Jodha Akbar 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha comes to Salim, she says to him that why did you say no to next king’s title? Salim says i thought Jalal is doing wrong with you, Jodha says you took my side? he says yes, did i do wrong? Jodha says yes, when parents fight, kids dont have to take one’s side, Jalal want to see you as king, promise me that in future, you will be on both sides, you will not go against Jalal, you will not insult your parents, Salim says from which mud you are made Maasa? Jodha gets emotional and ask him to repeat, he repeats, she caresses his face and says i cant believe that you called me Maasa, call me once again, he again say it, Jodha have tears in her eyes and says i was dying to listen this word, you used to call me queen, Marium Zamani and all, all i wanted to listen was this word Maasa and you fulfilled my wish, i kept praying to Kahna about this, today is best day, i got my mother, Husband and also my son back, Salim smiles, Jodha ask him to take title of heir, he nods, she says i have one request dont be miffed with Jalal, he loves you alot, Salim says i dont understand him, he talks like father sometime but sometime he becomes king only but i will try to be nice with him for you, Jodha smiles.

Scene 2
Hoshiyar gives hunter to Ruks and says i know you are angry as Jalal didnt divorce Jodha and as per my experience you beat me in anger so i brought things in advance like hunter, burning coals and cutter, Ruks looks at Hunter, burning coals, she says to Hoshiyar that i will not punish you today because i knew from before that Jalal is thinking something, he cant divorce Jodha like this, this was not my trick so i should not be sad about its failure, my real prey is Salim and i will not let my hard work go in vein, Salim is getting soft corner for his mother, now i have to do something that will make Salim hate his mother again.
Jalal announce Salim as next king and makes him wear crown, Murad is angry, all chant for Salim, Haidar’s uncle says to Murad that i am feeling bad, i wanted you to be nect king but fate wanted something else, Jodha has tears in her eyes, Salima ask why are you crying, Jodha says these are tears of happiness, Ruks thinks Jodha you have given birth to Salim but he is my son and i will not let you snatch him, Jodha says to Salima that Salim called me Maasa, i am so happy, Ruks is shocked. Fazal says to Jalal that i got letter from Suadia Arabia, now our people can go to pilgrimage there, Jalal says this is real win, now my family and people both are away from any danger.
Otherside Laboni’s mother says to Laboni that wait for tonight and Jalal will be yours, she laughs. in palace, Jalal looks at Jodha and smiles, she smile back.

Scene 3
In morning, Jalal comes in garden, Jodha greets him, Maan says to Jalal i am sorry i took you wrong, Jalal says i am your uncle rightnow and to tell you that Jodha is my wife and will not let her go anywhere, and how can i let you go? you are most loyal to me, Salim says to Hamida that you make very god sweet dish, Jalal says you are right, my mother make best sweet dish, Jodha says to Hamida that dont come in their talks, Jalal was saying same to Salima yesterday, they do buttering when they have some work, Jalal says so daughter and mother on one side again, Jodha says why not when mother is like Hamida and Daugther is like me, she hugs Hamida, Jalal acts and says i have head ache, can you massage my head, Salim look at Jalal, he winks, Salim acts and says i have head ache too, can you massage my head, Jalal says now we have to see whom Jodha will give massage too, her son or her husband, Jodha is confused, Hamida says dotn tease my daughter, i wil massage my son’s head and Jodha will massage her son’s head, they do their massage, Moti comes and says today is pooja, Jodha says to Jalal that i have arranged pooja for father son relation, pooja is tonight, Jalal says to Salim that we will attend Pooja then, Salim agrees.
Voice over says that Laboni started her black magic to get Jalal. otherside Jodha arranged Kaal Sarkshavn pooja, both decided kali chagus night. Dammu(laboni’s mother) says to her that time has come, start you black magic, Damu helps her. otherside Priest Badrinath does Pooja for Jalal and Salim. Jalal listens some sound, he looks here and there but doesnt find anyone. Badri does aarti of Kali maa. Dammu’s black magic starts working, she is happy. otherside Badri says to Jalal that you have to give some gold in welfare, he gives 2 peacock feather to Jodha and ask her to keep it in Jalal and Salims’ room and make Jalal and Salim eat Rai in morning for three months. Damu says to Laboni that Jalal will be in your trap after pooja. Jodha does Jalal and Salim’s tilak.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Jodha that one more is coming to show right on me, Jodha who else can show right on you than me? Laboni on otherhand says be ready Jodha, i am coming to snatch my right.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Happy family is in danger now…

  3. Happy episode…salim’s calling jodha maa sa was touching..then headmassage scene.
    Precap hints of unfolding drama in cumg episodes..

  4. Very very nice episodr

  5. Superb epi…loved it.waiting 4 tmrw’s.

  6. a little disappointed becoz salim shoukd have called jodha as maasa in front of ruks it would have been fun

  7. I love every thing else about this except the laboni and its witch craft.

  8. Best n lovely episode ever finally salim call jodha mom that the best thing love jodha salim n jalal parts but don’t like ruk n laboni parts they spoil it with the evil plans n what rgt this laboni is talking about she come frm nowhere but she is coming to claim her rgt
    Jodha beware cuz pure evil is coming ur way first ruk n now laboni is cuming to snatch ur treasure away frm u be careful

  9. I agree with rosey every thing is going so well with jodha jalal and salim they are united once more and this is what every one wants in a family love and unity but writers why bring in all this black magic shit for we have seen enough in qubool hai and like I said before other who have read the history of jodha and Akbar they were a love that no one could separate not even black magic so why bring this shit script in no just because you want to make a new storyline instead of doing that writers why not go on ruks case and write a script where jalal finds out what she really is about all this jealousy towards jodha and how from when salim was very small she kept lacing opium in his food to turn him against his mother jodha she ruks is so wicked she never gave birth to a child because she lost it so now she want one who can call her mother and she is trying her utter best to grasp salim from jodha but I say no way hosay salim is a grown man now and he has a mind of his own and I am sure he is intelligent like jodha so no one can fool him with nonsense so writers a good storyline would be to expose ruks now

  10. rani not only treasure laboni is coming to snatch but also jodhas husband jalal but they have enough faith in their god and that is all they need to protect them so just watch and see how ugly long face crooked teeth laboni and her mother will be blown away by their own black magic wait and see the tables turn LOL but I must say writers it was an excellent episode with jalal jodha and salim and hamida uniting keep up the good work in future

    1. Love your comment about laboni ??

  11. Gloria what i mean is jalal not jewelry that jodha precious treasure

  12. Nice episode… This is we are talking about the family love one each other…black magic please not too long… Love the story but not the black magic … When Ruks get her lesson????

  13. Always love salima… She always on Jodha side

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