My heart is with you ragini epi 17 by sindhura

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DP and rp were sitting and talking and ragini comes their.
Ragini:- uncles lets go out today i will give icecream party as my show was successfull today.
Rp:- you were calling my old aged wife as mother but calling young aged man as uncle thats not fair
Dp:-haa that young wala rule applies to both of us and.
Rp:- old wala rule applies to them .
They both laughs..
Ragini smiles..
Sujatha and ap were standing with sameer.
While remaining were with ragini.
Ragini:- by the way my both mom were so young and fit than you.
And as per indian i mean max all wedding rule ..
Boys should be aged more than girls so i think you understand now who was ..
Sujatha:-arey say straight na ragini
with out any hesitation that these two are only old by age wise and face wise..
Dp:- pulls rp close and says that if we dont stop then these two will threw us out from house so shhh.
All laughs.

Sameer:- ok ok lets goo.
Ragini:- bhai give me some money na.
Sameer stops walking and says.
Sameer:- are you giving party or me.
Ragini:- ofcourse me.
Sameer:- then why i should give money
Ragini pouts:- why wont your money is my money.
Sameer:- drame bazz i am bringing money dont worry how much you want to spend you can.
Ragini hugs him by side while walking.
Sameer:- by the way how much you got this time.
Ragini:- 1 lakh.
Sameer:-kya yar by doing part time you were earning this much .if you do full time na then how much you will earn.
Ragini:- my money is our money bhai.
Sameer:- i knew and kisses her fore head and goes out..
Ragini:- shall we go.
Rp:- you all kids sit in one car we will come in another..
Sujatha:- lets go with them na.

Rp holds her hand and says .why we sujatha let them come we will all go in another car.
Sujatha:- you their ragini.
Ap:- you were feeling bad as if she is going to another city ..
What sujatha come lets go.

In separate cars…
Swara:- ragini by lisening ice cream i remembered that last time you said that you will explain me meaning of keeping current.
Ragini and sameer both looks at each other..while sameer hits his head while ragini laughs more..
Ragini signals swara to come close..
She about to say something in her ears..
Sameer:- swara please lisen to me you should not knew about it yar you are still small mainly not like this devil.
Ragini hits him..
Ragini:- you concentrate on road bhai..
Swara comes near ragini and she starts saying in her ears..
Ragini:- if boys haressing us if they try to misbehave with us in that case if we keep some short power current their means they cant misbehave with us na.

I knew its not possible but once bhai started arguing with me so i spoke like that and from that time when ever i say that current word he immediatedly accepts to what ever i ask.
Swara opens her mouth by lisening her explaintion about current and gulps ..
Laksh:-we also wants to lisen say na..
Sam and swa:- no need.
Swara:-its a girl thing so its no need for you to knew about it.
San and lak looks confused while ragini laughs..
All gets down infront of icecream parlour…
All gets in while ragini goes and says to combine three tables ..all sits together and starts enjoying ice cream..
A group of men entres in parlour and hits with ragini who is sitting at corner.
Man:- i am sorry ..
Ragini:- its ok.
Man looks at her from top to bottom goes and sits back of them.

They starts seeing ragini ..
Man:- arey yar see one more is their and points towards swara who is smiling and talking with lakRagini hears their comments but ignors it..
Swara:- i am going to bring one more who wants.
All says they to want so swara gets up and ragini to goes with her.
Man:- two packets are going together lets go have our icecream too
This time sanskar lisens and gets angry he whispers to lak and sam.
They both nodes their heads..
When they both are coming..

Man about to dash swara but someother dashes to him hardely.
Man:- ahh cant you see man.
Laksh:- sorry i think i dashed i mean i collided to you somewhat hardly right hmm i shpuld have dashed i mean collide with you as if you are man and i am women softly ..
Man:- what the hell are you speaking.
Swara looks confused while ragini smiles ..
Ragini thinks:-protective husband and turns and about to go but collides with table and icecream fells on other men.
Ragini widens eyes and sees them meanwhile all gets up ..
Ragini:- i am sorry it was accidental.
Man:- accidental or wantedly who knews.
Sameer and sanskar comes forward .
Ragini:- i said it was an accident right..
Man:- you feel it as accident but i am feeling it as wantedly..
Ragini looks on..

That man about to touch her but a hand stops him and comes infront of ragini.
Sameer:- dont you dare to touch her from thst time i am seeing thst you guys are commenting on my sisters and now you crossed your limits.
Sameer turns towards ragini and says..
Sameer:- this is why i always warned you not to roam outside but you wont lisen to me..i dying to protect you from these type of idiots slaps him.
Ragini:- sorry bhai and hugs him.
Man tries to touch swara and laksh beats him.
Swara and laksh smiles by seeing each other.

Meanwhile some one about to Kick laksh but sanskar kicks him from side so he falls near ragini legs..
Laksh turns and smiles at sanskar
Sanskar:- do romance later first fight..
Laksh:- as your wish bhai.
Ragini makes him stands and cleans dust from his hands and says.
Ragini:- did he kick you strongly.
That man nodes and says very strongly and shows his bump..
Ragini:- aww merai bhai..

Come i will scold him and takes him to sanskar and taps his shoulder..
Sanskar laksh swara turns to her.
Ragini keeps her hand on her waist and says.
Ragini:- what sanskar how can you kick him so hard that to on his bump now how can he sit ..
Man:- nodes head and says hmm.
Swara smiles while sameer sees her in disbelief while fighting with others..
Sanskar:- if i had not kicked him thrn he would have kick on my brother head with rod.
Ragini turns to him and asks that whether he is saying true.
Man:- haa but first he (laksh)only kicked me.
Ragini:- why he kicked you.
Man:- i tried to misbehave with her
Ragini:- how dare you to misbehave with her you dont deserve kick infact you deserve continues slaps and slaps on his both cheecks continuesly and stops.

That man holds bothcheecks and says..
He is better than you and faints..
Ragini claps both her hands like cleaning and goes from their by crossing his body.
San lak swa three looks at each other and smiles and continues fights..
Elders all were enjoying and praises them.
Dp and rp were sitting and slapping one after the other and sp and sujatha were beating who were falls near their feet.
Sujatha beats a man who falls near her feet with out seeing..
Laksh:- chotai maa why are you beating me.
Sujatha:- sorry laksh i thought that goon.
Laksh:- what do i look like them.
Sujtha:- chi chi you were not looking like thrm .you were my handsome beta..
Sam and san:- and we.
Ap:- you both also..

Three again goes and starts fighting..
A man catches ragini hand and she starts screaming.
Sujatha ties her pallu near and waist and takes a water plastic jug and beats on his back.
She catches his hair and bends him and starts beating continuesly..
While ragini shouts:- come on maa more fastly you can do it.
Sujatha get tried and stops.
Ragini:- what happen maa got tried.
Sujatha:- hmm.
Ragini passes water and she drinks…

Here sameer catches one man neck and says.
My sister is my world and i wont even say no to her and you how dare you to comment on her idiot and started slapping and threws him aside…
Ragini:- jumps and says out of the boundary..
Sameer signals thanks u..

Next minute some one kicks him from back which shocks ragini.
Ragini:- bhai and runs towards him.
Sameer gets up and fight back with him.
meanwhile sanskar and laksh finishes and comes to help sameer..
Swara stands with elders..
Sujatha about to call ragini but ragini runs towards sameer who was injured near forehead..
A guy comes from back of sameer with rod and about to beat him but a hand stops him.

Precap:- village tour.

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  1. Crystal089

    awessoomme supeerrbbbb the fight was funny but tooo goooddd loved to core……….

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  2. Awesome.loved it

  3. Astra

    Power current…?? ragini is impossible haha…. the fight scene was. awesome… Ragini slapped that goon was hilarious… and sujatha thought laksh as goon… hahaha laughed a lot there…. nice part…and enjoyed it a lot… nxt village tour…. waiting for it….

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks a lot

  4. I am a silent reader of ur all ff .I never missed any of ur ff .my fav one is all alone one is this.ur totally superb.this epi is awesome.can I call u di

    1. Sindhura

      Ifcourse pinky you can call me dii
      My dear sister and thanks for commenting

  5. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Fighting was really Amazing
    Waiting for the next one………….

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  6. nice next part soon

  7. Dharani

    awesome funny fight

  8. Nainaa

    WOW!! Dear you rocked the fight sequence…. I feel like I was present during the whole situation and the credit goes to you you explained it very perfectly… Ragini is so chirpy and at the same time she is very caring and bold…. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode… Keep going…

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot naina

      1. Nainaa

        If you are willing can you please tell me your age… I just want to know whether I have to call you Di… no offense if you don’t want to reveal…

  9. Inu

    Superb epi. Enjoyed their fun and fight

  10. A12345

    Loved rag very much.. It was awesome

  11. Awesome epi…

  12. Awesome

  13. Ragz_teju


  14. Balaji


  15. Jazzy

    hahahhahaha it was sooo funny

  16. A.xx

    fab loved it and loved how rags tricked that man into confessing what he did and love my cute lakshya’s jealousy…post soon.xx

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  17. Nice episode..fighting scenes are funny…waiting for next part soon..

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  18. Deesh

    Awesome di. It was hilarious ??. Loved ragini to the core.

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  19. Loved the fight sooooo much sooo funny
    Please update soon
    As always awesome job

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  20. Asra

    fabulous dear…fight scenes r so funny….omg suji u thought laksh s goon….omg amazing dear…loved it core…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  21. Asw

    I think it’s sanskar stopped the rod keep going

    1. Sindhura


  22. Hemalattha

    awesome dear.that fighting scene amazing.sujata’a funnt action superb.i loved it dear.continue.

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