Her Mr. Charming ~ A Twinj Three Shot ( Shot II )

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” Excuse me. ” Everyone looked up to see doctor Aakash standing there.

” Yes? ” Dhruv asked as all stood up and looked at the doctor.

” I’m really sorry.. We tried our best but we couldn’t save Mr. Sarna.. ” Aakash replied while bowing his head down, leaving everyone shattered.

“Noo.. Kunj..” Twinkle shouted as she fall down on her knees.

” No, this can’t happen. You’re lying, right? That Sadu has only asked you to lie to me, na? ” Twinkle shouted as all started crying.

” Twinkle, sambhal apne aap ko. Why would the doctor lie. Try to understand. Kunj.. He’s no more.. ” Dhruv said, with tears in his eyes, while shaking Twinkle as she cried like never before.

” Kunj, why did you leave me? KUNJ… Noo.. ”


” Noo.. ” Twinkle yelled as she opened her eyes and everyone looked at her, worried.

” What happened, Twinkle? ” Maya asked, but before she could answer, she was interrupted.

” Excuse me. ” They all looked up at the doctor as Twinkle’s heart raced.

” Um.. Mr. Sarna has gained consciousness and you all will be glad to know that there is no damage done to his brain. It’s perfectly fine. ” All sighed relieved and Twinkle felt content for the first time after that call.

” But..” That grabbed everyone’s attention as Twinkle grew worried.

” But what, doc? ” Maya asked nervously.

The doctor sighed before continuing, ” Actually, his face has a lot of bruises. Most of them are minor but, three of them are very bad and I’m afraid that there’s some internal tissue damage. Two of them are on his forehead and one on his right cheek. To cure them, we have to do a surgery. ” Everyone was shocked to hear this, especially Twinkle.

” After that surgery, will there be any after-effects? ” Manohar asked the question which was on everyone’s mind.

” No and Yes. ” Seeing everyone’s questioning faces, the doctor explained, ” See, out of these three wounds, the one on the cheek has the least damage. So, it will not become a scar. But about the other two, I can’t say anything. There may be scars; temporary scars or… permanent ones. ” He ended, leaving Twinkle numb. She could never imagine even a single scratch on such a handsome face, let alone a scar.

” Now, if anyone of you wants to meet him, you may. ” The doctor said as the others looked at Twinkle.

” Papa ji, mummy ji, you should go and meet him. ” Twinkle said.

” No puttar. He needs his strength right now and that’s you. Now go and meet your Kunj. ” Usha said, while Manohar nodded.

Twinkle smiled weakly and felt blessed to have got such good in-laws, before following the doctor.

” Mrs. Sarna, you may go in now. ” The doctor said as he came out of Kunj’s room after 15 minutes. Twinkle nodded as the doctor left.

Twinkle’s heart dropped to her stomach as she entered into the room to see HIM, her Kunj, lying on the bed with his eyes closed. She went and sat on the stool beside the bed quietly.

” Kunj… ” Twinkle whispered as a lone tear escaped from her eye.

Kunj opened his eyes slightly to see HER, his life, his Twinkle, sitting near him .

” Twin..kle.. ” Kunj murmured weakly.

Twinkle clasped his pale hand in hers and kissed it with so much love that even Kunj’s eyes got filled with tears.

” Twinkle, I kn..ow what the doc…ter has said about the..the surgery. I know I might never look again the way you loved..it… I’m sorry.. ” Kunj said in a weak tone as Twinkle put a finger on his lips, preventing him from continuing.

” Don’t you dare continue, Mr. Kunj Sarna. It’s not your fault, got it? And who said that you won’t look the same? For me, you are the most handsome man on the Earth and will always be. You are my Mr. Charming, remember? ” Twinkle ended with a smile, making Kunj smile too. But soon his smile vanished.

” What happened to your elbow, Twinkle? ” Kunj asked with a frown.

” Nothing Kunj. It’s just a scratch. You leave all this, okay? ” But Kunj is Kunj. He shook his head in a big NO and then took hold of her elbow and kissed it gently, slightly hissing in pain due to the injuries.

” Here. Now it’s ok. ” He said happily, making Twinkle smile. Both were lost in each other’s eyes, as if seeing them for the first time.

But before things could escalate, a knock broke the spell as doctor Aakash came in and smiled seeing them.

” Ah.. sorry to disturb you, love birds. ” Aakash said with a naughty smile.

” Aakash..” Kunj tried his best to glare at him as Twinkle blushed light pink.

” Wait.. Kunj, you know each other? ” Twinkle asked as she looked at Kunj and then at Aakash.

” Apart from being his doctor, I’m also his college friend. ” Aakash replied as Kunj nodded and the trio smiled.

” Anyways, there’s something that I have to tell you guys. We can start the surgery tomorrow evening. ” Aakash announced, making Twinkle tensed again.

Kunj slightly squeezed her hand reassuringly, as she sighed and smiled a bit.

” Okay Kunj, it’s time for your medicines. So I’ll go and send a nurse. And Twinkle, come soon. Bye. ” Aakash winked as both blushed, before he went out, laughing.

” I love you, Kunj. Bye, I’ll see you in the morning. ” Twinkle said as she kissed his bandaged head, while a single tear rolled down her cheek.

” Twinkle, don’t cry.. ” Kunj wiped the tear and kissed her palm, again hissing in pain. ” Now don’t worry, okay? And don’t cry again, for my sake. You’re my strength, no? And yeah, I love you too, my Siyappa Queen. ”

Twinkle giggled and kissed his cheek, ” Good night, Sadu. ” She whispered in her ear as both smiled, before Twinkle left and the nurse came to give Kunj his medicines.

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