Jamai Raja 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni participating in competition. As per rule, Sid has to make up Roshni. Sid gets Roshni ready with make up, etc. Roshni wins competition. Whole khurana family gets happy. Biji says she is proud of Roshni. Sid taunts Roshni and their nok jhok continues.

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Roshni goes to DD’s house to meet her gynecologist friend. Friend she is very happy that her delivered child has grown up so well. Naani thinks where did this new friend come from. DD asks Pratima to bring tea and snacks. Friend sees Roshni’s injured hand and forehead and asks what happened. She says she got injured in competition. Friend says she wants to click family pic and asks Roshni to stand with her.

Biji prays god to keep his blessings on her family. She taunts Simran that even she had taken competition in her youth and lost it. Simran gets irked. Biji then sees Rajveer loafer and asks why is he still at home instead of going to office. He says he is going. She gives Sid prasad and forces to eat it.

DD’s gynecologist friend who is actually an officer reaches Sid’s house with inspector and arrests Sid and family. Sid asks what did he do. Inspector says for domestic violence on Roshni’s complaint. Biji comes and asks what is happening. Officer says even complaint is in her name and arrests her also. Sid says she is elder and guest of this house, but inspector does not spare her. Sid tries to call Roshni’s phone, but she does not pick it as DD has hidden her phone. Sid thinks he did not think Roshni would go to such an extent.

Naani and Pratima searches Roshni’s phone. DD asks them why are they so worried. Naani says it is manners and asks Roshni to call Sid’s family from landline. She calls hone and asks servant why no one is picking phone. Servant says police came and arrested everyone including Biji. Roshni panics and runs towards police station. Naani asks DD if she did something. DD with her male-looking face and huskyvoice tells she did not do anything. Naani says they should go and check. DD says she will not let her go as she does not want her family fall in problem and if Khuranas have done something wrong, let them face the law.

Precap: Roshni comes back to DD’s house, calls her with name and asks her why she is spoiling her life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. omg wat nonesense

  2. What’s now??? I’m sure it’s DD’s plan… pity sid n raj…

  3. dd did this ofcourse

  4. What the hell is this! What is going on

  5. Stupid episode
    But like the precap

  6. What kind of police india have ?shame shame shame

  7. What is this today?when you think that all is well with the show and that we’re finally seeing some romance with Sid and Roshni these writers come now with this garbage to us.And Kritika is the one who started this domestic violence crap,but she will pay for it.

  8. dont waste your time watching the episode the precap from yesterday covers it all

  9. writers use this arc to change the story around so roshni will try to win sid`s family over and get rid of the sad yash and she devil of a mom

  10. Bull****.hogwash…not watching just reading precaps is more than i can tk…lol

  11. It’s all bulshit !! Director is out of mind

  12. Another demented writer,

  13. i find that these writers are doing real shit and they mean they would not stop don’t matter what as soon as things are in sid and roshinis favour in steps the writers and do shit why horse face dd do not get a man and mind her own business and leave her daughter alone she is so stupid she just hear something bad about sids family and she jumps to conclusion without asking questions she must know sids parents would not really harm roshini domestic violence my foot what the hell is wrong with kritika she herself needs to mind her own business and what is going on in her life now seeing that her damn crooked husband rajveer is to timing her going back behind samaria she kritika is so stupid keep an eye on your husband instead of instigating confusion in sids and roshinis life i hope raj give it to her good when he finds out what game she is playing on both sides come on writers give us some good storylines

    1. Gloria, do you like ANY of the soaps?

      1. I agree with you

      2. She doesnt like any serial of zee tb

  14. Here we go again

  15. Good job roshni dd deserve this

  16. Why is dd so busy about roshni’s live and yash roshni is khurana’s bahu and sid’s wife so you doesnt need to busy about her live

  17. wowww what a precap….yarrrr…… roshni veruyyyyy gooood….. now I think pahle ki tarah hi roshni sid se love and DD se hate karegi…..

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