Mahakumbh 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tiwati showing the live feeds to Rudra. Rudra says call doctor to emergency medicals soon. The strong wind blows and Tiwari says whats this new problem now. Rudra goes out and sees the cloud turning black. Bhairavi also sees the black clouds standing in the jungle. Dansh too looks at the sky and sees black clouds. Rudra says I know how to deal with this problem. Shivanand sees the sky, thundering and clouds high movements. He says Amrit is about to come and even death.

Thapadiya Maai asks whats happening, I felt everything will be fine when Rudra got well. Charles says Ganga got some smoke and water turned black, whats this, any miracle or bad thing. Katherine says its warning that its time that Amrit will surface and even our death. Thapadiya Maai asks her not to talk bad. Katherine says I m saying truth. Charles says we are made to protect Amrit, how can we die. She says we will die before reaching Amrit, that’s why Rudra’s dad is scared seeing the death, even I have seen it, no one will be saved.

Thapadiya Maai says I think you are also in shock like Shivanand. Katherine says we will not win, we will die, trust me Charles, Shivanand told me to warn you all, we have to stop this. The people get ill and medical team checks them. Black dense clouds form on the son. Tiwari and Rudra help some patients. Rudra sees the Ganga waters and goes near it. Tiwari looks at Rudra and goes to him. Tiwari asks why is the water turning black. Rudra takes the water in his hand and says it has poison in it, we have to stop this, I will bear the poison, you manage here.

Thapadiya Maai says Mai Mui told us that Naags have made Shivanand ill, don’t be scared. Katherine pushes her and says no, he is saying true. She asks them to agree, she does not want to die. Charles says shut up, no one will die and leaves. Thapadiya Maai curses the Naags. Dansh says either this is lie, or we are cheated, how did Rudra survive after taking poison from Vishkendra. He starts laughing and says did Leela save him, no, she can cheat me, not her clan, did he got cheated by her heart.

Guru comes and says Dansh, forget Rudra, we got a bigger challenge, and shows Ganga water turning black. Dansh says as it has poison, no one has power to do this except us, then how did this happen, who got so muich poison. Guru says I don’t know. Dansh says it means its not a plan, something is about to happen that we can’t guess. He says Rudra is alive, superb and laughs. He says its surprise in Mahakumbh, now we have to get third book.

Maya is on the way with Rao. They see the clouds. Maya asks whats happening, she did not see this before. He says its nature’s sign that Amrit is going to come. She says it means real fight will start now, Rudra’s life is in danger, no, take me back to Rudra. Rao asks her not to flow in emotions, Rudra has sent her far that she does not become his weakness, he is not alone, he has other Garuda, they are protectors made to protect Amrit, control your emotions, your patience will be biggest support to Rudra. He smiles and thinks real fight has started, so he got her as his weapon. Rudra comes back to Brahmanisht and opens a trunk. He gets Garuda weapon and recalls Bhairavi asking him to keep it safe, as it will be of use in big danger. Some black cars follow Rao. Maya cries. She says Sir. Rao asks her not to worry for Rudra, he will come back after doing his duty. The men aim guns at him and Rao calls his security. They kill his guards and take Maya. Rao asks whats happening. They hit on Rao’s head and he faints. Grierson comes there. Maya asks who is he. She says you came to Nanu. Grierson shoots a man and takes away Maya. Rao opens his eyes and smiles, cleaning the blood. He reads Maya’s letter and recalls he has taken it earlier from her room.

Rudra runs to the Ganga with the weapon, and Tiwari looks on. Rudra raises the Garuda weapon and some light comes in it. He puts it in Ganga and people look on, how the river turns into white color again. The weapon takes the poison and throws some light into the sky. The sky also turns white and clear. The devotees call it a miracle as Ganga got pure again, and thank the Mahakumbh protector. Rudra prays closing his eyes. Tiwari smiles seeing him. Rudra looks at everyone.

Bhairavi tells Naags that everything can end before Amrit comes. Devesh tells Balivesh about their vital role in Mahakumbh. Shivanand talks to Katherine. Rudra asks Bhairavi to come along and she refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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