Pyar ki Roshni:(chapter-5)

Hi..frndss…first let me reveal myself i am ur roshini ur old writer rose is my nickname. I didnt like concealing my identity so i just revealed it…i was happt as i saw my last ff s last epi 50 of love ya fate aur life of marriage omg!!!56 cmnts overwhelmed!!!thnkq all….

Bt this ff is nt getting much response if u r nt liking plzz tell i will change d plot or just quit….


Roshni:hmm.frndss that was used to happen bw me n kunj bt it was memorable nly loving heart feels it….bt at dat time it was nt right to knew…with all much of effort i concentrated on my studies as it was my life also bt wnever i paused nly one thing hit me KUNJ…
I hw cone did well n finished my exams wonderfully as i was finally dying to get back to those plays of us dat is looking eo,gazing silently eo,missing eo, running frm eo, n finally loving eo…!!!!
It was our farewell as we all hv to leave our schuls though i had lots of feeling fr him i thinks it was nly attraction nly dat thought always held ne back to express myself to him…bt d day was memorable our farewell as i gt ready in morning…i removed my chashma n dressed myself in white long frock n loose hair with a simple diamond jewelry m went to function every1 were shocked to see me as a nerd bubbly like me was looking sooo hot dat day…every1 jaws dropped n hit the floor i just smiled to myself seeing thm n went n sit nxt to my frnd who always used to be with me as i knw she was my nly frnd who talked to me openly in schul.
Aftr d function got over thr was many emotional talks n sobbings asusual on every farewell i tooo felt sad wn i was also at the verge of crying i saw uv signing me to come a side..i went…

T:wt uv..
U:ru crying??
T:hmm..actually i am getting emotional..k y u calld me..
U:meri ma actually u r twinkling like a star today yaar looking soo gud n hottt..lije never bfre..
T:hott??(i was surprised as it was my first cmnt frm a guy)
U:hmm ya..let me tell u…onething..
I gave a questioning look to him as he immediately took out a rose n kneeled down..
U:i think i never felt it b4 its love at first sight in u..i think i love u…
I was happy n puzzled coz an ugly fatty nerd girl like me cant expect love frm a guy dat to a direct proposal i was surprised also knew it wqs attraction as uv was my gud frnd ..i slightly tapped on gis head n took d rose.
T:nice rose…thnkq. .u r too fimly nw get up…
He woke up n was eager fr my answer. .
Thn i took out a yellow rose n gave it to him. He understood wt i meant .
U:bt forever na…
T:s..uv u r my frnd forever…
We had a friendly side hug n thn i came back i was happy as uv us soo matured he understands me easily n a very nice guy bt i thunk i m lucky to hv a frnd like him. .even nw he is with me…
Aftr a whilr function gt over n we were hving food as i n my frnd were hving food with my teachers as i told na i was bright student n every teachers pet…i was wit thm..

As my frnd(i am telling frnd coz her name ll be revealed later)dragged me to aside..
N told me to meet my classmate sahil as he was waiting fr me since long…she informed me to come back to dance stage i went to see wt was d matter again yaar i was on cloud 100 one more proposal i was unable to believe it….no guy liked me bt today 2 proposals as u knw et i wuld hv answered he had nting to do unless to accept it…
I cane back m saw my frnd giggling at me i hit her on her head n asked to shut up i told her wt happnd…she said i am really a weird piece n bookworm…sss she us righg hw can i think of others if i like kunj a huge huge huuuggggeee crush on him….
Haaa…wrs he??i saw him nly in mrng thn i didnt noticed him as i was searching him i saw him near stage of course wt else gazing at me…fr once i thought if kunn wukd hv proposed me i wuld hv accepted bt i was expecting him to do so…wn he started walking towards me i was hell nervous i thought did he heard me..ohh god wt if he proposes hw to react all t here….oh…
As he came near me i heard a announcement fr couple salsa ..
K:will u??
He asked by forwarding his he was nt making eye contact as he was seeing elsewr ..
T:i..i..dnt knw hw to dance…
K:i m here na..

He dragged me to stage b4 i culd speak…
My favorite sanam re was playing he made his hand to ny waist n made me put my hand on his shoulder he hugged ne slightly n danced…every min of dat was heaven fr me i wished it wulf long frevee hope d time wuld stop earth shuld stop at this moment i felt many butterflies in my stomach i was so near to him as i was lost smwr he whispered in ny ears….like a honey
K:hmm looking gud today so many proposals in one day hope u r happy…

I was shocked how he knows abt he following me..y so??do he likes me alsо

****chapter 5 ends,*****
Hope u like it sry if ut is short i hv reults tnrw…guys pray fr me…n plz comment n support me of u dnt like it plz tell me i ll quit…
N thnks fr all who cmnted n read my ff…


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