His silent love – Chapter 16

CHAPTER- 16- Hundred degree glowing knives



“No” Ben slammed a hand against the table and I jumped beside him startled. “No. Mrs.Wilson. Just no” He shook his head furiously.

“What’s wrong?” poor Mrs. Wilson questions totally boggled and the rest of the class looked on confused too. “I heard you taking to the principal about the Drama Gala. But pleaseeee” Ben begged in an overly exaggerated tone.

“I beg you. No Romeo and Juliet” He pleaded groaning. “Yes. He’s right” Chloe speaks up nodding enthusiastically, “The school’s been presenting this play since like thirty years.”

“Oh. Dear” Mrs. Wilson breathed out a small laugh, “We have already thought about it. And we for sure aren’t doing that play”

Everyone breathed out a sigh of relief and started discussing about what possibly could be the new ideas.

“No” I closed my eyes hearing that obnoxious voice and Ben rolled his eyes. “I don’t agree, Mrs. Wilson” Melody continued.

“And please enlighten me with the reason” Ben passed me a knowing smirk and I knew Mrs. Wilson disliked Melody too.

“I think we should continue the practice this school has been following. It’s a custom. We shouldn’t break that. Besides, who are you to even change that. ” She tried to sound very reasonable but I knew all her plans.

She just didn’t wanted any one else to voice out their opinions.

And oh no. She just insulted Mrs. Wilson.

“Well, how thoughtful of you Melody dear” Mrs. Wilson passed her a small smile, “But I think the rest of the student body has a brain that works rather than yours”

I heard the rest of the class holler with laughed and repeat ‘Burn’ several times and looked back at a very flustered Melody.

“You can’t dismiss me. I am the president of Drama club” Meldoy gritted out and I blew out a sarcastic laugh, “Say whaaat? Did you get a concussion or forgot to take your brain storming pills?”

“Shut up” She yelled and I rolled my eyes averting my gaze back at Mrs. Wilson.

“Ladies, calm down. And Melody, Twinkle is the president of the Drama club. The elections took place in the beginning of the year. Or did you actually forgot to take the pills?”

Before Melody could respond the bell rang. “Alright. Wait a moment. There’d be a meeting for the members of the Drama club after lunch break. Please, inform the other members too”

“What’s wrong with this twat?” Chloe hissed as Melody purposely bumped her shoulder against Chloe’s and went towards her other class. “She’s dead in here. Like dead” Ben pointed towards his head.

“Come on. We should work on finding a good play. Who else has a free period?” I question as we walk outside hallways and towards the football field.

“Umm…Theo And Maira” Chloe checked her phone and quickly texted them to meet us at the bleachers in the field.

“Jacob’s in art class. Nat and lover boy on the field” Ben smirked pointing at Kunj who was talking to Coach Carl.

We settled down on the bleachers and I took of my file going through the list of the Drama club members. “When did you join the club?” I question Ben and he shrugged, “Just wrote my name. Else, they’d make me the water boy and I would run errands. Doesn’t suits my reputation you know”

He winked and Chloe scoffed, “As if you have any”

“How’s Kunj coping with the Jacob and Maira thing so far?” Chloe asks scrolling on Google for some play ideas and I shrugged, “Okay, I guess. He’s getting used to it”

“I can’t wait for spring break to start so we can go the Paradise hills (the place where Kunj took Twinkle to the lake)”

“Mhm. It’ll bring back some skinny dipping memories for Twinkle” Chloe smirked and I sighed shaking my head.

“I am telling you. You are so popping your cherry on your eighteenth birthday” Ben snapped his fingers and I rolled my eyes, “Not happening”

“Wait-and why the hell is everyone of my friends along with Theo and Jacob on my drama club members list?” I looked ok furrowing mg eyebrows and Ben passed me an innocent smile.

“Well” said a very familiar voice behind me and I turned my head to see Kunj jogging towards us. He plopped down beside me grabbing my water bottle. “I told him to do that. Since drama club is the only time the teachers would actually allow you to miss class for”

“And for your reminder” I passed him a sickening sweet smile, “I am going to set all the meetings in lunch break and practice after school. So, no chance of you guys entering my club”

“You are mean” he slightly pouted his lower lip and I immediately snapped my gaze on his lips.

Very worthy to kiss lips.

Ahan. Someone is getting horny…

“Never mind” I cleared my throat and crossed all of my friends names except Theo, Maira and Chloe’s. “Why not Theo’s?” Ben question grumbling, “He’s already in the club. And” I cut him off before he could protest, “He got in by fair means. Aka by giving an audition”

“Hey” came a panting Nat, “Pass me that” He pointed at Chloe who was about to drink from her bottle. She looked on boggled before handing it over to him.

I looked on as Chloe gaped at Nat who was hurriedly drinking the water, some of it running down his throat and chest which was slightly visible due to the tee he was wearing.

“Thanks. Gotta go and change. See ya” he leaned down giving her a quick peck on the cheek and my jaw for real hit the floor.

“S-ee you” She mumbled blushing and someone closed my mouth which was still hanging open. “Breathe” Kunj whispered beside me and I looked at Ben who was smirking.

“Our ship is finally sailing” we both looked at each other simultaneously saying that and laughed ignoring a very oblivious Chloe.


“What the hell” Maira frowned munching on her popcorn and glared at me and Chloe. “Why the hell wasn’t I there when that cute incident happened” she repeated for the hundredth time.

When Ben told her about what Nat did. Maira couldn’t stop squealing with delight but now she’s complaining about how she missed that scene.

“Its all because of that butthead Theo. He was hiding from one of those bimbos” Maira grumbled opening another Cheetos packet.

“Butthead” Sarah giggled from beside me. “Peaches on a head” she doubled over laughing and I smiled. She’s so cute.

“Oh no” she sobered up and looked at us with a really guilty face. “What’s wrong?” Chloe asks pausing the movie. “Umm” she looked at us with her big brown eyes.

“You can share it with us. Besides, it’s a girls night in. And we are supposed to share secrets and gossip” Maira gave her an encouraging nod.

“You know sam” she mumbled and we nodded. He was her friend in the school, “He also kissed me here two days ago” she said in a small voice and pointed to her cheek.

“But I punched him” she suddenly started laughing again and I shook my head at her grinning, “That’s not a good thing but good work”

“Kunj always says to punch anyone who would kiss me” I rolled my eyes at her asshat of a brother. Of course, he would give advices like him.

“Well” Maira picked her up settling her on her lap, “Good thing you stood up for yourself. But don’t hurt someone, alright?” Sarah nodded giving her a small smile.

“Dinners ready” I heard Sebastian call out and we all rushed downstairs.

Food is food.


“What about Sarah?” Ben asks helping himself with the steak. “Oh. Priya aunty said she’d look after Sarah” Priya is Kunj’s aunt and Theo is hosting a party tomorrow.

And of course, it’s gonna be wild. And we couldn’t leave Sarah here so we decided to drop her off to her aunt’s who had a daughter the same age as Sarah and they get along really well.

“Dude. What the heck?” Theo suddenly asks looking up from his phone. “Why did you invite Melody?” Kunj shrugged at him question, “She’s my girlfriend”

“We all know that’s bullshit” Theo scoffed. “True. Serious or not, you are just wasting your time with her” Dhruv speaks up and in centuries, It’s the first time I have seen him blurt out something genuine without being playful.

“I don’t care” Kunj mumbled his gaze landing on me for a second before he quickly went back to eating his food.

How could I forget he was in a relationship? And then all our moments together, flirting with each other continuously, holding hands and those almost kisses.

What’s he playing at? His actions and mood swings always happen to give me a whiplash. But there’s only one way to clear out my thoughts.

Just confront him.

Wow, real quick aren’t you?


“No. This one is way too glittery” I shook my head dismissing the dress and Chloe groaned keeping it back on the rack. She sighed plopping down beside me. “I am tired. I need food” I whined stuffing my face with more Pringles.

“Shut up. Else I’ll kick your flat ass” Maira remarked going through the pile of dresses of the racks and I leaned against Chloe secretly eyeing who she was texting.

“Twinkle. I can see what you are doing” Chloe chuckled giving me a pointed look and I leaned back mumbling a quick sorry.

Yesterday, I tried convincing these two airheads that I did have enough dresses for the party but all I got was a ‘Twinkle, you look like a nun in all these dresses’

I gave up and decided to go with them for shopping.

“Wait” I stopped Maira who was about put the dress back. “That’s it. This is perfect” I eyed the dress and rushed towards the fitting room.

Maira and Chloe also liked the dress so I decided to buy it. I looked around the jewerly section for some earrings when I spotted a very familiar human being.

“Hey. Just pay for the dress. I’ll be back” I handed Maira the dress and hurriedly rushed towards the opposite shop.

“Hey” I tapped his shoulder and Kunj turned to face me his smiling fading when he saw me. “I thought you were at football practice”

“Y-yeah” he stammered glancing back over his shoulder time to time. “I was just-“

“Kunj baby” I looked past his shoulder as Melody walked towards us with a sickening sweet smile. “Oh. Hi, Twinkle. What are you doing here?”

“What would people do at a Mall, Melody?” I bit back any harsh words. She rolled her eyes and kept her hand on Kunj’s shoulder massaging it a lightly.

Just like I did. In the lake.

“Stop being so harsh on her” but Kunj couldn’t keep his harsh tone hidden. He leaned down and pecked Melody on the lips.

Yes, I visibly shuddered at this rolling my eyes.

I knew it . I freaking knew he was messing around.

“You go look for your dress. I’ll be back” she gave me her evil smirk before walking past me towards the racks.

It’s now or never

“Quit flirting with me if you are with her. Quit kissing me every time. And quit shoving your ass around in my life” I blurted out crossing my arms and he blew a out sarcastic chuckle.

“Right” he nodded, “Let this pass through your naive head. I don’t like you romantically. Don’t get yourself involved with me”

“I am involving you? You f**king step into my life as if you have been friends with me for life. You drag me everywhere. You don’t let me live in peace. One moment, you freaking share your moments with me. The next, you shut me out like nothing ever happened”

I hissed stepping closer towards him. “Just end it now, Kunj. I am sick and tired of all the lies. I am tired of your changing behaviour every time”

“You are nothing but a side chick, Twinkle” He gritted out not changing his demeanour for a bit and I flinched.

I blinked back the sudden tears threatening to fall and shake my head from side to side. “If you f**king shove your ass around me one more time, I’ll stick up hundreds of hundred degree glowing knives up your ass”

His expression softened for a bit before he opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off. “And don’t you dare have the audacity to prevent me from doing anything. Don’t shove that ‘Taneja uncle wants me to protect you’ in my face. I have other people who can protect me. People who care. And I thought we had something. But thank you so much for clearing all that”

But before he could respond, Melody walked towards us again and now I noticed Sarah with her too who was wearing an extremely frustrated expression. Sarah suddenly grinning running towards me. “Twinki” she tackled me and I picked her up smiling.

“Hey” I kissed her cheek, “What brings you here?” she pointed at Kunj and Melody who was literally seducing him again making me roll my eyes at her.

“I don’t want to buy this dress” she pointed at the bright yellow dress she was wearing, “Its horrible” she frowned and it indeed was.

“It’s not horrible, you annoying dimwit” Melody snapped and I glared at her. “You don’t even know how expensive this is-“

“Apologize” Kunj hissed. “Apologize to her right now”

Melody turned bright red and she cleared her throat, “Sorry” She gritted out and I rolled my eyes. “It’s okay” Sarah mumbled in a small voice. “ I’ll help you look for a better one” I patted Sarah’s head.

“No, you won’t” Melody jumped in again, “She’s with us. You have no right over her” But before she could take Sarah from me, I heard Maira’s voice, “Try saying that to me, airhead”

“And brother” Maira stood beside glaring at Kunj, “Don’t you dare take Sarah out with you when you are with one of your hoes. I don’t trust her” She pointed at Melody showing no sign of chivalry.

“Let’s get you changed” I told Sarah and we walked towards the changing rooms. I could literally feel how angry Kunj was but well, he knew Maira is right.

“Dimwit. Twat. Airheads. Totally dumb” Maira walked towards us cursing under her breath and stopped near me and Sarah giving us a pointed look, “I am angry. I need food”

I chuckled nodding, “That is why we are best friends”




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