His silent love – Chapter 14

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Chapter- 14 – Silent treatment and double meaning



“Kunj? You listening?” I frowned and turned to face him but looked on boggled at his fuming expression. “What’s wrong-“ words dried in my mouth as I glanced at the direction he’s facing.

Oh no.


Because there they were, Maira and Jacob sitting near the pool side and making out. I literally felt my heart drop at how angry Kunj looked.

And then every thing happened in a buzz. Kunj rushing towards his sister and best friend. They pulled back looking boggled but then Jacob looked on wide eyed at his best friend who was rushing towards him in rage.

Get a move on. What the hell are you doing?

I glanced at Maira who had a neutral expression on her face and in seconds Kunj grabbed Jacob by his collar and punched him.


Why the hell am I not moving?

“The f**k dude *punch* stop it” Jacob tried to block his punches and Maira groaned out loud out before trying to stop them.

Damn it. Movie it, Twinkle.

I sprinted towards them as fast I could and got a hold of Kunj’s forearm. “You have gone nuts. Leave him” I yelled and he tried to shook me off but I clingled onto him.

“He was f**king making out with my sister” He seethed and I gulped down at how furious he looks right now. Without thinking, I jumped slightly and hurriedly wrapped my legs around his torso and kept my hands over his eyes.

He lets go of Jacob and I cling onto him for my life.

Oh my God! What a stunt.

Duh. You are lucky you didn’t embarrass yourself and landed flat on your butt.

“What the heck?” Kunj cussed heavily trying to remove my hands but I didn’t move. “Stop squirming. I’ll fall and crack my skull” I hissed and he grumbled, “Twinkle, stop being childish. I can’t freaking see”

“Promise you won’t hurt Jacob” I mumbled keeping my tone low. “Just.let.go.of.me” he gritted out. I sighed mumbling, “I can’t do that.”

Ahan. Why do I sense a double meaning in your words?…

Kunj’s shoulders slacked and he breathed out nodding. I removed my hands keeping them on his shoulder and a small yelp left my mouth as his hands went under my thighs swiftly turning me around.

“You are unbelievable” he muttered before I landed on my feet.

Shoot. Jacob.

I turned around and winced at Jacob being helped my Maira. She glared at his brother who stood there unfazed. I helped her settle Jacob on one of the chairs and she grabbed a few tissues from the table cleaning the blood from Jacob’s face.

“When were you going to tell me about this?” Kunj tried to keep his voice calm but I could see the anger radiating off him. I gave him an incredulous look.

He has do to this now?

“Because you have no right over me” I flinched visibly at how harsh Maira’s voice sounds but I don’t blame her.

“You are my fuc-“ Kunj began his banter but Maira stopped him. “I know. Your sister. But as a brother you are supposed to be f**king listening to me instead of beating the hell out of the person I love ”

Kunj stiffened glaring at Jacob and I looked on at how Jacob looked on wide eyed at Maira. Maira just confessed she loves him. She just poured out her feelings without realising it or she probably realised it.

Because a lone tear escaped her eye and she quickly brushed it. “I know what you think” Jacob said in a low tone, “But trust me on this one”

Kunj gave them a final glance before storming out.

“I’ll send the first aid box” I told and scurried towards the kitchen telling one of the house maids to give the first aid box to Maira in the backside garden.

I hurriedly rushed towards Kunj’s room but couldn’t find him. I tried calling him but he wouldn’t pick up.

Damn it.

I went towards the garage but couldn’t find Kunj’s car.

Damn. Damn. Damn it.

Kunj loses his mind when’s he’s angry and I can already feel it.


“Stop pacing back and forth” Nat threw a cushion at me and it hit my head. I slumped down on the couch and glared at Theo who was laughing at the movie and munching on Pringles.

“Why the heck are you all so chilled?!” I blew out an exaggerated sigh and they all turned to look at me as if I had grown three heads. “Chill. Kunj would be back” Jacob said but winced immediately pressing the cold pack against his swollen cheek.

“You’ll be okay” I patted his shoulder and he tried to give me a small smile but looked more like a grimace. “Aaaaandd lover boy is back” Dhruv sing songs from the table he was sitting with Ben playing board games with Chloe.

We heard the roar of a engine.

“Here. You okay?” Maira came inside the drawing room giving Jacob a glass of juice and stood behind him massaging his shoulders and Jacob breathed a sigh of relief.

We heard Kunj typing in the passcode to the entrance hall and he came inside closing the door as his gaze swept pass everyone.

An awkward silence fell around us and everyone shifted uncomfortably while I looked on at the Tv trying to zone out of the situation.

Oh. I love this.

Well, it’s good Regina got hit by a bus.

Ah, I love Cady.

“Twinkle” I jumped slightly and scowled at Nat who again hit me with a cushion. “We have been calling your name since like 5 minutes”

I rolled my eyes knowing he was probably exaggerating.

“What happened?” I question and he jabbed his thumb at Kunj who walked towards me and without any explanation held my hand and started walking outside again.

I looked back at them staring at their boggled expressions.

I shrugged as he not so politely dragged me outside and stopped near his bike in the garage. “Okay. I mean you dragged me here. I didn’t ask anything. Now where the hell are we going?”

He kept his silence and grabbed another helmet and I crossed my arms at him. He didn’t even bother explaining and opened the straps of the helmet fixing it over my head.

I huffed glaring at him and he rolled his eyes unrolling my sleeves pulling them down.

Why did he do that?

He pointed towards the bike and I huffed again swinging my leg over the side and adjusted myself. I glanced up at him and I swear I saw a small smile but he cleared his throat.

“What? You thought I would whine about how I don’t wanna ride on bikes and all? I have some badass brothers and I am badass too”

He rolled his eyes at me again. Again.

He sat on the bike ahead of me and was about to put his helmet on too but tilted his head back and grabbed my hands pulling me towards his back. I clashed onto his back and he wrapped my arms around his torso.

“You are a prick” I scowled at the back of his helmet and he started the bike racing outside the house and I grinned at the happy feeling.

Well, not so happy since Kunj is giving me the silent treatment.

“HOLY SHIT! THIS FEELS SO f**kING GOOD” I yelled on top of my lungs. “I HAVEN’T BEEN ON A BIKE SINCE MONTHS” I laughed letting go of my arms and he hurriedly grabbed my hands back with his one hand.

“Sorry..” I mumbled. “So, now would you tell me where we are going?” I question as we stopped at the traffic light.

Again, no response.

“Did someone shove an axe down your throat or what?” I ask annoyed and leaned back a little looking at the side as a car stopped next to us.

The car windows rolled down and I looked on narrowing eyes before smiling. “Hey Draxe” I waved at him and he smirked, “Hey Twinki. How you doing?”

Kunj’s head snapped towards the car and I heard a strangled groan coming from him. “Oh Hello Kunj”

But Kunj like Kunj, rudely turned facing to road ahead. “Uh..” I breathed out a nervous laugh, “I’m good. Long time no see. I kinda missed your lame jokes”

Lies. You didn’t miss him at all.

Yeah. I just wanted to see how Kunj would react.

I am evil I know.

We all can agree with that.

And to my satisfaction, Kunj stiffened, his hold on the handle getting stronger as his knuckles turned white.

“Well, I missed your sweet ass too” Draxe smirked again and with that Kunj started the bike without caring about the traffic light and speeded towards God knows where.

I sighed to myself shaking my head in annoyance and amusement.

“Are we there yet?” I groaned asking this for the umpteenth time in the past 10 minutes and all I get is nothing from this piece of shit.

I placed my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes taking in a deep breath. The bike slowed down a couple of minutes later and I looked up.

We were in the middle of nowhere.

Kunj hoped off the bike removing his helmet and so did I but I remained seated on the bike. “Are you seriously here to kill me? Well, that’s a waste of time. Since you could have done that at home too and no one would have doubted you and you could have just hid the evidence and then-“

I fell into complete silence when he leaned down placing his lips upon mine.

Twinkle Taneja.

Time of death:

9 pm whatever the minutes are.


Hey hey hey.

Here’s another chapter for you all.

Well, what do you think? Is Twinkle gonna survive from his kiss??

Hope you liked the chapter and thank you so much for showing your love on the last one.

Hope you enjoyed it.??


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  1. Ayesha_malhotra

    hey misha. i read your article just now. you’re a good writer. keep writing more and more.


    1. Misha

      Hey ayesha ?
      Thank you so much dear ???
      Yup, sure I will.
      I actually found out about this extra activities in tu and I guess they are doing this nominations of fan fictions.
      I have no idea how they are gonna nominate fan fictions. Like is it available for mine too?

      1. Ayesha_malhotra

        Even I’m thinking about the same as even I write one naamkaran fan fiction . I think they might nominate the fan fictions too . I’m not sure but I think they might nominate yours too ??

      2. Misha

        Oh okay. Exactly ? I was asking the same thing. That how is it gonna be.
        I will check out your fan fiction too??

  2. Awesome epi…..so Kunj blasted…Kunj is soooo rude …..he can do but his sister can’t….typical men….????twinkle should push him off…. especially after his sooo called sand romance….

    1. Misha

      Hey riya ?
      Haha well he is.
      No, Kunj isn’t your typical narrow minded guy. There’s a reason why he acted so irrationally. You’d get to know in the next episode ?
      Thanks for reading

  3. Cool epi….

    1. Misha

      Hey Neha??
      Thank you so muchhh ???

  4. great job misha ….
    u nailed it …
    waiting for next…

    1. Misha

      Hey yashika??
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      I am glad you liked it

  5. Omggggggg the kiss was so awsm and kunj silent treatment and the jealousy part was asking and my guess was wrong though but I was really happy love the episode please post soon love u take care

    1. Misha

      Hey Sia?
      Thank you so muchhh??
      Well Kunj is a bit crazy ??
      Love you too. Yup, I’ll post soon ?

  6. Cheena2001Cp

    Heya!!!! Wait ! What was this?! Seriously amazing! ? Kunj’s brotherly protectiveness was a treat to me! ? Just lovely! Did I tell you, how much I like your stories? You know it too! ? Anyways, I am amazed at Kunj’s action , he brought her in middle of nowhere to kiss her?!
    Oh boy! I love him! I just died there instead of Twinkle!
    I hadn’t commented on the previous chapters so apologies…. But that chapter, “Non-existent eggplant” was hilarious! ?? But I am sure , Kunj doesn’t have a non-existent eggplant.*Did you get my remark, did you? did you??* ?????
    Eager for the next, Mish!

    1. Misha

      ??thank you thank you
      Yes, yes, you have been an amazing supporter
      It’s totally okay.
      Hahaha yes. Well, of course it isn’t non existent ??
      Yes, I have posted the next one.
      Love ya???

  7. Just Loved it … Kunj as a passive brother was just amazing
    Twinkle’s trick to stop him was cute
    And the kiss in the middle of nowhere was just … well I don’t know what to say maybe he is afraid of Twinkle’s brothers … well but I don’t think Druv would mind it
    Post soon can’t wait

    1. Misha

      Thank you so so so muchhh???
      Haha maybe he is ?
      Yes, I have updated it.
      Love you?

  8. Shalu Choudhary

    Amazing episode dear post soon

  9. Awesome one amazing
    It was great

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    Amazing dear 🙂

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