One Year – Swasan Fan Fiction Part 5

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Hii guys back with another part of One Year.

Part 5

Swasan Room
As usual Swara woke up early and arranged things for Sanskaar.
When Sanskaar woke up he found his Clothes and files.
He smiled.

He got freshen up and while leaving he took files. There was a pink paper there.

Sanskaar looked it confusly when he realised it was not his.
He opened it up.
It was from Swara.
Note- Thank you Sanskaar for understanding and respecting me.
I am sorry that I kissed you last night actually  I was overjoyed  and could not control myself and kissed you… pls forgive me. I apologise.
With love

He took a deep breath and kept the note in his pocket.  He smiled remembering the kiss and left .

Down stairs.
Dining area.
All were having breakfast but Sanlak were missing.

Dp: ap  where is Laksh and sanskaar.

Ap: Sanskaar  will come but I can’t say anything about Laksh.

Dp: Again clubbing!!

Ap: Jii.

Dp: Swara..

Swara: Jii papa.

Dp: Come here.

She came near him.

Dp: Swara, I am proud of you that you wanna study  more. I appreciate that you don’t wanna depend on your husband. God Luck Swara! Have a successful life ahead.

Swara: Thank You Papa. But I wanna thank Sanskaar who understood me.

Ap: I know my son is understanding person.

Uttara: Ohhhoo bhabhi….

Just then sanskaar came.

Sanskaar: Swara, My breakfast??

Swara: I just serve you.

She serves breakfast to him.

Dp: Sanskaar beta wake up little more early.

Ap: Aree.. aap  bhi naa.. my son gets tired by working whole day in office.

Dp: And what about your second son??

All laughs.

” Sanskkkaaaaaaarrrr” A voice came from behind.

All turned around.
It was a girl. A girl in white and blue Salwar and kurta.

Sanskaar: Kavitaa…

All stood up in confusion.
Kavita ran and hugged Sanskaar tightly in front of everyone. In front of Swara.

She cried hugging Sanskaar.
But Sanskaar  was uncomfortable.
His eyes were continously staring Swara!!

Ap: Sanskarrrrrr!!!! Who is this girl? Don’t she know you are married!!

Tears rolls from Swara’s eyes. She was numbed . She didn’t know what to say and how to react. Sanskaar was gazing at her continuously.  She felt his gaze and continued  to look downwards.

Dp: Sanskaar?? What is this know sense.

Kav: Uncle, who is married?? And what non sense?? After all I love him.

Ap: Aree o ladki!! Sanskaar is married!! And what love ??

Kav: Sanskaar..!!! U got married…

He slightly nodded.

Kav: I know Sanskaar you were forced to get marry. I know you can’t cheat me!!

Swara: No , Neither I nor he were forced to get marry. It was our decision.

Kav: Shut up !! U burden on my Sanskaar!! You might have blackmailed him!!..
I know u kinda girls very well. You just need a chance to trap rich and handsome guys for money or desire.

Ap lost her control.
She took whole anger down her hand and slapped kavita hard!!!..

Ap: Don’t try to speak a word against my family.

Kavita fumed in anger. She took a jug of water which was kept near by and splashed on her face.

Sanskaar: Kavittaaaa….. how dare you?? Have lost your everything??..

Kavita: Yes Sanskaar only for you.
She kissed him.  While Swara cursed her for this. Sanskaar I came after 1 year and you are not happy why?? Don’t you love me now!!.

Sanskaar: Kavita just stand at distance!!

Kavita: I know sanskaar you are shocked but my love will heal you!! I will stay in your room ok!!

Ap: you are not his wife . It’s her wife’s  room.

Kavita: ofcourse I am.

She leaves and all leaves but Swasan were there.

Sanskaar: Swwaa..

She stops him by forwarding his hand

Swara: What do you want??
Tears rolls from her eyes.

Sanskaar: I am not having any affair.

Swara: Then who is she?? I am not saying that having relationship is bad it is okk.  But only before marriage not after it!!

Sanskaar: Swara sorry.

Swara: No Sanskaar I should say sorry to get in between of you and kavita.

Sanskaar: you are getting me wrong again!!

Swara: Did you took me right!! You just became close to me by winning my heart with your talks. Actually you played you literally played. She left.

Sanskaar cursed him self!!!.

To be continued..

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  2. Tamil

    Amazing dear…….my poor swara…….y sanskar didn’t say anything……..hate that kavitha…….

  3. Neha_01

    Awesome..loved the way Ap slapped kavita..update next part soon !!

  4. Awesome dear

  5. How sanskar played with swara…m confused….

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