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Riddhima left chatting and packed the food. She thought of Rihanna’s words….why was she so thoughtful about a family that she was going to leave in a month? She brushed off the thoughts and rushed with the food to pack, she wanted to talk to him the earliest possible. While packing Kabir’s food she smirked at her thought.

Riddhima’s POV

Kabir’s food….he’s troubled me a lot, why not give him some trouble too! (mischievous smirk) Hmmm good idea Riddhima! (patting herself) Now let’s see after this how he troubles us! I’ll add mustard sauce in his coffee and in his pancakes I’ll add….. (thinking) right I’ll add soya sauce and make him think it’s chocolate sauce with shaving cream on top! (laughing) Now see Mr. Cartoon! Let’s see how your day goes in the office, in your cabin or washroom! (smirking) Let me prepare and pack it for him.

Riddhima’s POV Ends

She packed Kabir’s food separately and Vansh’s separately and placed them in the bag. She went towards the dining where she found Ishani and Anupriya having their breakfast.

Anu: Dear you first have your breakfast then go give them. I’m sure they won’t mind. Come have a seat

Ishani: Exactly, Bhabhi. If those two, especially Kabir don’t have their breakfast it’s fine!

Anu: Seriously Ishani, want your brothers to starve?

Ishani: I wouldn’t mind (jokingly)

Anu: Ishani! (glaring at her) Riddhima come sit

Riddhima: No mom, it’s fine I’ll have it later!

Riddhima immediately left VR mansion and headed for VR Enterprises. The driver drove the car to the office and they reached in about 20 minutes. As they entered the premises, Riddhima was shocked seeing the huge complex of about 3-4 buildings together. Her company and complex was indeed huge as well but not as huge as this one. She got down the car and went to the reception.

Riddhima: May I please meet Vansh. (politely)

Rec: Ma’am you’d need an appointment for that. You can let me know the details and all, and I’ll fix one for you. (politely)

Riddhima: I don’t I would need an appointment…but also even If I would I can’t waste my time waiting. I’m in a hurry so please direct me to him.

Rec: Ma’am I can’t do that, he’s in a meeting. By the way who are you to him that you’re addressing him as just Vansh? (curious)

Riddhima: I’m…a human being to him. Please just call him here or direct me to him.

Rec: (noticing the bag in her hands) Is there a bomb in that bag? Is that why you want to go to sir? You want to harm him?

Riddhima: (shocked) Bomb? Seriously! Yea there’s a bomb…you know there’s also an AK47 gun in there as well so I can shoot a few in his heart then brain then also blast him with the bomb at the end. (sarcasm) Bomb in the bag (murmuring and chuckling)

Rec: What!! You’re a terrorist!! (shouting) Security! Send her to the Anti-terrorism department!

Riddhima: Are you seriously nuts? Like can’t you understand the sarcasm in my answer?

Till then everyone had gathered around due to the continuous yelling and were viewing the scene. They all started gossiping about Riddhima’s answer and in fright started voicing out for her to be thrown out of the office.

Riddhima: I don’t have a bomb!

Rec: something more than a bomb? (horror)

The security entered inside and heard everyone hooting against Riddhima. They held her by her hands and dragged her out forcefully while they followed them outside. Riddhima struggled, trying her best to free herself from their hold but they were too strong for her, after all they were the, hefty, and muscular bouncers. They shoved her on the ground but she balanced before touching the ground. She turned to see everyone staring at her while she passed angry glared at them all.

She looked at the 2 story building and saw some light reflection on the window. She very well recognized the figure she saw in the reflection. Smirking, she headed for the ladder that was lying next to the entrance. She picked it up and put it directly underneath the window she saw the figure in. She hung the bag on her shoulder and got on to one of the steps, turning back

Riddhima: I’m a terrorist right!

Everyone: Come down!! (shouting)

Riddhima started climbing the steps of the ladder carefully while the rest were shouting yet in a low voice knowing that their boss was in an important meeting.  She climbed till she reached the window and she peeked inside. She saw Vansh, Kabir and a few other business partners seated and discussing. Kabir who was facing directly the window, widened his eyes and rubbed it once trying to confirm what he saw.

Business partner 1: So Mr Kabir, how far do you agree?

Kabir: Bhabhi! (lost looking at the window)

Business partner: Excuse me? Bhabhi? Whose?

Kabir: My Bhabhi!

Vansh: What nonsense Kabir, pay attention.

Kabir: Aree! You have to pay attention to the window and not me! Check (getting up)

Vansh who was sitting with his back facing the window, turned his chair and was aghast seeing Riddhima there. Riddhima understanding the situation put a huge smile on her face. Vansh got up and joined by Kabir went to the window with confusion. They saw the staff down and looked back at Riddhima.

Riddhima: Can you at least let me enter here!

Vansh helped her inside and she sighed after the tiring commotion. They looked at her with curiosity.

Vansh: Why are you here?

Riddhima: Your breakfast! (lifting the bag up)

Kabir: Why the window?

Riddhima: Your staff didn’t allow me to enter, so this was the only way.

Vansh: You could’ve called me?

Riddhima: My phone’s at home! I left it by mistake while chatting with Rihu.

Kabir: Like honestly the window? (giggling)

Riddhima: They thought I’m a terrorist, carrying a bomb in this bag. Ahh leave it! Breakfast? (cheerfully)

Vansh turned around, smiling at Riddhima’s antics and excused the meeting. The other left remaining with the trio in the room.

Vansh’s POV

My God! Riddhima got into the office through the window! (laughing) This girl is too cute, and terrorist! Seriously! My staff are half silly I don’t know why Kabir hired them. But it’s so sweet of her, she came here to give breakfast, she cares about me! (suspicion) Or wait does she have her own motive?

My staff denied my own wife!

Vansh’s POV Ends.

Vansh: Why didn’t you tell them you were my wife?

Riddhima: Umm because I didn’t want to. Anyway I wanted to talk to you. (removing the food)

Vansh: Hmm

Riddhima: Can I get back to my work? (hesitant)



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