Tashan aur twists (episode 21)

Hey guys… I know m very late.. bt as I had said I was very ill.. n our festive season is goin on bt truly to say I took out this time for writing an episode.. I m not boasting myself… bt just coz of my habit of bakbak.. now I shld stop my bakbak.. so here we go with episode 21…

Scene 1(SM)

Usha is talking on call (remember wen kunj agreed for marriage she got a call..) she talks for sometime bt then she gets a trauma n she faints down… with a scream.. nhiiiiii… the person cuts the call n sometime later.. usha gains consciousness n calls the person… they talk for sometime n then (after the call ends) usha smirks…

Scene 2(coffee shop)

Kunj n twinkle hve bought sweets bt they go to coffee shop besides the sweet shop n sit there.. both r equally tensed for the blackmailer’s nxt call.. uv goes to hospital.. they murmur so much in tension that ppl around think them to b mad.. n suddenly again kunj’s phne rings.. n yess it’s the blackmailer’s call with the unknown no. kunj picks up the phne shivering with fear…
K stammering- h.. he.. hell.. hello..
Voice- ohh.. hi.. y r u stammering?? M not gonna eat u up… u just do as I say..
K- wat hve I to do???.. still stammering..
V- so now coming to the point… u hve to pay 50000/- to the designer dress boutique.. coz.. no cozes.. jus pay the amount der.. n then 4000/- to the royal garden café.. n 6000/- to feelings gift centre n the total comes to 60000/- n now I know in tension u wont remember all the amounts so I’ve already msged u..
K- omggg!!!! 60000/-!!! No no no waittt… I’ll do as u say…
V- hmmm good.. bt u might not hve thought that for y will the shopkeepers take the money u give without any purchases.. so u just hve to do 1 thing that is.. wherever u go to pay money u hve to tell the cashier.. ”UR EMPTY BILL” do u get me..????
K- umm.. hmmm.. yess.. I understood… I’ll do that bt give me some time.. coz I don’t hve that much amount..
V- yea.. sure.. u hve got time till 2moro evening 6:30 pm..
K- ohh.. thnk u so much for the time.. I’ll pay the amts respectively.. bt plz don’t leak out the secret.. plzzzzz… I beg..
V- u don’t need to beg.. just complete the work n u r free.. n never ever call or text or try to find out abt me or else u know wat I can do…
K- hmm yess I’ll try my best.. n yess I wont do that…
Person cuts call..
K- hello hello.. maybe the call is cut..
T- wat happened.. wat has he said now??
K- he has asked me to pay some bills to different places…
T- watt.. billsss??? Wat kind of bills n wer hve they to b paids… speak up kunj.. plz…
K- shows her the phne with the msg of bill amts n places..
T- watt???? Ok ok.. waitt I hve got 25000/- in my drawer at home n right now m having 4000/- so I hve got 29000/-… how much hve u got right now??
K- wat r u saying..?? hve u gone mad.. y r u goin to give any amt..??
T- coz m ur wife.. n ur prblms r mine as well.. n I hve all the right to get u out of prblm..
K- hugs twinkle.. u r my best choice.. I hve the got the best perfect wife for myself..
T- kunj.. tysm for the compliment.. bt how much amt hve u got…??
K- umm.. right now I hve got 7000/- n at home I’ve kept some 23000/-.. so totally 30000/- n urs 29000/- so 59000/- n now we need only 1000/-..
T- umm that’s cool.. so.. right now we’ve got 11000/- so first u go n pay 6000/- to feelings gift center n 4000/- to royal garden café.. till then we’ll get our money from our homes n I’ll arrange for the remaining 1000/-… okk??
K- ohkk then I’ll go n pay there…
Both leave to their works..

Scene 3(hosp)

Uv is sitting in his cabin.. relaxing his hands above his head n stretching himself to free himself from stress… he thinks.. I m so sorry kunj- twinkle.. m really sorry lekin mujhe bohut maza aaya playing prank with u… flashback…

Party night.. wen uv is not able to sleep.. he thinks that he shld get his n chinki’s marriage suits’ bill paid by kunj.. bt if he wld ask him directly to do his work then he shall do it bt wd taunt me n ask me y cant I pay the amt n all.. so I think I shld do prank of blackmailing him..

N wen he calls kunj for blackmailing.. he uses his spare phne whose no he has given to no-one.. n at the same time while talking/blackmailing he uses his common no n gives 2 missed calls to kunj… n then he thinks that he shld ask him to pay their date bill n gifts’ bill also..
Fb ends…

Uv to himself- I m really sorry kunj.. for giving u tension sort of thing bt truly to say I m jus pranking..

Scene 4

In the evening..
Kunj n twinkle meet in a park..
T- I’ve brought 25000/-.. n hve u paid the bills..??
K- yes.. ma’am I’ve paid 2 bills..
T- ohhkkk very good.. n now its too late to pay the other bill.. yet I’ve brought the money.. u take it n tomorrow morning pay the last bill.. okk??
K- okk.. now lets go home..
T- yea.. lets go home.. coz maa n chinki wld take it wrong.. so lets go fast..
K- arre tu hi itni baate kregi to late tu hi kr rhi h na..
Pulling kunj to the car..
T- ab baitho car mein.. aur chalo…
They leave..

Precap- nisha’s entry..

Hope ull liked it!! Plzzz do comment!!! N I know there r lot of suspense, surprise n shock bt I promise u that ull end up with lot emotions n I hope on top of all ull be happy with my work..!!!

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