My first love -Twinj ff Episode 6

Next morning kunj himself came to twinkle’s apartment to pick her. He called her down and said he was waiting there. Twinkle came wearing black crop top and blue jeans. Even kunj was wearing black full sleeves T-shirt and faded jeans. Both were looking hot in their attires. Kunj noticed she was coming without bags.

Kunj : madam ka luggage kaha hai….

There comes yuvi with three large suitcases .He was looking like coolie…. Kunj suppressed his laugh, but seeing the luggage he thought that yuvi also coming with them. Both greeted kunj.

Kunj: yuvi par maine do ticket hi book kiya…. Aur all tickets are already booked…. Tum hamare saath nahi aa sakthi ….. Tera luggage wapas le jao…

Yuvi: sir aapse kisne kaha ki mai tum dono ke saath aa raha hu….. Ee saara luggage twinkle ka hai…

Kunj: what we are just going for only 2 weeks

Twinkle : I know that….

Yuvi kept the luggage at the back and insisted that he will also come to airport. Kuvi were sitting in the front while twinkle was sitting in the back seat. Kunj was stealing glances of twinkle from rear view mirror. Yuvi noticed it but kept silent.

They reached airport and flight is in half an hour.

Yuvi: so all the best sir…. And twinki apna kyaal rakhna….

He was going to hug twinkle but kunj dragged him and gave him a bone crushing hug as warning to keep distance with Twinkle. Both twivi looked  at each other and smirked as their plan was working. Both twinj boarded the flight. Twinkle was continuously talking which irked kunj. After sometime she slept. Kunj felt that at once he came to a peaceful place. They reached shimla. Both left to the hotel. Unfortunately there was only one room available there.So they have to adjust there. But twinkle arranged a partition with the help of her scarfs. Kunj was surprised as she brought nearly 20 scarfs.

Kunj : why you brought these many scarfs.. .

Twinkle : I heard that in shimla there will be severe cold, so I brought them…

Kunj mentally snapped himself and went to washroom to fresh up. Later both took some rest. In the evening twinkle arranged her clothes in closet. Later she tried to arrange kunj clothes but messed them all…

Kunj: siyappa queen tumse ek kaam bhi tikh se nahi hoga……

Twinkle eyes turned glassy as after a long time she heard that from his mouth. In childhood he used to tease her with that name. To avoid that awkward moment kunj went outside for some fresh air. Twinkle arranged his things and at night both had their dinner. And slept.

Next morning kunj was trying his best to wake up twinkle but she was in no mood to wake up.

Kunj: meri maa. Uto dher ho raha hai hume.. .

Twinkle : just two minutes…..

Kunj: okk….

He went to washroom. After twinkle woke up and just then kunj came outside shirtless and a towel around his waist. She was shamelessly staring at his abs. Kunj lifted his eyebrow and said

Kunj: if ur staring over just go and get ready in 20 minutes.

She jumped from bed and rushed to washroom. Kunj smiled at her childish antics.


Sorry for the crap…. .Bear me….

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    Episode was superb love this side of possessive kunj ????????
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    Amazing chappy dear, and please dont call it a crap. Am loving it and loving to see a possessive side of Kunj.
    Lovely chapter. 🙂

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    Cute episode

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