Hello Pratibha 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In her room, Sunidhi tries to remove the red colour off her hand. Pratibha calls from behind that it will take her another half an hour to remove it. Sunidhi is shocked to hear her, Pratibha enters the room and shows her the bottle. She tells Sunidhi that Pushpa had said this all is being done by Kaashi and Sunidhi. Pratibha didn’t agree, Pushpa says we all have a responsibility towards relations but we also have a responsibility towards ourselves else we lose our respect in eyes of our own selves. Pushpa asks if she wants to prove herself innocent, she gave Pratibha a bundle of money and Pratibha brought red ink. Pratibha put the red ink under the bundle; as soon as Sunidhi took it her hands were ruined. Pratibha asks Sunidhi if she was the one behind all this. She asks Sunidhi when did she remove the money of Shagun from there, she remembers that it was when she was doing Aarti. She says she should have got it when she brought the coffee, that she couldn’t be as fair. Kaashi angrily calls Pratibha and comes in confessing she was the one behind it all. Kaashi asks what she will do now, will she send them to jail or hang them. Pratibha was speechless for a while. Kaashi asks what game is she playing. Pratibha asks if she is playing, they are actually playing; does she know how tensed is Mahen for her and wants to stand for his promise with Pushpa. Kaashi says she doesn’t bother about his promise, may be he is speaking her language. Pratibha says Mahen’s respect is at stake with this wedding. Kaashi says she is more concerned about her own respect, she had thrown Pushpa out of here and she can’t see her live here respectfully. She will keep her son in law here and will stay here. Pratibha says she doesn’t want this all. Kaashi stops her saying she will do what she thinks right. Sunidhi admires Kaashi. Pushpa’s words about respect echo in her mind, she tells Kaashi that this wedding will take place, from this house and very well organized. Kaashi and Sunidhi share looks of astonishment. Pratibha says she will pour her soul to fulfilling Mahen’s promise, she might not help him as his mother but I will be with him in every step of his. She affirms that she won’t let them succeed in their plans anymore, she won’t bear anything wrong from now on. Sunidhi steals looks, Kaashi was also worried.
At night, Pratibha comes to Pushpa. Pushpa asks her what happened. Pratibha was lost, she says the money is still where she kept them. Pushpa smiles, and asks if her family didn’t do anything wrong. Pratibha says yes. Pushpa asks is she the one who is careless and irresponsible. Pushpa looks at Pratibha who says that this wedding will take place just the way she wants it, she won’t get any complaints. Pushpa nods. Sunidhi and Kaashi overhears, Sunidhi says Pratibha is such an idiot, she should have taken their names. Kaashi says she isn’t an idiot, she will bite them like a snake when she gets a chance to. Pratibha passes them. Mahen enters the house then, Sunidhi is worried what will happen now; she is worried what he will do to her. Kaashi says they must stop Pratibha before she says something. Pratibha moves to Mahen with a glass of water, she tells him to change then she has something important to say to him. He asks what, she says it is something about wedding. Kaashi stops her, and says she has to say something to him. He asks what is it, Kaashi goes inside and brings some jewellery and tells him to keep it to him as he is the elder son. She just wants this wedding to take place well, she won’t bear if something wrong happen. Sunidhi asks Kaashi worried, not to give Mahen this jewellery. Sunidhi says Mahen already has the money. Kaashi cries that his father’s soul will be badly hurt if something bad happens at this wedding, he has a single daughter in the family. She winks at Sunidhi, Mahen promises Kaashi that this wedding will take place well. Pratibha asks that she will bring the tea, Mahen asks what she had to say. Pratibha looks at Kaashi and Sunidhi from the corner of her eye, she tells him she is there with him to make arrangements of wedding; she wanted to ask if she can keep Shalu for her help at home. Mahen agrees and goes inside. Kaashi asks if she wants to fuel a fire in between mother and son. Pratibha says she won’t tell Mahen her reality, but she will fulfil her responsibilities as a wife.

PRECAP: Sunidhi’s mother suggests her and Kaashi to invite her to their home.

Update Credit to: Sona

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