His Hostage in Love- Her Work, Her dream ep. 14 IMM2

Her work, her dream.

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His Hostage in Love- Nightmare ep.13 IMM2

The morning rose and brought its bright light in to their room. It kissed both their faces slightly waking them up. But the next thing that happened woke them up with a jolt. Vansh was on the floor fallen while Riddhima hit her head on the bed post.

Vansh: What the hell Kabir!! (wincing in pain)

Kabir: Oops it seems like I came at wrong time. You can go back to bed cuddling each other.

Riddhima: (throwing the pillow on him) You know now I also stay in this room! (anger)

Vansh: Kabir GET OUT! (shouting)

Kabir: But (interrupted)

Riansh: GET OUT!!

Kabir: Again same timing!!

Kabir went hurried outside after listening to their thunder-striking loud voices. While Vansh and Riddhima looked at each other, still sleepy. Vansh slowly got up as he rubbed his back and climbed back on the bed while Riddhima looked at him shockingly.

Riddhima’s POV

Ouch!!! I hit the bed post and just because of that cartoon Kabir! He just barges in as if this isn’t a room but a washroom! But the scene that I almost laughed at was when I saw Vansh on the floor with my sleepy eyes. Ignoring that, we both shouted at him at the same time. I wonder, Kabir he’s sometimes right, we have the same timing.

He went outside and I saw Vansh wincing in pain and getting up. Poor him…..but not poor him! What is trying to do, he’s coming back on the bed, near me! What is this guy doing? Has he lost it by falling on the floor? I shouted at him

Riddhima’s POV ends

Riddhima: What are you doing!!! (shouting)

Vansh hearing her loud shout again fell down from the bed and winced in pain as he hit his back on the floor with extreme force. Riddhima let a shriek out and covered her mouth, looking at him with guilt. He looked at her back and was lost in those beautiful eyes that held concern for him and somewhere tiny bits of love. He sighed

Vansh: I guess no one’s going to let me sleep peacefully! Riddhima seriously why did you have to shout? (trying to get up)

Riddhima: I was just… just wondering what you were going to do as you were coming back on the bed. (hesitating)

Vansh: (as if reading her thoughts) You definitely didn’t think I was going to do that right? (getting no reply) Really? This what you think of me? (hurt)

Riddhima: No not at all it’s just that it was too sudden, I didn’t know what exactly was happening so. I’m sorry.

Vansh: Forget it. It’s fine.

Vansh stood up slowly and as soon as he turned to stand up straight, his back sent some current which made him shout in pain. Riddhima went to him and offered him to have a seat but him being VR didn’t take her help and went to the bathroom. Riddhima frowned at his behavior and went to the wardrobe to get some decent clothed for herself.

Vansh exited the bathroom with lots of difficulty which was noticed by Riddhima. She went to him and offered help again, trying to cover for her mistake.

Riddhima: Come sit down on the bed, I’ll help you reduce the pain.

Vansh: Umm no it’s fine, don’t worry.

Riddhima: Just come. Sit! (pushing him gently on the bed)

Riddhima went and got some ointment and went behind him on the bed, kneeling. She hesitated when she realized that she’d have to take off his shirt. Riddhima slowly back hugged him while Vansh stared at her, both drowning in their eyes sharing an eye lock. Her hands did the job of unbuttoning his shirt and she pulled it off absent-mindedly. Vansh eyed her lips and then adored her face. She bent her face down on his back and planted few soft kisses while he closed his eyes, shuddering on her touch. He smiled at the effect she had on him. She hugged him from the back, tightly while he wrapped his hands around her hands, pulling her closer. He smiled, living the moment however he was pulled out of his trance when Riddhima

Riddhima: Why are you smiling like an idiot?

Vansh: What…wait what! (looking around) Gosh! (thinking) A dream but beautiful!

Riddhima: What’s wrong with you?

Vansh: Nothing! You can carry on

Riddhima took some ointment and massaged his back gently. Vansh relaxed at her touch while his pain subsided eventually, giving him some relief.

Aaram de dil ko mere, Mere paas aa,

Mar mar ke jee raha hoon , ye bhi sun le sada

She stopped and he signed her that it worked. He relaxed his back and did some exercises. Riddhima taking the opportunity

Riddhima: Vansh I wanted to talk to you, it’s important.

Vansh: Sure go on. By the way  even I want to. (thinking) I need to talk her about last night

Riddhima: So Vansh I was wondering if I could go back….(stopped)

Vansh: Sorry, I’ve got an important call. I’ll be busy for now but later we’ll talk. Bye Ms Pretty face.

Riddhima’s POV

I started talking to him but then his super important call arrived in the middle. I wanted to talk to him as it was really important. About my passion, my dream and my love; my work, designing. Would mom still allow me to work? For them it’s a real marriage but for us it’s just a one month deal, I don’t know if she’ll allow. I can’t leave my work for this fake marriage, I have to do something.

I need to have Vansh, Kabir and Ishani di on my side, then I can easily convince mom. So for that, my mission convince for work starts! Let’s go Riddhima!

Riddhima’s POV ends

She went and got ready. She came out in thoughts related to her work and stepped down, joining Anupriya and Ishani at the dining table for breakfast. Anupriya noticing her lost decided to talk to her.

Anu: Riddhima, are you fine? (concern)

Riddhima: Mom, where’s Vansh? Has he left?

Ishani: Yea, he and Kabir both left. That too without eating his breakfast.

Riddhima: (murmuring) breakfast….office! I’ll go give them mom! (excitingly)

Anu: Sure!

Riddhima: Of course! I’ll go and pack for them. (she went to the kitchen) Am I not behaving like a typical wife…packing food and all? (questioning herself) Forget it, at least I’ll get the opportunity to meet Vansh and talk to him about it.

Riddhima received text from Rihanna and she messaged back.

Rihanna: Hey Riddhu! How’s everything?

Riddhima: All good, there?

Rihanna: In control for now, but I hope you’ll soon be coming.

Riddhima: Of course. I will.

Rihanna: Coming to work?

Riddhima: I want to but I’m not sure if they’ll allow.

Rihanna: Riddhima Shah, the girl who fought for her dream to be accomplished is right now trying to know if she could work or not! How? And most importantly why? I thought you were a free girl who would do what she liked.

Riddhima: I still am Rihu, but I think its different now. If I want I can still do without asking or anything but I don’t mom and the rest to feel hurt with my actions. Anyway it’s just for one month!

Rihanna: One month….?

Riddhima: I mean (diverting) one month till we move out. (to herself) Shit what did I write!

Rihanna: Are you sure Riddhu?

Riddhima: I am, but for now I’ve got to go, see you later. Bye!

Riddhima left chatting and packed the food. She thought of Rihanna’s words….why was she so thoughtful about a family that she was going to leave in a month?


Through the window?

Question: Do you really think Riddhima has changed her way of living…her personality changed?

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