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Hello everyone.. thanks a lot yaar.. I don’t expect this much love from you all… actually the number of comments is not a great factor for me.. but the love which I get through one comment… you guys don’t knew what I feel from that… each of your comments make a smile on my face.. make me more crazy to do crazy and to think crazy… I knew many of you think that what happened to me right.. I too don’t knew… love you guys… love you lot… I am stopping my bak bak.. here.. if I continue like this.. then I can’t come up with story.. so let’s move on to story…

Scene starts with purbul..
Pur; I hope everything will be fine between them soon looking at their photo…
Bul; purab… it will all happen yaar.. what you did for them is not spoiled soon… purab trust me everything will be fine.. purbul hugs each other.. purab look at abhis photo and cries… it was that time rishab and aliya enters.. purbul break their hug..
Ri: sorry I think we came here at wrong time..
Bul: yeh aise nehim hey… tell me..
Ali; actually we both came to knew what’s your plan next..
Ri: exactly… bulbul and aliya have one year more to complete their studies.. but we both completed na.. we must engage in anything.. so I thought… I have decided to start a business.. so can you become as my partner for that…
Pu; sorry rishab.. actually..
Bul; purab.. what are you telling its true na you too need a job to engaged… if you both are doing it together.. then it will be good na… as you both knew each other well.. so..
Ali; exactly purab… what they said is right…
Pu: if you all wish so.. I am ready.. all happily hugs..

Scene shifted to abhigya… they both are in car.. and looking outside to their respective window… abhi sees pragya.. so he wipe his tears and think to change her mood.. so abhi just stretched his hand.. and it hits pragya.. pragya gave a death glare… later he did various antics which disturbs pragya..
Pr; abhi.. could you please sit properly.. why are you irritating me..
Ab; do you feel that I am irritating you… it’s you who irritates me with the sound of your cry…
Pr; k.. she wipes all tears.. look now I am not disturbing you right. So please don’t disturb me too..

Finally they reach airport.. and pragya gets down and started to move..
Ab; hello madam where are you going.. what you thought about me I am I looking porter to you to handle all your bags.. pragya takes trolley.. and put her bags..
Pr; I knew how to manage my bags.. you just look of your bags..
They both sitted on airport.. waiting for their flight to land.. actually abhi is not a rock star in this story.. but he really loves music.. and sings well same in case of pragya too.. but she loves books more.. abhi take his head set and hear music.. pragya reads book.. as announcement came about their flight landing.. and for check in.. abhi who is hearing music by closing his eyes.. doesn’t Hear announcement and pragya don’t call him too.. pragya leaves… when abhi opens his eyes.. he came to knew pragya leaves..
Ab; oh shit… abhi rushed.. at last he gets in flight.. and look around.. he sees pragya who is trying to hide her face..
Abhi came near ti her….
Ab; hey chipakali.. what you did.. can you call me at the time of coming here..
Pr; hey kadoos don’t call me chipkali.. as my maa.. has only Right to call so..
Ab; then don’t call me kadoos..
Pr; kadoos ko.. kadoos na bola saktha hoom..
It was this time a middle aged lady sitting next to pragya interrupts them..
Aunty, hey young man. Sit here..
Abhi sits near that lady.. actually it’s 3 seated seat.. pragya is near window seat.. next aunty then abhi…
Aunty; are you both husband’s and wife..

Ab: yes..
Aunty : yes… I knew.. as we too are like this.. I hope you both are in fight right.. abhigya look at each other.. actually we both are like this.. we both always fight.. but do you knew where there is fight there will be lot of love.. only loving person’s can fight.. actually my husband always tell me that.. when he fights with me and anger on Me do you knew how he cool himself.. and look at abhi.. at that moment he close his eyes… and remember the first day when we meet..our loving moment… when he confess his love… our eyelocks… our sweet moments… then he doesn’t feel anger on me.. he feels more love for me.. do you knew.. each day we both love each other… when I see you both I just miss him a lot..
Ab; wow.. aunty…. you are too romantic na… aunty can I knew about your love story.. I feel like it’s will be amazing..
Aunty smiles..

Pr; yes aunty ji..aunty; k… our love story is not like on that time we have no way to express our love through messages and calls… our love is completely different.. actually we both first met in a festival when I am studying in 8th standard.. he always roam around me.. and stare at me.. I feel really bad.. when I goes to have an icecream.. he too follows me and tell his love.. actually I was stunned as I am little na at that time.. after that everyday.. he will be waiting for me on my way to school.. when he sees me.. he will smile.. a cute smile.. time files.. I too started to have some feeling for him.. on one festival day.. I am walking with my family.. he came in front of me and kneel down and propose me in front of everyone.. actually I was shocked.. my father beat him.. but love is really too stronger na.. it make us join together.. we both live together love together..
Ab; wow aunty.. are you getting shy..
Aunty; don’t tease me.. muje sharam aanayi Hein.. so abhi you sit here..
Ab; no aunty I am comfortable here..
Aunty; are you obeying me or not..

Abhi sit near to pragya..
Aunty; now both Jody look made for each other…
Abhigya look at each other…
Abhigyas flight get landed.. both are standing at London airport..
Pr; abhi.. I will get taxi.. we can stay at hotel.. and will find a place to stay..
But abhi is not noticing pragya and moving forward.. suddenly abhi hugs a girl..
Ab; oh siya.. my s*xy.. do you knew how you look now.. dashing.. what’s up..
A man; hey abhi.. I am too here na.. just look me too..
Ab; hey john.. hey my buddy.. what’s up..
Pragya look confused..
Siya; so this is your chashmish right..pragya look at her.. actually she don’t like anyone calling her by name expect abhi..
Ab; ya.. she is pragya… pragya this is siya and john.. they are my bada friends hey na.. actually when we are coming here.. so I thought to call them to find an apartment.. siya do you did arrangement..
Si; hey handsome if you said so how can I can’t.. they both gets in car… and reached near a flat..
They climb lift..

Si; this is your apartment abhi.. and just near is ours..
Ab; oh you are here.. that’s really nice..
Jo;abhi we have already did every arrangements… so both gets in..
The flat is fully arranged well with two rooms..
Ab; pragya you can stay there and I will be comfortable there..
They both goes to their respective rooms.. and fresh up..

Now abhi is in dining hall..
Pragya comes out.. abhi look at pragya and get shocked..
Ab; wow. Kammal ladki hey na.. the girl who always wear Churidhar.. look what she wears.. pragya look at herself.. actually pragya is wearing a t-shirt and three fourth.. in t-shirt it’s written that… if you like me then Kiss me..
Pr; I wear such things in my home.. then what about you..
Abhi is in trousers and t-shirt in which written… I love you s*xy…
Ab; I too wear such things.. in home.. actually I knew only to make maggi.. so I make it.. if you wish you can.. pragya too take it and have it..
Ab; tomorrow is our joining day..
Pr; abhi.. I want to tell you.. one thing.. actually when at the time of selection no one knew that I am get married.. so I too thought..
Ab; ya I am too thinking to tell the same….
Pr; so…
Ab; I understand you don’t wish to have the label of wife.. right.. k.. then it’s k.. I will remove mangalsutra.. abhi came forward. Pragya place her hand in it..
Pr; look abhi.. don’t need of this.. I will remove it by myself.. pragya removes it.. abhi forward his hand..
Pr; I will keep it with me..
Abhigya look at each other..

Episode ends..

Precap; abhi and pragya both on watertub.. pragya tries to getup.. and falls on abhi.. they share an eyelock..

Actually I don’t knew I am able to upload tomorrow.. but I will try for that…

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