Living our life together chapter-3

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A fine morning with a beautifull sunraise..

In Sharma house everyone is shown having breakfast..

Meera : Mom.. dad.. i wanted to ask you something??

Pooja : Go no beta!!

Meera : Actually we four have planned to go on a trip..

Mahira : what di!!! That’s awesome..

Pooja : No.. way its totaly dangerous for girls to travell alone..

Tanya : But aunty please… we don’t usually gets chance….

Ann : And all we want is to create some memmorries and moments together

Raghav : We understand beta.. but what if.. Akshat and family won’t like it..

Sam : We will talk to him..

Raghav : Then okay..


Meera : I won’t talk to him..

Sam : And i don’t understand why she wants to ask him before doing anything..

Ann : Shut up !!! sam.. Tanya you call him..

Tanya : Now.. that will be akward..

They gives the phone to Meera.. She calls akshat and asks him to meet at Blue moon resturant..


All the four girls are sitting in the table.. just then Akshat comes.

Akshat : Whats up!!! girls.

Ann : Akshat … we want your help.

Akshat : Are you guys in any problem..

Sam : If we had any problem we are able to sort it out by our self..

Tanya : Stop it Sam.. you are being rude..

Meera : Actually akshat.. it may sound a littke filmy.. We 4 are thinking of going on a trip

Akshat : What’s filmy in that.. go and enjoy.

Meera : Really.. you don’t have any problem in that

Akshat : Why would I have

Tanya : And your family

Akshat : No… but you should be back before our engagement…

All laughs … Meera gives him a look..she also smiles…


Everyone is shown packing there bags and getting read…

( ‘You better not mess with me’ song from the movie ‘ Always kabhi kabhi ‘ plays in background )

Ann is shown applying liner ….

Tanya is shown straightening her hair…

Sam is shown putting her glasses on..

Meera is shown applying a little of blush..

All the 4 comes down and bids by to Meera’s family …

They all starts their journey on Tanya’s

Sam is driving the car..

Sam : So girls where do we wanna go first..

Tanya : My homee….. Bhopal…

Meera : Yeah.. we should ask for her permission also..

Ann : And what of she say no…

Sam : Its simple.. we will elop..

Sam speeds up the car…


They reaches at Tanya’s home..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    akshat is cool.he has no problem with the girls enjoying.but why did he ask them to return before the engagement as the engagement is over? the girls dressing up n the bgm was interesting. they are going to tanya’s house.waiting to meet her family.perfect pics

  2. Veera

    Good that akshat is not too conservative and gave meera permission to go for the trip. I think you meant wedding in place of engagement when akshat asked her to return. What twist lays ahead in bhopal? I am waiting to know.

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