Ghar Ek Mandir 13th August 2021 Written Episode Update : Genda in dilemma

Ghar Ek Mandir 13th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun walks to Anuradha and sats Mummy, Anuradha has pain in her knees, Varun says I didn’t like that girl, Anuradha says your father is praising her so much but what is that you didn’t like, Varun says she jas no brains, Nisha sees Kundan walk in and tries to stop them, Varun says she thinks hee temple work and our shop management is same thing and I told you she has lot of pride I didn’t like at all, Kundan hears that and says look Naveen’s wedding card and Pankhuri cancelled the wedding, Anrudha says girl cancelled, Kundan says she rejected, Naveen is smarter and earns more than Varun but still girl rejected, and girls likr Pankhuri are fulk of pride and not girls like Genda and also if we marry a girl like Genda who has no father its like good deed and she will listen to me and the family and so Varun dont do this, Genda is good girl for you.

Ramesh walks in and tells Kundan that Genda rejected, All at Agarwal family in shock. Kundan looks at the card and turns to Varun and asks what did he say to Genda, Varun says no, Kundan asks why she denied, and look this simple girl rejected you, how do you feel, and throws card at Varun, and says you couldn’t get a yes from a girl, Anuradha asks why did she deny, Ramesh says…
( Genda says Mummy you always so marry as per what you can handle, Kundan uncle is very rich and we can never bridge that gap and I don’t want this so no)

Kundan says she could talk to me but she rejected us, she insulted me and my family, I thought she is simple and sorted and for first time I took a copper as gold, Kundan looks at painting by Genda and says she rejected no worries, I will find a better looking and someone with more qualities.

Varun in his room, Anuradha ties black thread in his foot and says why are you angry, you anyways didn’t like her, Varun says how did she reject me, Anuradha says that girl proved by rejecting you taht she is not greedy, they are simple family and if a girl like her marries you would listen everything you say and Bunty also said she ia good looking, you made a mistake and your father is angry, Varun says what is my fault, Nisha says his stars might have issues, Varun says there isnt any, issue is with her brains, Anuradha says come sit have milk don’t stress, Varun thinks of Kundan’s harsh words, Anuradha gives him medicine, Varun gets another stroke, Anuradha puts a gold bangle in his mouth to calm him.

Genda asks Mummy to give her list and sees she is lost in her thoughts and walks to her and asks whats wrong, Mummy says nothing, Genda says I can see you are worried, Mummy says why wont I, you had such good proposal and you denied, you did wrong, Genda says you think it was in rush but it wasn’t and I did think of it and if I was wrong Maharaji would help me out and Kundan uncle is a good man he would understand.y decision and so lets forget this, Genda leaves

Kundan in his shop, with Varun and Manish, Manish says its lunch time, Kundan says I am not hungry you two eat, Kundan sees Varun restless and looks at him in anger, Vatun stops fidgetating, Manish says Papa don’t worry so much about her, we will find a good girl, Varun says yes there are so many, Kundan says people will start talking about you if you don’t get married in time, doctor said you are fine, Pradhanji walks in, to take his EMI, Kundan hands him money, and says count, Pradhan says you are in market, so you know Gupta’s son got rejected, Kundan says I did hear, Pradhan says look at this even girls are rejecting and Varun did you find anyone, Varun starts shaking, Pradhan asks what happened, Kundan says we are looking for girls, Pradhan says Varun marry whoever your father choose he has great eye, Pradhan leaves.
Varun thinks did I do wrong by showing attitude to Genda.

Varun’s friend says see you do want to marry, then why show attitude and didn’t she look pretty, Varun says she is but even I am, his friend says but your illness, she would take care of everything, see if you can do something now

Genda prays to Maharaji and drops some money in box and says its from my painting earning, Genda sees Varun praying beside her and says you are ignoring me you could say Hi, Varun says I thought you don’t want to talk me because you rejected without discussing, Genda says that day you and why is your hand injured, Varun says I got hurt while preparing necklace, Genda says you said we are different, Varun says I am sorry if you felt bad, Genda says you are right we are different, Varun says then would we be standing here in temple like this without shoes, and says look out our shoes are together there is no difference, Genda says my chappal is 150₹ and your 8000₹, Varun says me and my Papa don’t believe on status, Papa rejected all proposal and choose you and you rejected me which hurt my Dad, my father said he is getting Laxmi and ge meant you and now he thinks he made huge mistake understanding someone, Varun leaving smiling, Genda stops him, and says I am sorry, Varun says you didn’t do wrong to me, and if aren’t getting together we shouldn’t meet like this, people will start talking about us and me and my father wont like it, Varun leaves smiling.
Babaji says Maharaji is seeing everyone and knows everything, its a test, understand what he means.

Genda prays Maharaji I didn’t want to hurt them, was I wrong, is my decision right or wrong please help me.

Pre cap: Genda visits Kundan and tries to explain him her point, Kundan says you people have no patience.
Varun says she will keep listening to me like this all life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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