Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadi Bua hearing the noise. Chameli says it is dhol’s noise. Jayshree gets relieved and comes out of room. She then keeps the papers back in its place. Sudhakar brings lassi for everyone. Radha thanks him. Sadhna says we are from girl’s family and have to win the heart of groom’s family. Radha asks him to give the lassi. Rupa signs something. Sudhakar tells Rupa is saying Radha will be sneezing in her marriage video, so he adds lemon and sugar. Shamli asks Radha to remember this moment. Suhasini gets a call and she gets shocked. Sadhna brings Radha to kitchen. They see LD in the kitchen serving food for Radha. Sadhna says I didn’t think about it, and my son handles everything. She asks them to go to garden and feed food to each other. LD thanks Sadhna and takes Radha with him. LD makes Radha eat the food. Radha stares him smilingly. She says I am going to capture all the moments for forever so that these moments never get lost from us.

LD says I will make you eat with my hands always and promises her truly. Radha smiles and hugs him. She says every girl wants her husband to be like her papa and you have all the qualities. She thanks him for making her feel so special. She tells Isha was right, I am so stupid to waste time. LD forwards his cheek for a kiss, but Radha refuses. LD says he is a businessman and asks her to say I love you atleast. Radha refuses and shows him I love you written on her hand. LD kisses it and says it is enough for me. He takes out ring from his pocket and says I have decided to make you wear it. Radha smiles as he makes her wear.

She asks do you have any ring. LD says jeep’s keys. Radha takes out ring from the keychain and makes him wear it. LD says he won’t leave the ring. Yeh roam roam ke dhage plays…………….They sit together. Radha says she has decided how to decorate their room. She says she wants to have a wardrobe. LD says he will get it manage by Suhasini and Isha and asks her to promise.

Suhasini cries. Sudhakar consoles her. Suhasini says his brother has suffered a heart attack while he was on his way to Mathura. Sadhna asks Suhasini to have patience. Sudhakar asks can we postpone this marriage date? Jayshree thinks dadaji’s planning will be ruined now. Dada ji says I doesn’t know what to do? Sudhakar says I can understand your helplessness and agrees to get the marriage done on the planned date. Suhasini says you are right. Dada ji asks Sudhakar to send Suhasini to her brother’s place.

LD lights the candles and tells Radha that he wants to take vows with her. They hold hand and start taking pheras around the candle. LD promises not to fight. Radha promises not to complain anyone about their problems.

Dadi Bua asks Dada ji, she doesn’t know what he is doing? She says you said Radha will refuse to marry, but she is very happy with this marriage. I don’t understand what is your planning. Dada ji says their relation (love) is new, it is not ripen as of now. Only one misunderstanding is enough to separate them. LD promises to share everything with her. Radha too promises him. Dadi Bua says you know that LD loves Radha very much. I am afraid. Radha promises that her career and dreams will not affect him. She promises to fulfill his family’s expectation. LD promises to help her succeed. Dada ji comes out of his room and is shocked. Radha says I will accept your surname with my heart. I will do all the household chores. LD gives her liberty to wear according to her wish. Radha promises not to force promise on each other and will do everything for each other. Dada ji is shocked. LD says he will live and die for her.

LD thanks Radha for accepting him. Radha also says I love you LD.

Update Credit to: Amena

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