A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 3)

A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (Epi-3)
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The episode starts with Raunak and Akshay reach office . They go to their respective cabins (Akshay also works in same office as general manager.)
Raunak sits in the chair and thinks about the scenes between him and kajal and smiles.
Akshay sits in his chair and says seeing her photo in purse “Kitnae bi koshish karo tumse door jaane ka tu paas me aathiu Kaira”.

In college everyone is writing exam. Kajal suddenly stops writing and thinks about raunak and smiles. Kaira sees Kajal smiling and says “di ko kya ho gaya?”
It is afternoon Raunak and Akshay comes to home for lunch to their homes.
Raunak gets in and sees nobody is there. So he goes to Akshay’s home and sees Akshay and radhika (akshya’s mother) and surprises them.He too joins them. Radhika feeds both Raunak and Akshay. They share sweet moments
Raunak and Akshay goes to Raunak’s house to take some files.
In Raunak’s house
Janki: Pandit ji This is so important pooja Plzz do it soon
Pandit :ji janki ji don’t worry about that but just get the things I said and he leaves.
Raunak :ma pooja for what?
Janki :Beta it is for u and for our company U should be there in pooja it is my request.
Raunak : ma Why r u requesting me I will surely be in pooja.
Harish (mamaji): Di everything is ready but where we will get sweets.
Raunak: Mamaji get in Kajal sweet shop.(with more excitement)
Janki : ok harish get from the shop where raunak said.
Rauank goes upwards to take files.
Janki : What Akshay why Raunak says to buy from this sweet shop. Is anything related to this sweet shop.
Akshay : No aunty ji nothing last time we got from the same shop he liked the sweets so he is saying to buy the sweets from there.
Janki leaves
Raunak comes. They go and sit in the car and the car moves.
They reach office
It is evening
Akshay in phone “I said right I need the same flowers I no need excuses. Get me the same flowers”
Raunak hears that and says “Flowers for bhabhi ji ?”
Akshay: stop it rauank. Not for bhabhi ji fo ma ji
Raunak : Aunty ji ?
Akshay : s ma told me to get some flowers for pooja
Raunak : ok let’s go come.
Akshay : where? Oh! Accha beta Kajl ko dekhnae k liyae. I understood
Raunak : stop teasing me and come let’s go
Akshay and Raunak reach college.
On seeing them Neethi and sanjana comes and hugs them .
Neethi : Bro what r u doing her.
Akshay: vo we came to pick u two.
Raunak searches kajal
Suddenly vinay crosses raunak calls him.
Raunak : vinay. How did u write the exam ?
Vinay sees neethi and smiles.
Akshay drags neethi and tells her to sit inside. He scowls at vinay
Sanjana teases neethi and she blushes.
Rauank : Where r ur two sisters?
Vinay : They will be coming.
On seeing vinay and Rauank Kaira comes ther with kajal.
Raunak stares at her
Raunak : hi kajal how did u write the exam.
Kajal : nice sir.
On seeing Kaira akshay turns towards the car and speaks with sanjana.
Kaira on seeing akshay tries to avoid him.
Kajal : sir aap what r u doing her?
Raunak : V came to pickup neethi and sanjan.
Kajal : ok sir it’s getting late we have to move and they moves.
Raunak :Kajal .
Kajal: s sir
Rauank : u r looking beautiful
Kajal feels shy and says Thank u and leaves.
Kajal and Kaira get in the scooty and raunak ,akshay,sanjana, neethi leaves in the car.
They all reach their respective homes.
Kajal and kaira gets inside the home and gets blessings from kajal’s father and says about their exams.
In rauank’s house
Raunak gets inside the house and gets blessings from Janki
Janki : Beta go and get fresh and come and have some food.
Raunak : ok ma and leaves.
It is night
In kajal’s house
Vinay is speaking with neethi in phone.
Kaira : di finally we wrote all our exams so now from today v r free birds.
Kajal : no Kaira hereafter we should help papa in money matters. V have to get good job, start our own business , need to settle all the and marriage.
Kaira : oh! With raunak sir.
Kajal : Kaira !! stop it.
Kaira : so in kajal di ki heart the post for lover is vacant. So any body can come inside and can give application.
Kajal: No kaira.
Kaira: so somebody is there.
Kajal (after few seconds) : s
Kaira : oh really !!! who is he?
Kajal: vo!! r r r Kaira with great excitement.
Kajal : ranveer singh.
Kaira : what ?
Kajal and kaira fights with pillow.
In raunak’s house
Raunak and akshay are speaking with each in sitting in garden
Akshay : so raunak when u r going to say about ur love to kajal.
Raunak: I am waiting for best situation.
Akshay : But how long
Raunak: The distance between 2 hearts is not an obstacle, it is a beautiful reminder of just how strong true love can be.
Akshay : What a poet !!
Raunak : Poet?
Akshay : s man.
Rauank: What about ur love?
Akshay : no I don’t love anyone
Rauank : no u r lying. If u don’t love anyone why u have someone’s photo in ur purse
Akshay :S Raunak I love Kaira. But My love won’t succeed.
Raunak : why?
Akshay cries and leaves.
The scene shifts to kajal’s home they r fighting with pillow
Kajal :stop stop what about ur love.
Kaira : di plss don’t speak about akshay. I loved him more than my parents but he is just an cheetar.A heartless person.
She cries and hugs Kajal.
Precap:Raunak and akshay change the sweets.
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  1. Santhiya nyc episode.well done.

  2. Santhiya if u know plz tell me silsila pyaar ka 6th january episode rajal dance song name.which song is this??or it s a film song??

    1. Aparna i am sorry i don’t know but i will search and say .

  3. Hey santhiya, this off is much interesting than the real one…… Actually I was fed up off janki’s acts…… Bdw nice writing:)

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  4. Plz next epi writen update quickly…plz
    Am a big fan of kajal n raunak..
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