Hello Pratibha 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaashi asks Mahen if he has heard which deal she is talking about. Mahen says he agrees about anything. Kaashi says she wants to marry her daughter from this home. Mahen says alright and asks Kaashi to be quiet. Pushpa leaves. Kaashi asks what he did, he says he did it all for her. He has lost the case, this is the only way to send Pushpa out. Mahen says he is really tensed as he has lost the case and goes inside.
In the room, Kaashi prays. Sunidhi says to her that Pushpa changed Pratibha, she has started to replying her and make Mahen against her even. Kaashia agrees that Pratibha has changed. Sunidhi says Pushpa is responsible for this all. Sunidhi says they have to break Pratibha and Pushpa’s relation now. Kaashi is determined that she will do it anyway.
The next morning, Pushpa comes to kitchen and says her coffee’s aroma is spread all the way to her room. She came here by herself. Kaashi shouts for tea, Pratibha gives Pushpa her coffee and takes tea for Kaashi as well. Sunidha says to Kaashi that Pushpa’s coffee first and hers later. Pratibha gives Kaashi the tea, Kaashi was about to say something, when Anmol comes and says his clothes have gone wet. Peehu says he isn’t going to school today then. Anmol says he can’t go to school this way. Pushpa asks Pratibha to let her bunk, Kumar and Namrita are coming and will be happy to meet the kids. Sunidhi says how can Pushpa decide this. Kaashi says he won’t bunk the school, but Anmol insists. Kaashi says it is her decision that Anmol will bunk the school. Pushpa smiles. Kaashi says no one will celebrate Holi here, Sanjeev also come to argue but Kaashi leaves, Sunidhi following her. Pratibha says to Anmol that she will talk to his papa. Sunidhi whispers to Kaashi that none of her decision will be respected now.
Pratibha comes to the room to Mahen. She says that chachi will go now after the wedding. We celebrate Holi each year, neighbours will now get something to talk about them this year as well. Children also are preparing for the event. Kaashi and Sunidhi watched from the window. Mahen gets up and heads to leave. Kaashi says her son has gone, she will now see Pratibha but Mahen turns and says if children want so, she must tell her what to bring, he will sent it. Pratibha smiles and leaves the room. Sunidhi says to Kaashi that after Pushpa’s arrival, Pratibha has got a lot of courage and now her full family is coming.
Namrita argues with a cab driver, her dad says he won’t betray her anyway. Namrita says to dad, these drivers think of a girl coming from airport as really rich. Her dad asks how much they need to pay to him, the driver says 375. Namrita asks dad to give him 100 extra to buy gifts to his children for Holi.
Her dad looks at the name of house, Namrita says she is too excited, let’s go inside. Her dad says he so wanted to see this home again. Pushpa opens the door, and hugs with great excitement. Namrita tells Pushpa she went straight from airport to pick dad. She asks where is everyone at home. The family appear. Namrita say hi, then Namaste to everyone. Namrita guess Kaashi as bari-maa. Pratibha comes to greet them, she recognizes her as Pratibha and says she is really pretty. Namrita says she missed this family reunion so much, she still remembers the bond of dad and him, when he used to ride cycle and dad saved him from scoldings. Chacha asks how is he, Mahen smiles, says he is alright and touches his feet. He asks Pratibha too, Sanjeev also takes the blessings. Kaashi stops Sunidhi.
Namrita brings gifts to everyone, Mahen denies. Pratibha asks Mahen to take the gift, he accepts it. Namrita teases that he took it when Pratibha said. Mahen asks Pratibha to do good arrangements for the dinner. Namrita asks to pack everything, Sunidhi couldn’t stop herself from asking about her gift. Namrita asks who is she, asks Pushpa as well. Pushpa says she is the wife of her younger brother, Namrita says I am so sorry. They all go inside, Peehu tries to cheer Sunidhi offering her to share her gift but Sunidhi says what would be the taste of the girl who likes her mom so much.
Chachi stops Kaashi, she turns to him. He smiles and comes into the room to her. He asks her to spit this anger now, time has spent. Kaashi says time has been spent, but he still remembers her, the family and everyone. He has come back to take his share, he says he hasn’t come to take his share or anything, but for his daughter.
Namrita asks Pushpa in her room that she isn’t the one to forget, why she didn’t tell her anything about Sunidhi. Pushpa asks why should she tell her, she must live here and see through her own eyes. She asks her to call them bhabi as they are elder. Namrita says she was so right about Pratibha bhabi, she is so pretty and cute. Pratibha comes into the room with Namrita’s breakfast.
Chacha says to Kaashi that his daughter should get married from this house, the house of her elders. Doesn’t she feel this is right, does she agree. He asks her.
Namrita says to Pushpa that she will learn to wear saree soon. Pratibha asks Namrita to eat some more, Namrita says she has already taken a lot and gets involved with her maa again. Pratibha watches them and thinks there must be a same relation among her and Peehu as well.

PRECAP: In the holi celebration, Sunidhi takes the chance and mix something in Namrita and Pratibha’s drink.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What is the matter with Sunidhi,this is all she can think about.She does not even take care of her child ,all she does is to ignite fire in her Mother in law head.Look what she wants to do mix something in her drink.Why are these writers always make a left turn by doing evil things.

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