Hello Pratibha 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The teacher says to Pratibha that how much the rule-breaker is sincere to her talent of music, she wants to know. Pratibha sings a few lines. The teacher stops her and tells her to go and stand there. Pratibha heads to come inside, the teacher asks her to sit there at the back. She clarifies Pratibha is wrong if she thinks she will get a chance to sing soon. She tells the students that they must all practice the music sheet being given to them at home. Pratibha was about to receive her sheet when her cell phone rings, it was Peehu’s call. The teacher snatches her cell phone such that it fells on the ground. The teacher says she has broken the rule here, either her rules work here or her feet outside here. She asks has Praitbha come here because she is fed up of her housewife work, has she come to pass time? Pratibha says she considers music as her prayer. The teacher says it isn’t in everyone’s ability to pass the distance between words and actions. She hands her the sheet.
Peehu was frustrated that Pratibha didn’t pick her call. She tells Shalini that she is sorry, her mom isn’t taking her call and can’t come to her home. Shalini says had she come here, they could talk about it. Peehu hushes her up and calls her from her cell phone, she says she thinks the matter is done now as they have already paid the black mailer all the money.
Pratibha comes back home, Shalu brings her water. Anmol is excited that the teacher must be impressed by her singing. Pratibha tells Anmol that her teacher is really strict and strict about discipline. She tells them that she scolded her and shouted at her as well. Anmol feels sad. Pratibha says a teacher is a teacher, and asks about Peehu. Peehu comes and says she is only after becoming a super-star. Pratibha says she was about to talk to Peehu but she was in front of her teacher. Peehu says she had to go to Shalini’s house but she couldn’t. Kaashi comes and tells Pratibha she is really angry at Sunidhi who didn’t cook anything for her. Pratibha goes into kitchen to prepare something for Kaashi. She thinks about practicing some music but Anmol comes to ask her help for Hindi. Peehu asks Pratibha to stitch her shirt’s button, Pratibha says she has to practice. Kaashi calls Pratibha. Shweta calls Peehu to tell her mom was there in her music class, if felt so good. Peehu feels disgusted and odd, but Shweta says their teacher is really strict and didn’t leave her mother even. Peehu asks what she did and is shocked to hear all about it.
Mahen comes back, Pratibha brings tea. Mahen asks why her teacher called her into her cabin. Pratibha says she asked her to prove herself. Mahen says Pratibha has a good voice and know how about music, they pay her to teach her music they why prove her. Pratibha says he must leave it all, and tells him her phone broke from her today, will he get it repaired. Mahen asks how it broke, Pratibha was lost then says in the class it fell off her hand and broke. Mahen asks if she likes the class. Isn’t she doing it only because he has paid for her. Pratibha says no, just her teacher is a bit strict but she wants her students to love and have a whole grip over their talent. Pratibha tells Mahen that she would now practice, will have dinner later else she would feel dizzy. Patibha begins the practice when Mahen brings tray for her. He smiles that she is practicing with such attention, he couldn’t only recognize her talent. Mahen keeps the tray on a stool nearby. The whole night had passed in Pratibha’s practice.
The next morning, Pratibha was asleep on the practicing rug. Bubu comes there, with his jerk the water fell on the sheet. Bubu asks Pratibha for milk, Pratibha takes him to kitchen. On the breakfast table, Pratibha says bye to everyone and leaves. Mahen asks where she is going without breakfast, Pratibha says she can’t be late for class and will meet him late. Anmol tells Mahen Pratibha didn’t eat anything since last night. Mahen says he will bring lunch box for her, as her class comes in his way.
Pratibha arrives at the school and rushed into the class. The teacher comes in, they all bend to her. She nods looking at the clock and time. Shweta smiles at Pratibha. They are all asked to open the sheets they were given for practice. The teacher asks Pratibha to come, they will begin with her. Pratibha comes forward with her sheet, she opens her sheet and is shocked to see it torn and ruined with water. The teacher is enaged, while Pratibha gulps and begins to start. The teacher stops her, she asks how dare she disrespect the talent and ruin music sheet, she will get punished for it.
Mahen drives Peehu in car, he asks her when she will return. Peehu was lost, Mahen asks what is she thinking about. Peehu says she is worried because of maa, she says it is all strange. She tells him her friend Shweta also goes to the class, she told her that the teacher is so strict she scolded maa and broke her phone as well. Mahen asks what?
Pratibha cleaned the instruments and listens to the teacher take class intently. Her attention lied on the teacher completely, Mahen enters the classroom then. He is shocked to see Pratibha cleaning the instruments and asks what is she doing. Pratibha turns to look at him.

PRECAP: Pratibha tells Mahen whatever Shubda said or done to her was her way of teaching. Mahen says she must understand she won’t go there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Good mahen went to pratibha class now he will know wht this teacher is doing she is not learning music class to pratibha she is putting her to do house works there instead now she will learn her lesson wht she think cuz pratibha is a housewife she think she can do anything now teacher wait n watch mahen shld not spare u for doing bad things to this wife

  2. This teacher is very absurd.She thinks she can speak to people as she thinks.It is very insulting to her and Mahen was right to stand for his wife.Who tore her music sheet –It could be Bubu because he spilled the water.

  3. This teacher think she’s at a army based and she is the general, how could she ever talked to a married woman like that she is rude and very arrogant

  4. Pihu just ””Shut up”” u old enuff to stitch a button u ungrateful lil girl!!!! And STOP pullin ur face like tat it realy maKes u look nasty!!!!! Teacher I’m sure ur shocked at how well Pratiba sang!!!!!! Let me tell u sumthin ur not in a Army camp so calm down ther Teacher!!!!!!! Or is this the way the Teachers ar treating ther students in India ???

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