Jamai Raja 6th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 6th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sid asking Roshni to get out of his house. Raj asks him to calm down and asks him to find out who sent this morphed MMS. Sid asks him what all he should find out, he is a business tycoon and not a detective. He says she wanted to ruin his life, now he will himself and sas he does not need Roshni is life and will live in dark now and asks her to get out. She leaves with male-faced DD and Naani.

Naani at home asks Roshni not to believe MMS as it may be morphed and asks her to believe Sid. DD in her husky male voice asks her to stop brainwashing Roshni and tells Sid always lied and he will continue lying. Yash senses the situation and says he will leave now, asks Roshni to call him if she needs help. DD thanks him and tells Roshni that Yash is very humble and Sid very arrogant, she should see the difference.

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Ugly minded Kritika tells Sid that there is some misunderstanding and she will speak to Roshni. He ignores her and continues looking at file. Raj asks Sid to calm down and says Roshni is innocent, has been provoked by someone and they both will go and clear it. Simran who is still dumb selfish aunt asks Raj to stop defending Roshni. Sid tells Raj he is right Roshni is innocent, he will meet her and leaves. Raj tries to stop him, but he does not. He thinks don’t know what this boy will do.

Sid reaches Roshni’s house. Naani opens door. He touches her feet and asks where is Roshni. She says she is in room. Roshni is still in a shocked mood after being confronted by Sid for the first time (she was thinking Sid will dance on her tunes always). Sid enters room and drags her out. Naani asks where is he taking Roshni. He says to give happiness to Roshni and walks out. Naani thinks where he must have taken her.

Sid reaches family court with Roshni. Roshni asks why did he bring her here. Sid calls lawyer and asks if all the formalities are finished. Lawyer says yes and says judge wants to meet them once before approving divorce. Roshni is shocked and asks what is it. Sid says he is doing what she wanted and says when she cannot trust him and does not want to stay with him, then it is better to accept her demand and divorce her. Roshni shockingly watches him walking out.

Kritika walks into her room sadly, sees Rajveer and laughs. She says their plan finally is working. He says her plan of acting as Sid’s sister and getting hit by him, etc, worked well.

Judge counsels Roshni and Sid. He jokes at first and asks why don’t want to divorce when they got love marriage. Sid tries to speak, but Roshi interferes. Judge asks Roshni to speak. She says Sid trapped her by acting as poor. He asks what does she mean. She says she hates rich. Judge asks if rich have horns. Sid laughs. Judge asks him to stop laughing. Sid tells about DD trying to get Roshni married to some one else and acting as getting heart attack, etc., but they marrying crossing all the hurdles. Judge continues counseling. He asks if Sid left his rich life and came to stay in her house. Roshni says it is a tricky question and asks Sid to explain. Sid tells how he united her and her mom, she getting noodles, etc as grocery and they preparing maggie on candle. He asks if they used to eat sitting in different corners. Sid tells together. Judge continues continues and asks when were they intimate together, apologizes for asking personal question. Roshni says 2 days ago. He asks if Sid forced her. She says no.

Precap: DD asks Roshni to come with her. Roshni says she cannot as she has to stay with her so called husband per Judge’s demand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Roshni is so gullible.Kritika and Rajveer end is coming don’t worry.I hope that their marriage stands the test of time.I am really hurting for Sid.

  2. Move on please Sid, Move on!!!! And continue investigating on Rajveer and get him and Kritika out your houses and lives. This so much potential show….moved, but I am finally seeing something moving forward as Sid FINALLY stood up for himself. Roshni is an immature little easily manipulated girl…she is not ready for marriage at all with anyone…including Yash…Yash should run run run too!

  3. Roshni is now getting me angry,anyway I think that will be a good counseling session with the judge,I think they really need it in their relationship.

  4. Finally roshini get what she always wanted a divorce now i want her to grief and suffer the way she make sid suffer ungrateful stupid girl she should go and married someone who will not love and accept her and then she will realize sid worth

  5. They finally had a good episode with Sid telling Roshni off… and now back to this! Roshni is beyond stupid and Sid needs to have more pride. He should divorce her and walk away. She is not worth it.

  6. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    i am enjoying

  7. sid sid sid what to do next with you seems like your everyones is against you except for your father raj I do not know what to say about again about roshini because she is so stupid she must know that you love her she just has to think back who would go through so much trouble for a wife you came down to a low standard of living in a tenement you took insult after insult from dd roshinis mother misused and abused you verbally and physically you actually kiss her ass you travelled to way china just to get roshini back come on what more does she want and after doing all this roshini so easily believes that shit that came text on your phone what else does she want she even got blood when you got into an accident going behind her self I cannot understand this she asks no questions but just jumps to conclusions take my advice and give her a rest let her come crawling to you now that how a trini would do it one door close another will open even better than her and as for rajveer and kirtika they are a couple made in hell they deserve each other he should really start giving her some blows in her ass LOL how could kritika be so evil to her brother I forgot half brother that’s why I hope sid picks up on her and start to feed her wrong information and get her ass in trouble with rajveer anyway sid remember trusts no one now or ever

  8. Finally sid spoke… and why the hell is she crying? When she says things it’s ok, when sid said, she felt bad…double standards…she has a prob with him being rich, in that case, she should have left DD’s house long back and do smtjg on her own. ..bt no, she wanted luxurious life….i hate this girl roshni

  9. What a wonderful episode. Finally sid stood for himself. Roshni should respect herself now. To hell with rajveer and kritika

  10. Finaly sid got him self

  11. The judge is smart because he asked her two critical questions–1-If the rich has horns and 2—when last they were intimate a.d Roshni>s answer is 2days ago and she was not forced. Roshni ,the guilt you will have to live with will torture you for the rest of your life.You are too swell headed and ungrateful.You are a gullible humming bird,that is what you are.Sid you will have to stand up for that Rajveer and your so called sister,They are no good and Rajveer will do her just as he did hie first wife.Sid great acting—–Show your manhood—-Let Roshni stop taking you for a bait. Episodes were good.LOL

  12. Wow Roshini is just a sorry flower

  13. dam stupid girl, sid did the right thing, divorce her and in will marry him,

  14. can somebody get sid number for me

  15. Roshni Patel

    Great written update. Can’t wait to watch. And yes my name is actually Roshni Patel.

  16. shades of pavitra rishta and doh dil bandhe ek dori se

    1. Sl pls dont remind me of those serials especilly dodil bandhe Ek dorise pls i beg of u..

    2. Sl pls dont remind me of those serials especilly dodil bandhe Ek dorise pls i beg of u.. dont

  17. O wow nice move sid u will win

  18. Dumb roshni thnk dat sid wil always dance on her tune…!!!! How cheap gud to sid juc divorce roshni datc when she wil understand her love en beg for t en am tired ov seeing rajveer success in his every stupid plan wth his bad wfe kritika tc time to expose dem… Anyway da serial is xo interesting

  19. I think its good for sid to stand up for his rights but atleast roshni should have beloeved him amd i thinks he shoulnot divorce her but tell her that how much he loves her and move on in his life and become together again as they are a very good couple

  20. how can a grl wil b so stupid….like Roshni…I dnt even think there exists some1 of her kind…is it…? Sid u r so sweet yar…!

  21. Sid is too good …his acting s excellent….i respect his feelings….as he did so much for her….but a relation is always 2 way…if others cant understand it’s their bad luck…move on Sid….apko tho koi bhi mil jayegi…uthna cute jo ho aap….!

  22. this roshini is so stupid girl. she thinks that sid will always dance on her tunes. she does not understand sid’s feelings, his lover for her. decision of sid of divorcing roshini is good. sid has suffered a lot because of roshini and her mother dd. he lived with her at her house and acted being poor after knowing that she hates rich people. he bear lot of insult from her mother. if roshini hates rich people then why is she living in her mother’s house. she should left that house long years ago. actually, this girl wants luxurious life. she is not ready for marriage with anyone, including sid. i just hate her.

  23. Rajveer and kritika should be thrown away. How simran can be so stupid???? Sid always tried to unite everybody but thos rajveer is so disgusting. Roshni also i dont understand what she wants and yash he is only a friend and finally dd is gone fully maaad

  24. Rayan Mukhtar

    Yaaaaaaaaay!!! At last i can say that sid is a man and not a tool which is ones used and ones left

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