you want to place your head on his stomach and your legs on my legs. Now, see what happened?? You rolled and fell from the bed. What if you are hurt?? (NeilGau check her)

Ishu: No, yaar. I’m good. What to do?? Since small I used to sleep like that with you both. You are getting married in another few days. I can’t do like this anymore. (NeilGau hug her and kissed her forehead)

*Flashback ends*

Ishana wipes her tears and lies on the floor making her hand as pillow. She removes her duppata and uses it as her blanket. She cries silently thinking of her friends. Sleep is faraway from her eyes thinking of all the events happened today. She stay awake for long time and doesn’t realise when she sleeps.

Next Morning

Omkara’s Room

Ishana wakes up from her sleep and sees a blanket covered her and a pillow below her head.

Ishu: (confused) How these blanket and pillow are here?? I didn’t sleep with them last night. (Looks at the bed and sees Omkara is not there.) He is not on the bed. Where is he??

Voice: Ishana ji. (Ishana turns and sees Rudra at the door holding a cup of coffee. He enters the room and sits beside her.) Good morning.

Ishu: (smiles sadly) Good morning.

Rudra: I’m sorry for not helping you last night.

Ishu: It’s ok. I can understand your love for your brother.

Rudra: Anything problem?? I mean last night did he…. (Looks at the blanket and pillow) You slept on the floor??

Ishu: No, I slept on the couch. I was taking these to the cupboard but it fell down. I was going to take it but you came that time. (Rudra understands she is lying but he doesn’t ask her)

Rudra: I bring this coffee for you. Please have it. (Hands over the cup)

Ishu: (takes the cup) Thank you. (She takes a sip) It’s nice.

Rudra: (smiles) O…. (Ishana coughs hearing his name making him shock. Rudra pats her back.) Careful. Are you ok?? (Ishana nods) What happened??

Ishu: Woh…. I thought your brother is here.

Rudra: I was about to ask where is he.

Ishu: I don’t know. (They hear sound from washroom and understand Omkara is in washroom. Ishana holds his hand in fear.)

Rudra: (pats her hand calming her) Come with me. I will take you to Soumya’s room. Go and get ready there. I will ask Prinku to give you one of her dress. You are wearing the same dress since yesterday. (Ishana nods and they leave from the room)

Days are passing and Ishana’s situation is still the same. Omkara always hurt her with his words. No one in the family will talk to her except RuMyaPri. Ishana wanted to talk with Annika and apologize to her but Annika will avoid herself from meeting Ishana. Ishana gets closer to RuMyaPri but still they didn’t forget that she is the reason for Gauri’s death. They have told her about it and Ishana too understands them because she knows it’s not easy for them to forgive her. They are talking nicely with her is enough for her. She always helps them in their studies. Omkara doesn’t like to see her closeness with them. One night….

Omkara’s Room

Ishana enters the room after spending some time with RuMya by helping them for their exams which will be in another few days.

Om: Finally, you came. I thought you will be staying with them tonight.

Ishu: You only said that I have to stay here.

Om: Good that you remember it. (Goes closer to her and holds her waist. Ishana is shocked with his behaviour. He pulls her more closer and goes to her ear) I have something to give you. You will definitely like it. (Leaves her) Wait a minute. (He goes to his cupboard and takes a bag from there. He walks towards Ishana and gives it to her.)

Ishu: (didn’t take the bag) What is this??

Om: (smiles) Your favourite. (Takes out a bottle from the cover. Ishana is shocked to see the bottle.)

Ishu: (steps back) This is…… liquor….

Om: Yes. Vodka. Why are you stepping back?? You love liquor drinks right?? Drink this.

Ishu: No…. I won’t drink!!

Om: (pulls her arm harshly) Don’t lie that you won’t drink. I know what was your state when you killed my Gauri that day. You were highly drunken that time!! So, you better drink this now or I will make you to drink it forcibly.

Ishu: (struggles to get out from his grip) You are mistaken, sir. I won’t drink. (Omkara doesn’t listen to her and opens the bottle. He holds her mouth and pours it forcibly inside her mouth. She cries shaking her head but he doesn’t care and continue his act. Ishana used her full strength and pushes him. He leaves her. She coughs and feels disgusted with the smell and taste. Before he could do anything, she runs to the washroom closing the door and throws up in the sink. She washes her mouth with water but she till could feel the liquor smell from her mouth. She sees a shower gel and pours a little on her hand. She cries thinking of her fate and puts it in her mouth. She pours some water and gargles. She spits out the soap water from her mouth. She repeats the same act for another few times till the smell vanished from her. She feels better and sits on the toilet seat after closing it. She cries her heart out thinking about just now. She stayed there for some time fearing Omkara might do the same again if she goes out. She gets up from the seat and goes to the door. She opens the door slightly to see Omkara. She sees him lying on his bed with both of his legs spread out on the bed and his hand is holding the vodka bottle. She slowly comes out from the washroom and goes near him to make sure if he sleeping for real. She could smell alcohol on him and sees the bottle on his hand which is empty. She understands that he has finished the bottle. She gives a disgusting look to him and leaves from the room slowly.

At present

NeilGau’s House

Rudra: What?? He did like that to you?? Why you didn’t tell me earlier??

Pooja: Chi!! What kind of a person is he?? Anyone will stoop this low to torture a person and that too towards a girl??

Avni: Ishu hates alcohol!! How he could say that you were highly drunken?? How dare he too force you like that….?? (Makes a disgusting face) Yucks!!! (Mishti started to cry listening to their loud voice. Rudra places her on his shoulder and pats her. She calms down and continue to sleep. Ishana smiles looking at her attachment towards Rudra.)

Pooja: Rudra, you didn’t know about his act to Ishu??

Rudra: No, didi. Bhabhi never tell me about that. Bhabhi, why you didn’t tell me earlier??

Ishu: Because there was another problem raised that time. That’s why I didn’t tell you about it.

Avni: What problem??

Ishu: (nods) I will tell you…. (Continues)


Ishana cries sitting on the stairs after coming out from the room. She is thinking how to escape from this house. She can’t bear the tortures anymore. Her thoughts breaks when she heard a sound.

Ishu: What sound is this?? That too in this time?? (She heard the sound again) Same sound. (She looks here and there for the sound and her eyes laid on a room) Priyanka’s room?? (Walks towards Priyanka’s room and knocks the door) Priyanka!! Priyanka!! (Priyanka doesn’t open the door. Ishana feels something wrong and she tries to open the door but the door is locked. She thinks something and takes out her hair pin from her hair. She inserts it inside the keyhole and tries to unlock the door. The door becomes unlocked. She smiles in relief) Love you, NeilGau (kisses the pin and opens the door. She is shocked to see the scene inside the room and screams) Priyanka!!!


I know you all are getting bored with flashback continuously. I will try to finish the flashback in another two chapters.

NOTE: This flashback is on Ishana and Rudra’s point of view only. Some people are asking am I ShivIka’s hater because I’m showing them as negative here. I’m clearing their doubt that I love Shivika, IshKara, RuMya, PriVeer and RiKara very much. If you are having any doubt, please read Life Found Love Once Again. All the characters are positive there. This is just my another attempt to show how if Ishana really caused Gauri’s death and the Oberois aware of it. Please don’t misunderstand that I’m hating Shivika or any other characters.

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